Da Mout
31Eh, my bruddas an sistas! You guys tink you like teach, yeah? Kay den, but you know, not everybody suppose to teach. Cuz God goin judge all us teacha guys mo hard den he goin judge all da odda peopo. 2All us guys, we all mess up plenny. But if get one guy dat no mess up eva wen he talk, dat guy stay all grown up inside, an he know how fo take charge a himself an no do bad kine stuff. 3Tink bout da horse. We put da small bit on da bridle inside dea mout, an dass how we make um go wea eva we like. 4Same ting wit da big kine boats. Even if da boat big, da strong winds inside da ocean make um go all ova, but still yet, ony need one small rudda, an da guy dat drive um make da boat go wea eva he like. 5Same ting wit yoa mout. Az ony one small ting, but still yet, can talk real big.
Jalike wea get plenny trees. Ony need one small spark fo burn um up, you know. 6An da mout jalike one fire. Everybody get mout, but wit yoa mout you can make one diffren kine world, wea everyting stay wrong. Da tings we say wit da mout can make us come bad inside. Cuz wat we say can make everyting come jalike get da fire burning you up inside. An dat kine fire come strait from Hell.
7Get some peopo dat can make any kine animal do wat da guy like -- da kine wild animals, da birds, da lizard, an da animals dat live in da sea, lidat. 8But no mo nobody can make dea own mout do wat dey like everytime. Yoa mout stay jalike one wild ting. You no like stop talking bad kine stuff, an wat you say can kill you, you know, jalike da poison. 9Wit da mout we tell our Boss, da Fadda, how good he stay, yeah? But still, wit da mout we go kahuna da peopo, no matta God wen make dem jalike himself. 10Wit da same mout we talk good bout God, an wit da same mout we go kahuna da peopo. How come, my bruddas an sistas? Az not how suppose to be! No way!
11You tink you goin get good kine water an bad kine water from da same puka? No can! 12Eh, my bruddas an sistas! You tink you goin get olive from da fig tree? O fig from da grape plant? No way! Same ting, you no can get good kine water fo drink from da no good water. No good if da good kine tings an da bad kine tings come outa da same mout.
Da Boss Can Show You Wat fo Do
13You tink get somebody who smart an know wat fo do everytime? Kay den. Da guy betta do da right ting everytime, so he can show proof dat he get da smarts from God fo know wat fo do, an he no need be da numba one guy. 14If bodda you guys wen you tink somebody mo betta den you, an you hate um cuz dey get mo betta stuffs den you, eh! no talk big an say you smart an know wat fo do everytime. If you talk lidat, you ony stay bulai. You not telling da trut.
15You guys say you smart, but you guys no get yoa smarts from God in da sky, you get um from dis mess up world. Dat kine smarts no come from God's Spirit, come from yoaself, come from da bad kine spirits. 16Anybody dat no like odda peopo be mo betta den dem, o get mo betta stuffs den dem, dey goin come wild an goin do all kine real bad stuff.
17But da peopo dat get da kine smarts from God in da sky, main ting, dea spirit stay all clean inside. An dey cool head. Dey make good to everybody an make friends wit everybody. Dey get pity fo you an give you chance. Everytime dey make good tings happen. Dey no make good ony to dea friends. Dey ony say wat dey mean an no ack. 18Da peopo dat stay cool head an stop all da trouble da odda guys making, wat dey goin get from all dat? Cuz a dem, bumbye da odda guys goin do da right kine stuff dat God like. Da peopo dat stay cool head an stop all da trouble, dey jalike da farma guy. First, da farma guy plant da seeds, den bumbye, he goin get food from da plants.