31God wen give you guys new kine life, jalike he wen make you guys come back alive wit Christ. Now, Christ stay sitting up dea in da mos importan place by God's right side. So den, go all out fo make importan da tings dat God like. 2Tink plenny bout da tings dat God like. No make big deal bout da tings down hea inside da world, 3Now God take care you guys, cuz jalike you guys wen mahke wit Christ, but now you guys stay tight wit him an you get da real kine life. 4Christ stay live inside us, an jalike he make us come alive inside fo real kine. Wen he come back, den you guys goin show up wit him too, an everyting goin be awesome.
5So, throw way all dese tings inside you dat come from dis world. No go fool aroun wit somebody you not married to. No ack pilau kine. No tink pilau kine stuff. No tink plenny bout da kine bad stuff dat you like do. No try get everyting fo yoaself, cuz dass jalike dat stuff da idol kine god fo you. 6Da peopo who stay doing all dose bad kine stuffs, an no like lissen God, God no goin put up wit wat dey do.
7Eh, befo time you guys wen make lidat. You guys wen stay do da same tings jalike dem. 8Now, you guys throw way all dat kine stuff. No get huhu. No snap. No go make peopo suffa. No talk stink. No talk pilau kine. 9No bulai each odda, cuz you guys wen throw out da old kine way an pau do da bad kine stuff you guys wen do befo time.
10Now you guys stay do da new kine way. You jalike one new guy. God da One wen make you guys da first time, an now he everytime stay make you guys know him mo betta, an come mo an mo jalike him. 11Inside Christ's new way, no matta if one guy Jewish an da odda guy not Jewish, if one guy get da cut skin mark an da odda guy no mo da cut skin mark, if one guy donno our language, o stay real wild jalike one Sytia guy, if one guy one slave guy an one nodda guy not. Christ da ony ting dat matta, an he stay tight wit all dese kine peopo.
12God wen pick you guys, an he get plenny love an aloha fo all you guys, an you guys stay spesho fo him. Show love an pity fo odda peopo. Make nice to dem. No get big head. No make yoaself numba one. Hang in dea wit odda peopo. 13No let odda peopo bodda you. Somebody give you problem, eh, let um go, an no stay huhu. Da Boss wen let you guys go, so den you guys, go make jalike him. 14Get plenny love an aloha fo everybody, cuz dat make all da odda stuff come togedda good.
15Let Christ take charge a you guys an make yoa hearts rest inside. He wen tell all you guys fo come togedda an stay togedda jalike one ohana. An tank God everytime fo everyting.
16Let all da stuff Christ wen say stay strong inside you guys, an use all da smarts you guys get fo teach each odda, an show each odda wat stay right an wat stay wrong. Sing an tank God plenny inside yoa heart, wit all kine songs, I mean, da kine songs fo God, da kine songs dat make God da Boss, an da kine songs dat God's Spirit give us. 17Wateva you guys say o stay doing, do everyting fo da Boss Jesus, cuz you guys stay his guys, an Jesus goin help you guys tell God da Fadda, “Mahalo plenny.”
Christ's New Kine Life
18Wifes, lissen yoa husban. Cuz dass how God like his peopo do um. 19Eh, husbans, love yoa wife plenny, an no make any kine to her.
20Eh, you kids, lissen everyting yoa fadda an mudda say everytime, cuz da Boss like wen you do dat. 21You faddas an muddas, no scold yoa kids till dey get huhu, cuz bumbye dey goin give up.
22Eh, you slaves, lissen yoa boss everytime down hea inside dis world. No throw ack dat you working in front dem, jus fo look good, an cuz you like make da peopo tink you do good kine work, but work hard from yoa heart, cuz you get plenny respeck fo da Boss. 23Everyting you guys do, do um fo da Boss wit everyting you get, an no do um fo odda peopo. 24Cuz you guys know dat bumbye you guys goin get da good tings da Boss goin give his kids. Eh, you guys, you know who you working fo? You working fo Christ, da Boss! 25You know, da guy dat do someting wrong to somebody, goin come back to him bumbye. God no going make to some guys mo betta den to odda guys.