Seven Angel Messenja Guys An Seven Big Kine Trouble
151Den I wen see one nodda big an awesome ting inside da sky, jalike one dream. God wen send seven angel messenja guys, an dey bring seven big kine trouble to da peopo. Az how God show dat he no take da bad kine stuff da peopo do. Afta da peopo wen suffa from da seven big kine trouble, den God pau send no mo big kine trouble.
2Afta dat I wen see someting dat make me tink was one pond dat you can see thru, jalike da glass, an had fire all mix up inside. An standing by da side had all da peopo dat wen fight an win agains da Wild Animal an his statue, da one dat get one numba fo his name. An dose peopo dat wen fight an win, dey hold guitar dat God wen give um inside dea hand. 3Dey was singing jalike Moses, da guy dat wen work fo God, an jalike God's Baby Sheep Guy. Dey sing:
“God, you da Boss!
You da God Dat Get All Da Power.
You do big an awesome stuff.
You everytime do wass right an wass true.
You da King fo all da diffren peopos foeva an eva!
4“Boss, everybody goin get respeck fo you.
An tell how awesome you stay.
Cuz you mo spesho an good den all da peopo.
All da diffren peopos from all ova da world goin come,
An give you love an respeck.
Cuz dey wen see all da good an right tings
You wen do!”
5Afta dat I wen look, an jalike one dream, inside da sky had da spesho tent dat show dat God stay wit his peopo. An inside dea, da Real Real Spesho Place stay open. 6Da seven angel messenja guys dat wen bring da seven big kine trouble wen come outa da Real Real Spesho Place. Dea clotheses was clean, linen kine cloth dat was shining. Dey get gold kine cloth ova dea shoulda an across dea chest. 7Den one a da four tings dat stay alive wen give seven gold kine bowl to da seven angel guys. Da seven bowl stay full a God's huhu, fo show dat God no take da bad kine stuff da peopo doing. God, he stay live foeva an eva. 8Den da Real Real Spesho Place stay full a smoke cuz God stay so awesome, an he get so plenny power. Nobody can go inside dea till da seven big kine trouble from da seven angel guys wen pau.