Da Guy Dat Goin Broke All da Rules
21Eh bruddas an sistas, you guys know dat our Boss Jesus, God's Spesho Guy, he goin come back bumbye. Den we all goin go wea he stay, an be wit him ova dea. Cuz a dat, I beg you guys, 2no let yoa head come all hamajang. If you guys hear dat da Boss Jesus wen come back awready, o if some spirit o some guy say dat, o even dey wen read um from some odda letta dat dey say we wen write, no lissen!
3No let nobody bulai you bout notting. Befo Jesus come back, goin get peopo dat stand up agains God an fight um. Same time, one Real Bad Guy dat goin broke all da rules goin show up. Dat bugga, he all set up awready fo God wipe um out. 4He da guy dat goin go agains all da religious kine stuff, an agains all da diffren tings dat peopo call gods. He goin say he mo betta den dose gods. He even goin take ova God's temple an say he da real God.
5Fo shua, you guys rememba dat I wen tell you guys all dis stuff awready, dat time I wen stay ova dea wit you guys.
6Right now, get someting dat stay making dat Real Bad Guy hold back, an you guys know bout dat. Lata on, wen da right time come, da Real Bad Guy dat stay broke all da rules goin show up. 7I mean dis: Right now, da Devil stay making all kine peopo broke da rules, an no mo nobody can undastan wass happening if God no show um. But get somebody dat stay hold back wat da Real Bad Guy like do now. Az why da Real Bad Guy no can go all out till afta God take da one dat hold um back, outa dea. 8Den, da Real Bad Guy dat stay broke all da rules, everybody goin see him an know wat kine guy him. But da Boss Jesus goin show up an kill him. Jalike Jesus goin blow, an “poom!” no mo da guy. Jesus, he so awesome, he ony gotta show up fo wipe out da Real Bad Guy.
9But befo dat happen, dat Real Bad Guy dat stay broke all da rules, da Devil goin take ova him an give um choke power. He goin do all kine fake an unreal stuff, an make big show fo bulai da peopo an make um say, “Wow!” 10He goin do any kine fo bulai da peopo dat goin wipe out. Dey goin wipe out, cuz dey neva like lissen an neva take da true stuff. Cuz if dey wen lissen, den God wen take um outa da bad kine stuff dey doing. 11So, God stay letting um tink wrong. Az why dey go trus peopo dat bulai dem big time. 12Az why all da peopo dat neva trus da true stuff, but feel good inside wen dey do stuff dass wrong, God da Judge goin punish dem.
God Wen Pick You Guys Fo Take You Outa Da Bad Kine Stuff
13Eh bruddas an sistas! We everytime gotta tell God “Mahalo plenny” wen we tink bout you guys. Da Boss get plenny love an aloha fo you guys, you know! From da start, God wen pick you guys fo take you outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. Dat mean, God's Spirit goin make you guys be good an spesho fo him, an help you guys stay trus da stuff dat stay true. 14He like do all dis fo you guys. Az why he wen tell you guys fo come be his guys. Wen we wen tell you guys da Good Stuff From God, az how you guys wen come. Cuz he like make you guys come awesome too, jalike our Boss Jesus, God's Spesho Guy.
15So den, bruddas an sistas, az why you gotta stay solid an hang in dea. Stay tight wit da stuff we wen hand ova to you guys wen we wen teach you -- da stuff we wen tell you guys wit our mout, an wit da letta we wen send.
16Our Boss Jesus Christ an God our Fadda, dey get love an aloha fo all us guys. God get good heart, an he neva stop giving us guys good kine words an helping us wait till da good tings happen. 17I like dem give you guys good kine words fo make you guys strong an solid inside, fo do an say good kine stuff everytime.