Da Letta From Paul
Fo Titus
11Titus, my boy! Aloha!
Dis from me, Paul, da worka fo God. Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, he wen send me all ova fo tell peopo bout him.
Jesus wen send me fo help all da guys God wen pick fo trus him. An anodda ting -- he send me fo help dem know fo shua da trut bout da way we suppose to be wen we come close to God. 2Us guys can trus God, an we can know da trut, cuz we know fo shua dat bumbye God goin give us da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. Az why we can wait lidat. God, from da time he wen make da world, he wen promise dat kine life, an he no bulai, you know. 3An den, wen was da right time, he wen send some guys aroun fo talk to da peopo, fo show dem everyting he like tell dem. An me too, yeah? God wen trus me fo talk to da peopo lidat, jalike da odda guys. God, he da One who take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in.
4Eh Titus, you jalike my boy fo real kine, cuz you wen trus God jalike me! I like God an Jesus fo do plenny good tings fo you, an make yoa heart rest inside. God, he our Fadda, an Jesus Christ, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send fo take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in.
How Titus Suppose To Work, Crete Side
5You rememba da time I wen go way from you, I wen tell you, “Eh Titus! stay right hea, Crete Island. An da stuff dat still yet no stay right, go take care dat. Go every town, an pick some older guys fo come da leadas fo da church peopo, jalike I wen tell you befo.” 6Anybody dat one leada, dey gotta be real strait, so dat nobody can poin finga. I mean, gotta be da kine guy dat stick wit da same wife. His kids gotta trus God, so no can say, “Dose kids, dey party out all da time an dey no lissen.” 7Da guy dat stay in charge, he suppose to be real strait too, cuz he get da job fo take care tings fo God, an den, nobody can poin finga him. He betta not be like da kine guys dat get hard head an no lissen to da odda guy. Dose guys, dey get mad fast, dey drink too much, dey like beef everytime, dey no shame fo do any kine fo make money.
8Da guy dat stay in charge, he betta not make lidat. Wen peopo from odda place come make house his place, he show dem aloha. He feel good inside wen he see good tings happen. He know wat he doing, an he everytime do da right ting. He stay good an spesho fo God all da time. An he stay in charge a how he ack. 9He gotta stick wit da kine stuff us guys teach. Dass da kine stuff you can trus. So dat da stuff he teach da peopo goin make sense, an he goin give dem good kine words. Same time, da peopo who no like da stuff he teaching, he can make dem see dat dey stay wrong.
10Da guy dat stay in charge, he gotta make lidat, cuz get plenny peopo dat no like lissen. Da stuff dey tell, ony wase time! Dey bulai da peopo. But da mo worse one is, da guys who say everybody gotta make jalike da Jewish guys, even gotta cut skin. 11Eh! Gotta stop um from talking lidat. Cuz every house dey go, dey mess up everybody dea wit da kine tings dey teach. Dey teach da kine tings dey not suppose to. An dey no even shame fo charge money fo teach. 12You know, had one guy, da Crete peopo call um one talka fo dea gods. He wen say:
“Dem Crete buggas, everytime dey bulai.
Dey jalike one wild dog ready fo bite.
Dey ony eat an sleep all da time.
Dey good fo notting!”
13Az right. So da guys dat like mess up everybody, scold um good, so dey goin trus God da right way. 14Den dey no goin lissen no moa, wen da Jewish guys tell any kine make up story. Get peopo dat know da trut, but dey no like do wat dey suppose to do. So no lissen to da kine rules dey make fo you.
15Da peopo dat no mo bad kine stuff inside, dey good peopo, an dey no tink odda guys bad. But da peopo who stay pilau inside dea heart, an no trus God, everyting stay pilau da way dey see um. Mo worse, even da way dey tink stay all pilau, an dey no shame fo do bad ting. 16Dey stand up in front everybody an tell, “God, I know him!” But den, dey go turn aroun an ack jalike dey donno him. Nobody can take dat kine peopo. Dey no lissen. Dey donno how fo do anyting good.