Love An Aloha Fo Da Bruddas An Sistas
(Rules 31:6; Songs 118:6)
131Kay den. Make shua all you brudda an sista guys stay showing love an aloha fo each odda. 2No foget fo show aloha to peopo from odda place so dey can make house yoa place. Cuz some bruddas an sistas wen do dat, an dey neva know was angel guys dat wen stay dea place. 3Tink plenny bout da prisona guys, an make jalike you wen stay dea wit dem. An tink plenny bout da peopo dat oddas make any kine to, cuz you guys get body too, you know, jalike dem.
4An everybody gotta show plenny respeck fo da guy an wahine dat stay marry an sleep togedda, cuz dass good. So, da husban o da wife betta not fool aroun behind each odda's back. Cuz God goin punish da peopo dat fool aroun behind da odda's back, an everybody dat fool aroun anybody dey not married to.
5Stay live lidis: No get love fo money. Stay good inside bout da stuff you get awready. Cuz God da One wen say, “No way I eva goin leave you! No way I eva goin hemo myself from you!” 6So us guys can make strong, jalike da Bible wen say:
“Da Boss, he da One dat help me wen I need him.
So I no goin be scared.
Da peopo, dey no can do notting fo hurt me!”
Da Leada Guys
(Prieses 16:27)
7Tink bout yoa leada guys. Dey da ones wen tell you guys wat God wen say. Tink plenny bout da way dey wen live, an da stuff dat wen happen cuz a dat. An da way dey wen trus God, make lidat. 8Cuz Jesus Christ, he stay da same, yesterday, today, an foeva! 9Get all kine diffren kine stuff dat peopo teach, you know. No let dat kine stuff pull you guys away, an no take um in!
Wen we let God do good tings fo us, our hearts come mo strong inside. But if we tink we gotta stick wit da rules bout spesho kine food, dat no goin make us come mo strong inside. Get peopo dat tink lidat. But dat no help dem, notting!
10Befo time, had one altar place wea da pries guys wen work inside God's Spesho Tent. Dey get da right fo eat da sacrifice meat from dat altar. But us guys, we get one nodda altar place. An dose pries guys no mo da right fo eat from dea. 11You know, da Jewish main pries guys take da blood from da sacrifice animals inside da Real, Real Spesho Place Fo God, fo make sacrifice fo da bad kine stuff da peopo wen do. An den fo burn da animal body, dey take um outside da place wea da peopo stay. 12Same ting wit Jesus. Was outside Jerusalem gate dat he wen go suffa, fo make his peopo come spesho fo God, wit his own blood. 13Eh! We go make same same jalike Jesus. We let da peopo make any kine to us, jalike dey wen make any kine to Jesus fo make him shame. 14Cuz ova hea, us guys no mo town dat goin stay foeva. But we like wait fo see da big town dat goin get bumbye.
15Us guys, our ancesta guys wen make sacrifice fo show dey like say plenny good tings bout God. So, same ting, we goin tell everybody dat we God's guys, cuz we know who him! Dass why us guys can say plenny good tings all da time bout how God stay. An we can do all dat cuz a Jesus. 16No foget fo do good tings fo odda peopo. Give dem wat dey need from yoa stuffs. Cuz dass jalike you making one sacrifice dat make God stay good inside.
17Wen yoa leada guys tell you guys fo do someting, lissen dem, an do wat dey tell you guys. Dey everytime trying fo take care you guys, day time an nite time, cuz dey know dat dey gotta show God dat dey doing good job lidat. Lissen dem, so den dey goin stay good inside, an no bum out. Cuz if dey bum out, dat no goin help you guys notting.
He Pray fo Dem
18Pray plenny fo us guys. We stay shua dat our hearts stay good an we no mo shame. An everytime we like live da right way. 19So I aksing you guys dis, serious kine: Try aks God fo let me go back by you guys real quick.
20God, he da One dat make our hearts stay rest inside. An he da One dat wen bring back our Boss Jesus from mahke. Jesus wen bleed an mahke fo us, an dass how God can make one new deal wit us dat stay foeva. Jesus, he jalike da main sheep farma dat take care his sheeps. 21So, I like God make you guys ready fo do everyting good dat he like you guys fo do. I like him fo do stuff inside us guys dat make him stay good inside. He do dat, cuz Jesus Christ give us da power dat we need. An I like everybody tell how awesome Jesus stay, foeva an eva! Dass it!
22Eh, bruddas an sistas, I aks you guys fo hang in dea an lissen to da good kine words I sending you guys, cuz I ony wen write you guys small kine letta.
23I like you guys know dis: our brudda Timoty, he outa jail awready! If he come hea quick, den he goin go wit me fo see you guys.
24Give my aloha to all yoa leada guys an all God's peopo. Da bruddas an sistas from Italy side give you guys dea aloha too.
25I like all you guys know deep inside da good way God make to you.