Da World
(Smart Guys 3:34)
41So den, how come you guys everytime like make argue an fight wit each odda? You know why? Cuz inside you, you like go all out fo get someting, an same time, you like get one nodda ting. Az why one part everytime fighting one nodda part. 2Wen you guys like someting, an you no can get um, you guys even like go kill peopo. Cuz you like get um so bad, but still yet you no can. You guys everytime like make argue an fight! You no can get notting, cuz you not aksing God fo um, az why! 3Yeah, you aks fo um, but still yet you no get um, cuz inside yoa heart no stay right. Da kine stuff you aksing fo, ony fo make yoa own self feel good, az why.
4You guys, jalike you go fool aroun behind God's back! An you guys ack jalike you neva know dis: Whoeva love da bad kine stuff inside da world, fo real, dat guy stay agains God! So, whoeva come friends wit all da bad kine stuff inside da world, dat guy show dat he stay agains God fo shua! 5You tink da Bible say dis fo notting? “God wen put one spirit inside all us guys, an he no like if dat spirit no stay all out fo him ony.” 6But God like do even mo plenny good tings still yet. Az why da Bible say,
“God stay agains da guy
Dat get big head.
But da guy dat put himself last,
An da odda guy befo him,
God goin do plenny fo dat guy.”
7God, he da boss. So den, give yoaself to him. Same time, you gotta stand up agains da Devil, an no do wat he like. Den he goin run away from you. 8So, come close to God, an he goin come close to you. Eh, you guys dat stay do da bad kine stuff -- go clean yoaself up inside! You guys dat stay ack jalike you get two brains, you gotta make yoaself all clean fo God! 9Dat mean, you guys gotta come real sorry, an suffa inside, an cry hard. Stop laughing, an start crying. No feel good inside, but come real sore inside long time. 10No make like you mo betta den da odda guys in front da Boss. Den, he goin make you come somebody fo real kine.
No Talk Stink Bout Yoa Brudda an Sista Guys
11My bruddas an sistas, no talk stink bout each odda. If one guy talk stink bout one brudda, an make himself jalike one judge fo his brudda, dass mean same time he stay tell dat da Rules from God no stay good, cuz dey say he no can judge his brudda. He tink he da judge so he can say dat da Rules no good. If you say da Rules no good, den you no goin do wat da Rules say. You ack jalike you know how fo make one mo betta Rule den God make, but you donno how. 12Ony get da One God dat make da Rules, an he da ony Judge! He da same One dat can take care you o can kill you, you know. So! Who you tink you, fo say da odda guy no good?
No Talk Big!
13Wassa matta you guys! You talk big lidis: “We go dis place today, o tomorrow we go da odda place. We goin stay ova dea one year, an buy an sell tings, an make plenny money.”
14Eh, you guys! You guys donno wat goin happen tomorrow, o how yoa life goin be! You jalike da morning kine cloud dat come way down. You spock um one short time ony, an den, dey go way. 15Mo betta say, “If az wat da Boss like, we goin stay alive, an do dis ting an dat ting.”
16You guys, ony like talk big! Az bad, fo talk big lidat, you know! 17Da guy dat know how fo do good tings, but still yet he no do um, same ting, jalike he still do bad kine tings.