Da Main Leada Guys Fo Da Church
31If one guy like come da main leada guy fo da church, fo shua dass one good ting. 2Da main leada guy gotta do everyting da right way, so nobody can poin finga. He ony can have one wife. He no drink plenny cuz he gotta stay in charge a himself. He tink befo he do tings. He akamai an he do tings good. Peopo from odda place can come his house fo stay litto wile. He teach da peopo real good. 3He not one guy fo get drunk. He no like beef wit odda guys, but he make good to dem. He no like make argue. He no like stash plenny money ony fo himself. 4He handle his own ohana real good. His kids lissen an show respeck fo him. 5(Cuz you know, if get one guy dat donno how fo handle his own ohana, how he goin take care God's church peopo?) 6Mo betta he trus God long time, so den he no goin get big head bumbye. Cuz if he get big head, den God punish him jalike God goin punish da Devil. 7Gotta be dat da peopo dat no go church say good tings bout him cuz a da way he ack. Den he no mo shame fo notting, an da Devil no can trick um.
Da Main Helpa Guys Fo Da Church
8Da main helpa guys fo da church, same ting. Dey gotta be solid kine peopo, so dat da odda peopo get respeck fo dem, an dey gotta mean wat dey say. Dey no drink plenny. Dey no do shame kine stuff fo get plenny money ony fo demself. 9Dey know da kine stuff bout Jesus dat befo time was secret, an dey trus um, jalike us, an stick wit um, an do um wit clean heart. 10You gotta check um out real good first, so you can know fo shua dey no do notting wrong. If dey do da right ting, den dey can come da main helpa guys fo da church.
11Da wahines, same ting. Dey gotta be solid kine peopo, so dat da odda peopo get respeck fo dem. Dey no can talk stink bout da odda peopo. Dey no drink plenny cuz dey gotta stay in charge a demself. Everybody know dey goin do wat dey suppose to.
12Da main helpa guys ony can have one wife. Dey gotta handle dea kids an dea own ohana da right way. 13Da guys dat awready stay da main helpa guys, an do um good, everybody tink good bout um. Dey no scared fo talk bout Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, cuz dey trus him, an dey know wat dey talking bout.
Da Secret Stuff God Wen Show Us
14Eh Timoty! I like come see you now, but I writing dis stuff to you first, 15cuz if I no can come right away, den you still goin know how da peopo inside God's ohana gotta ack. Da God dat stay alive, his ohana, dass da church peopo. Da church peopo, dey tell da true stuff God say an take care um. Dey jalike da foundation an da main post dat stay hold up da building. 16We all say dis: Da stuff bout God, dat befo time was secret, dass importan fo real kine.
Christ wen come,
Wit one body jalike us.
God's Spirit wen show proof dat Christ stay right.
Da angel guys from God wen see him.
His guys wen teach
Da diffren peopos all ova da world bout him.
Get peopo inside da world dat trus him.
God wen take him back
To da awesome place inside da sky.