Babylon Town Wipe Out
181Afta dat, I wen look, an jalike one dream, I wen spock one nodda angel messenja guy. He coming down from da sky. He get plenny power. An da light dat come from him make da earth light up all ova. 2Da angel tell wit one loud voice,
“Babylon wen wipe out!
Dat big town wen pau awready!
Now inside dea ony get bad kine spirits,
An all kine pilau scavenja birds stay hide dea too!
3Da Babylon peopo, jalike dey one wahine,
An all da diffren peopos all ova da world,
Jalike dey fool aroun wit her.
She make um do any kine,
Jalike she make um drink too much strong wine
Fo make um come real drunk!
Da kings inside da world wen fool aroun wit her too.
An da trader guys all ova da world
Wen come rich from all kine rich stuffs
Dat Babylon get from dem fo herself.”
4Den I wen hear one nodda voice from da sky. God say,
“Eh, my peopo, come outa dea!
So you guys no goin do da bad kine stuff da peopo inside Babylon do!
An you no goin get all da big troubles dat town goin get.
5Cuz all da bad kine stuff da Babylon peopo doing,
So plenny, jalike dey stack up to da sky!
I know all da tings dey wen do dat no stay right.
6“Pay um back double time!
Dass jalike you make dem one drink inside dea cup, two times mo strong!
7Jalike da wahine, Babylon wen make herself plenny awesome,
An da peopo dea stay good inside,
Cuz dey get all kine rich stuffs,
Make um suffa an come all sore inside.
Da Babylon wahine talk big inside her heart lidis,
‘I stay on top my throne jalike one queen.
I not one widow.
An I no goin eva come sore inside an cry!’
8“Dass why in one day all da big kine troubles
goin come on top Babylon, jalike da wahine.
All kine sick goin come.
Da Babylon peopo goin come all kine sore inside.
No mo notting fo eat.
Fire goin come an burn um up.
Cuz God da Boss get all kine power,
an he goin come fo judge Babylon!”
9Az why da kings from all ova da world dat wen fool aroun wit da Babylon peopo, an dat wen do any kine bad kine stuff wit dem, dey goin see da smoke from da fire dat stay burn dat town. Dey goin cry an come sad inside. 10Dey goin stand far away, cuz dey real scared wen dey see da Babylon peopo suffa. An dey goin say,
“Auwe! Auwe! Babylon, da big town!
Wit plenny power!
An in one hour, you wen wipe out!”
11Same ting, da trader guys, dey goin cry an come sad inside, cuz no mo nobody stay buy all dea stuffs no moa:
12gold kine stuff, silva, jewel stones dat cost plenny, pearls,
fancy linen kine cloth, purple cloth, silk cloth, red cloth,
all kine fancy wood, an stuffs from ivory, wood,
bronze, iron, an marble stone dat cost plenny,
13cinnamon, odda spice, incense, myrrh kine perfume, Arabia kine incense,
wine, olive oil, fancy flour, wheat,
cows, sheeps, horses, fancy wagon,
prisonas an odda peopo fo come slaves.
14Da trader guys goin say,
“All da fancy kine stuff you wen like get fo yoaself,
All pau!
All yoa rich an awesome stuff wen pau!
You no goin eva see um no moa!”
15Da trader guys dat wen sell da Babylon peopo dat stuff an come rich, dey goin stand far, cuz dey real scared wen dey see da peopo suffa. Dey goin cry an come sad inside. 16Dey goin say,
“Auwe! Auwe! Babylon, da big town!
Look jalike one wahine wit fancy kine linen clotheses,
Purple an red clotheses,
An gold, jewel stones, an pearls all ova!
17In one hour, all da kine rich stuffs wen wipe out!”
Da captains from all da boats, da sailors, everybody dat go by boat, everybody dat work aroun da sea, dey all goin stay far. 18Wen dey spock da smoke dat come from dat town, dey goin tell, “Neva had one big town like dis big town befo, eva!” 19Dey throw dirt on top dea own heads fo show dey sad,
An dey cry an stay sad inside. Dey talk loud an say,
“Auwe! Auwe! Babylon, da big town!
All us guys dat wen get boats on top da sea,
We wen come rich, cuz we bring rich stuffs to Babylon!
In one hour dat town wen wipe out!”
20Den I hear dis:
“Eh! All you peopo dat stay wit God inside da sky,
Stay good inside bout wat wen happen!
God's spesho peopo, an da guys dat God wen send all ova,
An da guys dat talk fo God,
Stay good inside!
Da Babylon peopo wen make any kine to you guys,
But God wen come fo judge dem!”
21Den one strong angel guy wen pick up one real big stone, dass big jalike one millstone. He throw um inside da sea. Den he say,
“Dass how Babylon, da big town, goin wipe out!
An nobody goin eva see um no moa!
22No mo nobody goin eva play music inside yoa town no moa.
No mo guitar, flute, trumpet.
No mo nobody goin hear da music no moa.
No mo da guys dat know how fo make fancy kine stuffs.
No mo da millstone dat grind flour fo yoa bread.
23No mo light from da lamp goin shine inside yoa town again.
No mo bride an groom.
Yoa trader guys was da mos importan guys inside da world!
But you wen make da diffren peopos all ova da world go da wrong way!
24Inside Babylon, dass wea dey wen kill da guys dat talk fo God,
An da peopo dat stay spesho fo God,
An all da odda peopo dey wen kill inside da world --
Dass wea dey wen bleed an mahke.”