Da Wahine An Da Dragon
121Den, jalike one dream, I see one big, awesome ting inside da sky. Was one wahine wit da sun fo her clotheses, an da moon unda her feet, an one crown wit twelve stars on top her head. 2She hapai, an she stay crying, cuz real sore fo born her baby!
3Den I wen see one nodda awesome kine ting inside da sky. Had one big, red dragon, an he had seven head an ten horn, wit seven small crown on top da seven head. 4Da Dragon tail wen sweep some a da stars outa da sky, an throw um down to da groun: one star from every three stars. Da Dragon wen stand in front da wahine dat goin born one baby, so he can eat her baby as soon as he born. 5She wen born one boy. He goin be da King fo lead all da diffren peopos on top da earth. He goin carry one king kine stick dat get iron on top fo show he in charge. But God wen grab up da boy to him an to his throne. 6Den da wahine wen run to da boonies, to one place dat God wen make ready fo her, an somebody wen take care her three an a half year.
7Den had war inside da sky. Michael an his angel messenja guys wen fight da Dragon, an da Dragon an his bad angel messenja guys wen fight back wit dem. 8But da Dragon guys no was strong, so dey no can stay inside da sky wit God no moa. 9Da big Dragon, God wen throw um outa da sky. Dass da old snake. Dey call um da Devil, an Satan. He bulai all da peopo inside da world. God wen throw him an his angel messenja guys down on top da earth.
10Den I wen hear one loud voice inside da sky dat say,
“Now da time!
God goin take us outa da bad kine stuff we stay in!
An show us dat he da King,
An he get all da power!
His Spesho Guy Christ get da right fo lead everybody!
Cuz da Bad Guy dat wen poin finga
At our bruddas an sistas all day an all nite,
God wen throw him down hea on top da earth.
11Our bruddas an sistas wen win ova da bad kine stuff,
Cuz dey wen trus God's Baby Sheep Guy.
He wen bleed an mahke fo dem.
An dey wen tell dat dey trus him.
Dey not even scared fo give dea life fo mahke!
12So, everybody dat stay wit God inside da sky, dance an sing!
But auwe to you guys on top da earth an da sea!
Cuz da Devil wen go down by you guys!
He stay real huhu,
Cuz he know he ony get litto bit mo time left!”
13Wen da Dragon wen see dat God wen throw um down to da earth, he wen chase da wahine dat wen born da baby boy. 14God wen give her two wings jalike one big eagle, so she can fly to da place wea he wen make ready fo her inside da boonies. Ova dea he goin take care her fo three an a half years, an da Dragon no can touch her.
15Den da Dragon wen blow out plenny water outa his mout, jalike one river, so dat he can grab da wahine an take her away. 16But da groun wen help her. Da groun wen open up one crack, an swallow up da water dat da Dragon wen blow outa his mout. 17So da Dragon wen come real huhu at da wahine, an wen go way fo fight agains her odda kids. Dass everybody dat lissen to wat God tell um fo do, an do all da true stuff dat Jesus wen show us.
Den da Dragon wen go stand on top da beach by da sea.