Wat Da Older Church Leadas Suppose To Do
(Smart Guys 3:34)
51You know, I one older leada guy, so I telling dis to you older leada guys: I was dea wen Christ wen suffa, an I goin stay by God too bumbye wen everybody see how awesome he stay. 2You guys, you jalike sheep farmas dat take care dea sheeps. So, take care da peopo God wen give you guys. Do wat stay good fo dem, not cuz you gotta do um, but cuz you like do um. Do um da way God like. No make shame fo get tings fo yoaself, but make yoa heart go all out fo help God's peopo. 3No try make like one big boss ova da peopo God wen give you, but show dem how fo make. 4Wen Jesus, da Head Sheep Farma, come back, den God goin give you guys one awesome present fo doing one good job. An yoa present no goin go poho, foeva.
Wat Da Odda Christian Peopo Suppose To Do
5Same ting, you younga guys, lissen to yoa older leada guys. Tink lidis: No get big head, cuz da Bible say,
“God stay agains da guy dat get big head,
But he do plenny fo help da guy dat no mo big head.”
6So den everybody, tink bout God's power an no get big head wit each odda. Den bumbye, wen God like, he goin show dat he tink you guys stay importan. 7Let God take care all da stuff you guys worry bout, cuz he get big heart fo you guys.
8Watch out! Use yoa head! Da Devil stay agains you, an he like hemo you from God. Dass why he stay going all ova da place jalike one wild lion, looking fo somebody he can eat up. 9No scared stand up agains da Devil an trus God real solid. You guys know dat yoa bruddas an sistas all ova da world stay suffa all da stuff dey gotta suffa, jalike you guys.
10God, he like do plenny stuff fo all us guys. He wen tell you guys fo come, cuz you guys stay tight wit Christ, an cuz a dat you guys goin come awesome foeva jalike God. Afta you guys suffa litto wile, God goin fix you guys up mo betta den befo. He goin make you guys stand up mo strong an real solid. 11God, he get all da power foeva. Dass right!
12Silas stay help me fo write dis small letta to you guys. He one brudda who everytime do wat he suppose to. I wen like tell you guys fo hang in dea an rememba dat God stay do plenny fo us. Dass true, you know.
13Da peopo dat come togedda fo church inside Babylon, dey tell you guys “Aloha.” Jalike you guys, God wen pick dem too. My boy Mark tell you guys “Aloha” too. 14Cuz you get love an aloha fo each odda, give each odda one hug an kiss.
I like all you guys stay rest inside yoa heart cuz you stay tight wit Christ.