Pray Fo Us Guys
31An one mo ting, bruddas an sistas. Aks God fo kokua us guys, so den peopo all ova da place goin know how awesome da stuff dat us guys telling um from da Boss, jalike wen happen wit you guys. 2An aks God fo make da peopo dat do bad stuff, stay away from us. Cuz you know, get peopo dat no like trus da stuff we telling um.
3But da Boss, we can trus him. He goin make you guys come mo strong an solid inside, an no goin let anybody hurt you. 4Us guys stay trus da Boss, an we stay tight wit him. Az why we no need worry bout you guys. We know you guys stay do jalike we telling you, an you goin stay do um.
5I like da Boss show you guys how fo get plenny love an aloha inside, jalike God get plenny love an aloha. Plus, I like he help you guys fo hang in dea jalike God's Spesho Guy Christ stay hang in dea.
We Gotta Work
6Eh bruddas an sistas! Our Boss Jesus, he God's Spesho Guy, an we his guys. Dass why us guys get da right fo tell you guys: Stay away from all da bruddas an sistas dat no like work, cuz dat mean dey no like do da stuff we wen teach um fo do.
7You guys know dat you gotta do jalike us guys wen do. We neva was lazy dat time we wen stay wit you. 8We neva jus eat stuff fo free dat time, you know. We wen work hard day time an nite time, doing all kine work. We wen make lidat cuz we neva like make tings hard fo nobody, dass why. 9Yeah, us guys had da right fo tell you guys fo give us da stuff we need, but we neva like. We wen like show you guys how us guys do everyting, so you guys can learn fo make jalike us. 10Rememba wen we wen stay wit you guys, we wen tell you dis ova an ova: “Anybody no work, dey no goin eat!”
11We telling you guys all dis, cuz we hear dat get some peopo ova dea by you dat no do notting. Dey no work, but dey ony go holoholo an niele. 12Da kine guys dat stay make lidat, we telling dem an begging dem fo no make lidat, cuz we da Boss Jesus Christ's guys. “No be lazy, get a job! Use yoa own money fo buy yoa own food!” 13But eh, bruddas an sistas! Hang in dea an no get tired doing da right kine stuff.
14Now, if get one guy dat no like lissen to da stuff we telling you in dis letta, watch out fo dat guy. Stay away from him. Bumbye he goin come shame. 15But no make like you hate da guy. Mo betta, tell um he betta lissen, cuz he yoa brudda.
One Last Ting
16You guys know da Boss, he da ony One dat stay rest inside everytime. I like him make you guys hearts stay rest inside everytime, no matta wat happen. An I like he stay tight wit all you guys.
17Eh! Dis me, Paul. I writing dis stuff now wit my own hand. I do dat fo show you guys dat dis letta from me. Dis da way I write all my lettas.
18Aloha. We like our Boss Jesus Christ do plenny good tings fo all you guys.