Da Teachas Dat Bulai
21Befo time, had some Israel peopo dat wen say dey talk fo God, but dey ony wen bulai. Same ting goin happen wit you guys -- goin get peopo dat say dey teach fo God, but dey goin bulai. Dey goin be sneaky an dey no goin like nobody know wat dey doing fo real kine. Dass how dey goin bring in dea own kine teaching. An if you guys lissen to dem, you goin wipe out fo shua. Dey even goin say dat dey no need lissen to God, dea owna, neva mind he wen pay high price fo dem. Cuz dey ack lidat, dey goin wipe out real fast. 2Still yet, goin get plenny peopo dat goin follow dem, an make any kine how dey like an no shame. Da way dem guys ack, goin make peopo talk stink bout da true teaching. 3Dey greedy guys, dem teachas dat bulai. Dey goin tell you guys any kine make up stories so dey can make choke money from you guys. But you know, God da Judge, he not sleeping. From long time, he stay ready fo punish dem. An he still stay waiting, den he goin wipe um out fo shua.
God Wen Punish Odda Peopo Like Dem Awready
4You know, befo time had angel messenja guys dat wen do bad kine stuff, an God da Judge neva let dem go. He wen throw um down inside Hell, an wen tie um up wit chains fo make um stay inside da Deep Dark Hole till da time wen dey gotta stand in front him.
5Same ting wit da whole world long time ago. Dat time, da peopo was acking jalike God, he notting. Same time, had da guy Noah dat was telling da odda peopo wass da right ting fo do. But dey neva lissen. Dass why God wen make da rain come hard on top dem, an da flood wen wipe um out. But God wen take care Noah, plus seven odda peopo from Noah's ohana.
6One nodda time, had da peopo from Sodom town an Gomorrah town. God wen punish dem cuz dey was so bad. He wen burn up everyting all aroun dea, so ony had ashes, an da peopo wen mahke. Den, da odda peopo dat come afta an like make jalike God notting, dat show dem da same ting goin happen to dem if dey make lidat. 7Same time, had one guy name Lot ova dea dat wen like do da right ting. Wen bodda him plenny, how da odda guys wen go buckaloose da way dey neva lissen to God's Rules. So God wen take Lot outa dea. 8Lot like do da right ting, but he wen live right dea by da peopo from Sodom town, so every day he hear an see dem broke God's Rules. All dat wen make him suffa plenny inside.
9All dis stuff show dat da Boss know how fo take peopo dat like lissen to him outa trouble. Same time, he know how fo make da peopo dat no like do wass right, stay suffa till dey gotta stand in front God da Judge. 10An da peopo dat ony like do all da pilau tings dey like do jus cuz dey peopo, God know how fo make dem suffa even moa. Dey like talk stink everybody dat get da right fo tell um wat dey gotta do.
Da Teacha Guys Dat Bulai, Dey Doing Bad Kine Stuff
Dem teacha guys dat bulai, dey get big head, an go all out. Dey no mo respeck, an dey no scared fo talk stink bout God an his awesome kine peopo inside da sky. 11Da angel guys, dey mo strong den dem teacha guys. No matta da angel guys get mo plenny power, dey no talk stink bout da awesome guys in front da Boss, an dey no poin finga dem. 12But dem teacha guys, dey like talk stink bout da kine stuff dey no undastan. Dey jalike da animals dat no can tink. Dey ony good fo take um an wipe um out. Fo shua dey goin be wipe out, cuz dey make any kine to odda peopo. 13Dey make peopo suffa plenny, an God goin make dem suffa too cuz dey wen do wat no stay right. Dey tink good fun fo party up. Dey even do any kine dey like day time, wen everybody can see um! Wen dey eat wit you guys, dey ony stay dea fo party up an do any kine shame kine stuff. 14Dey ony like check out da wahines an try make um fool aroun behind dea husban's back. Dey no stop doing mo an mo bad kine stuff, eva. Dey stay looking fo peopo dat ony trus God litto bit, so dey can try make um do bad kine stuff. Dey work hard fo make demself mo an mo greedy. God goin punish dem fo shua!
Da Time God Wen Make One Donkey Talk
(Census 22:21-35)
15-16Befo time, dem guys was going da right way, but den, dey wen bag an go da wrong way. Dey wen go do jalike da guy Balaam, Beor's boy. He was one talka fo God, but he wen like make money so bad, he wen go do tings dat no stay right. Dat time, Balaam wen stay riding on top one donkey. Da donkey, he no can talk. But God wen make da donkey talk jalike one guy! Da donkey wen scold Balaam fo da bad kine stuff he wen do. Da donkey wen try stop him, so he no do da kine crazy stuff he like do.
God Goin Punish Da Teacha Guys Dat Bulai
(Smart Guys 26:11)
17Dose teacha guys dat bulai, dey jalike one puka wea da water suppose to come out, but no mo water. Dey jalike da low clouds dat da hard wind blow away. God wen make one real dark place fo put dem guys. 18I mean dis. Dey talk big, but dey no say notting. Dey talk lidat cuz dey like bulai peopo fo do any kine how dey like do an no shame. Get peopo dat wen go da wrong way, but now dey starting fo come back da right way litto bit. Dey da peopo dat dem teacha guys like bulai. 19Dose buggas, dey promise peopo, “If you lissen to us guys, you can go do any kine how you like!” But da teacha guys dat saying dat, dey jalike slaves dat no can hemo demself from da pilau kine stuff dey doing. Wateva take ova you an make you do um, jalike you one slave fo do dat kine stuff, you know. 20Gotta know our Boss Jesus Christ fo get outa da pilau kine stuff hea inside da world. But if peopo change dea mind, an get all tie up inside da pilau stuff jalike befo time, dat stuff goin take ova dem. Dey goin come mo worse den befo time. 21No good if you know da right way fo live, an den you change yoa mind, an no do da good an spesho tings God wen tell you fo do. Mo betta fo you, if you neva know da right way first time. 22But dose teacha guys dat bulai, dey jalike da true ting da Bible wen say inside da Smart Guys book: “Da dog throw up, an den he go back to um.” An same ting, “Da pig, you clean um up, an den awready he go back lay down inside da mud.”