Stay Doing Da Good Kine Stuff
31Help da church peopo rememba dat dey suppose to lissen to all da govermen leada guys, an do wat da rules say, an stay ready fo do every kine good ting. 2Tell dem, no talk stink bout anybody, o beef. But dey gotta make friends wit everybody. Dey gotta tink bout how da odda guy feel. Dey gotta let da odda peopo go first.
3You know, befo time us guys was stupid too. We neva like lissen. We let odda peopo bulai us. We was jalike da guys dat no like stop an no can stop doing any kine bad stuff. All da time, we wen do bad tings to peopo, an stay jealous a dem. Odda peopo wen hate us, an we wen hate dem too.
4But den, God wen come show us guys how plenny love an aloha he stay get fo us, an make good to us. He da one dat take us guys outa da bad kine stuff we stay do. 5God wen take us outa da bad kine stuff, but not cuz we wen do good kine stuffs. He wen do dat cuz he like give us chance. He do um by his Good an Spesho Spirit, who wen clean us up an make us jalike new inside, jalike we wen born again. 6God wen send his Spirit fo take charge a us guys to da max. He do dat cuz we Jesus guys, an Jesus da One dat take us outa da bad kine stuff. 7God wen do all dat good stuff fo us, so us guys can get um right wit him. Now we wen come his kids, an he our Fadda. Now we wait an stay shua God goin give us da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva.
8You can trus all dis stuff I telling you. Da guys dat trus God awready, you gotta tell um strait, so dey lissen an no foget. So den, dey goin tink hard an make shua dey do good tings all da time. Good wen dey make lidat -- help everybody.
9But stay away from stupid kine stuff. No go all out fo find out who everybody's ancesta guys was, fo make argue, fo squawk at da odda guy bout da Rules. Cuz all dat kine stuff no help nobody, ony wase time. 10If somebody like split up da church guys, tell him az wrong fo do dat. If he no stop, tell him one mo time. Den, if he still yet no stop, no lissen no mo to da guy. 11You know dis: Dat kine guy, fo shua, he no good, he do any kine bad stuff -- da way he ack, everybody can tell he wrong awready, an da guy, he know too!
Da Last Tings Paul Tell Dem
12Bumbye wen I send Artemas o Tykicus by you guys, den try hard fo go Nicopolis fo see me ova dea. Cuz I figga, good place fo stay winta time. 13You know Zenas da lawya guy an da guy Apollos? Dey going one far place. Do everyting you can fo help dem, so dat dey get everyting dey need. 14Our peopo gotta learn how fo go all out fo do da good kine stuff. Den dey goin work fo da stuff dey need every day, an dey no goin be good fo notting kine.
15All da guys ova hea like say “Aloha!” to you. All da guys ova dea dat get love an aloha fo us guys, an trus God, tell dem “Aloha!” too.
Kay den! I like God do plenny good kine stuff fo all you guys.