31-2You know, dat time we gotta go way from you guys, us guys wen feel real sad, cuz we wen like go back fo see you guys, but no can. Dass why we wen send Timoty ova dea by you guys. But me an Silas, we figga mo betta we stay hea inside Athens by ourself. Timoty, he our brudda. He da guy dat work togedda wit God fo tell da peopo da Good Kine Stuff Bout Christ. We wen send um fo help you guys stay strong an solid inside, an fo give you guys good kine words so you guys goin trus God mo betta. 3An we wen send Timoty so you guys no presha out wen peopo make you suffa. Cuz you guys know awready dat God let dat kine stuff happen to all us guys. 4Befo time, wen we was wit you guys, we stay tell you guys ova an ova dat we all goin suffa fo shua. An you guys know dat everyting wen come jalike we wen tell you guys. 5Wen I wen feel so sad cuz I no can see you guys, I wen send Timoty ova dea, fo find out if you guys stay trus God still yet. Cuz I wen worry, an I tinking, “Da Devil try fo make all us guys do bad kine stuff. An if da Tessalonika bruddas an sistas lissen to da Devil, den dey goin do wat he like dem fo do. Den bumbye all da kine hard work we wen do, was wase time.”
Timoty Give Paul Good Kine Words
6But now, Timoty jus wen come back hea from you guys, an he tell us guys all kine good stuff: dat you guys stay trus God, an you stay get love an aloha fo us guys. He say dat you guys everytime rememba us an tink good bout us guys, an like see us guys, jalike we like see you guys too!
7So, bruddas an sistas! No matta us guys get big kine presha an suffa plenny, da stuff Timoty tell us make us feel real good bout you guys. Cuz you guys stay trus God, dass why. 8Cuz you guys stay solid wit da Boss, now us guys feel good inside, jalike we stay live to da max fo real kine!
9Da way you guys stay live now, we stay feel real good inside to da max! Now we stay tell God “Mahalo plenny’ cuz a you guys. 10Day an nite we go pray real hard dat we can see you guys one mo time, an we like give you guys da kine stuff you need still yet fo trus him all da way.
11God Our Fadda an our Boss Jesus, I like dem do everyting so us guys can go see you guys. 12An I like da Boss help all you guys fo get love an aloha fo each odda mo plenny, an fo all da odda peopo too, jalike us guys get love an aloha fo you guys real plenny. 13I like God make you guys stay strong an solid inside. Wen he do dat, den you guys goin stand in front God our Fadda, an nobody goin poin finga you guys, cuz you guys stay good an spesho fo him! Dass how goin be wen our Boss Jesus come back wit all his spesho peopo.