Paul Help Da Tessalonika Peopo
21Eh, bruddas an sistas, you guys know dat da first time we wen come by you guys, no was wase time. 2Befo we come by you guys, wen we stay Philippi town, da peopo ova dea wen make us guys suffa plenny, an wen try fo make us shame in front everybody. But cuz we stay tight wit God, no matta we scared, we wen go ahead an tell you guys da Good Kine Stuff From God. We wen tell you guys, no matta we get plenny peopo dat wen go agains us.
3Wen we wen tell you guys fo trus God, no was cuz we trus da wrong kine stuff, o cuz we like do pilau kine stuff, o cuz we like bulai you guys. 4Not! But God wen check us guys out awready, an he know he can trus us guys fo tell da Good Kine Stuff from him. Dass how come us guys talk lidat bout da Good Kine Stuff From God. Us guys, we not trying fo do wat all da peopo like, we ony trying fo make God stay good inside! Cuz he da One stay checking us guys out right now inside our heart.
5You guys know dat we neva eva go talk real nice kine fo bulai peopo! Get peopo dat ack like dey not greedy, but dey greedy. But us guys, we neva make like dem. God know dass true! 6Us guys neva try fo make peopo tink dat we da greates -- not even you guys, not anybody else! 7You know, Christ wen send us all ova fo talk fo him, an cuz a dat we get da right fo aks you guys fo plenny stuff, if we like. But wen we wen stay wit you guys, we wen ack gentle kine, jalike one mudda take care her small baby. 8We was real good friends wit you guys. Dass why we not ony wen like tell you guys da Good Stuff From God, but we wen like give ourself to you guys, cuz we wen get so plenny love an aloha fo you guys.
9Eh, bruddas an sistas, you guys rememba how hard we wen work, dat time, yeah?. We wen work day time an nite time, so dat way, we neva need live off nobody, not even one a you guys. Same time, we wen tell you guys da Good Kine Stuff From God.
10You guys know da way we wen ack, dat time. An God, he know too. We wen stay good an spesho fo God, an we wen do da right ting, an we wen make shua we neva do notting bad, so nobody can poin finga us. We make lidat fo help you guys dat trus God. 11We wen make to everybody jalike one fadda make to his kids. 12We wen give you guys good kine words, an wen kokua you guys, an wen tell you guys fo do good, cuz you God's peopo. God, he da King, an he awesome, an he tell you guys fo come be his peopo.
13An we everytime tell God “Mahalo plenny” cuz a dis too: We wen tell you guys wat God say, an you guys wen trus dat. You guys neva tink was ony wat peopo wen say. Da stuff you guys wen trus was wat God wen say, an dass fo real. An dass wat stay making you guys come diffren inside.
14Eh, bruddas an sistas! Same ting wen happen to you guys, jalike wen happen to da church peopo all ova Judea. Dey da peopo dat come togedda fo God ova dea, an dat stay tight wit God's Spesho Guy Jesus. Da way yoa peopo wen make you guys suffa, dass jalike da Jewish peopo wen make da bruddas an sistas inside Judea suffa. 15I mean, da guys who wen kill da Boss Jesus. Befo time, dea ancesta guys wen kill da guys who wen talk fo God too. An dey wen go afta us guys an give us guys one real hard time too. Dem guys, dey no do notting dat make God stay good inside. Dey like go agains everybody! 16Dey even wen try fo stop us guys, so we no can tell da Good Stuff bout God to da peopo dat not Jews. Cuz dem Jewish guys no like nobody fo trus Christ. Dass how dey everytime go all out fo do bad kine stuff. An now God, he no take dem fo wat dey stay do!
Paul Like Go By Da Tessalonika Peopo One Mo Time
17Bruddas an sistas, fo litto wile some peopo wen make us go way from you guys. But no matta we wen go, inside our hearts we neva go way. Dat time we wen really like see you guys, an we wen try real hard fo see you guys again. 18Cuz we wen like go by you guys. Me, Paul, I wen try go back ova an ova, but da Devil wen stop us so we neva can.
19Wen our Boss Jesus come back, us guys goin stand in front him. Wen dat happen, wat you tink we waiting fo see? You guys! Wat goin make us stay real good inside? You guys! Wat goin be jalike our medal fo show dat we da winnas? You guys! 20Fo shua, you guys stay awesome, an we stay real good inside cuz a you guys!