Jesus Show
11Dis book tell wat Jesus Christ wen show me, John. Jesus, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, an God wen show him da stuff dat nobody eva know befo time. Dat stuff gotta happen pretty soon. God like Jesus make um clear to da peopo dat work fo him. So Jesus Christ wen send one angel messenja guy fo make um clear to me, John, cuz I one a his worka guys. 2Me, I stay telling wat I wen see an hear -- da tings God wen say, an da stuff Jesus Christ wen tell.
3Whoeva read dis book to odda peopo, an everybody dat lissen to da stuff dat God say goin happen, an do um, dey goin stay good inside, cuz time awready fo dat fo happen.
John Give His Aloha To Da Seven Churches
(Rules 7:13; Zekariah 2:10, 12, 14)
4Dis letta from me, John. I writing um to you church peopo dat come togedda inside seven churches inside Asia. I like God do plenny good tings fo you guys, an make yoa heart rest inside. He da One dat stay now, an stay from befo time, an goin stay afta. An da seven spirits in front God's throne, I like dem do good tings fo you guys too.
5An Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send,
I like him do plenny good tings fo you guys.
He da One dat tell da trut bout wat God tell him.
He da first One dat wen come back alive from mahke.
He da main leada ova all da kings inside da world.
He da One dat get love an aloha fo us guys.
He wen bleed an mahke, an make us clean from all da bad kine stuff we wen do. 6Christ wen come King fo us guys, an make us all come prieses fo work fo God, his Fadda. We goin tell how awesome he stay. He get power foeva an eva! Dass it!
7Try look! Look!
Jesus stay coming inside da clouds.
Everybody goin see him wit dea eyes,
Even da guys dat wen stab him wit dea spear.
All da diffren peopos all ova da world goin cry
An feel sore inside cuz a him.
Dass how goin be! Dass it!
8Da Boss, he say, “I everyting, from first to last, A to Z.” He da One dat stay now, dat stay befo time, an dat goin stay afta, da One dat get all da power.
John See Christ
9Me, I you guys brudda John. I jalike you guys, cuz I stay tight wit Jesus too. Cuz a dat, I stay suffa plenny jalike you guys. An I get Jesus fo King jalike you guys. An I hanging in dea jalike you guys. Dey wen put me on top da island name Patmos cuz I wen tell wat God say, an da trut dat Jesus Christ wen tell. 10One Sunday, da Boss's day, God's Spirit wen take ova me. An I wen hear one loud voice behind me, dat sound jalike one trumpet. 11He say, “Write down inside one book da stuff you goin see, an send um to da peopo inside da seven churches, da ones inside Efesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Tyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, an Laodicea.”
12I wen turn aroun fo see who was talking to me, an wen I wen turn, I see seven gold stands fo put da lamps on top. 13An in da middle, had somebody dat look jalike us. He get one long robe dat hang down to his feet, an one gold cloth ova his shoulda an across his chest. 14His head an hair was all white, jalike da white wool an da snow, an his eyes was shining jalike da fire. 15His feets look jalike brass metal dat shine wen dey put um inside da real hot fire, an his voice sound like da water dat pound an make big noise. 16Inside his right hand, he hold seven stars! From outa his mout, come one sword dat get two side sharp! His face shining, jalike wen da sun shine real strong!
17Wen I see him, I wen go down by his feet jalike I mahke. Den he put his right hand on top me an say, “Eh, no scared! I da One dass first an last. 18I da One dat stay alive! I wen mahke, but look! Now I stay alive foeva! I get da power fo open da door fo da place wea da mahke peopo stay, an make dem come alive, cuz I get da key. 19So den, write down everyting you see -- da tings dat stay happen now, an da tings dat goin happen bumbye. 20Da seven stars you wen see inside my right hand, an da seven gold stands fo put da lamps on top, dass one secret dat I goin tell you now. Da seven stars, dey da seven angel messenja guys fo da peopo inside da seven churches. An da seven gold stands fo put da lamps on top, dey da peopo inside da seven churches.