Gen 7.15: kine bird, eryting dat get wing, ery kine ting dat need air fo live, had two a dem dea.
Gen 7.22: Eryting dat need air fo live, eryting dat live on top da dry land, dey all
Gen 21.17: One angel messenja guy from God call to Hagar from da air.
Gen 22.11: den one angel messenja guy from Yahweh yell to him from da air, “Hui!
Gen 22.15: He talk to Abraham from da air one mo time.”
Exo 9.10: Moses throw da black ashes up in da air.
Neh 9.13: You talk to dem from outa da sky an da air.
Est 4.1: an put on burmbag clotheses an throw ashes up in da air an let um come down on top his head fo show he stay sore
Est 4.3: place wear burmbag clotheses, an throw ashes up inside da air an let um come down on top dea head cuz dey stay plenny
Isa 2.22: Da ones dat stay breave da air an stay alive, But wat you can trus dem fo do fo you, aah?
Isa 11.3: Yahweh, He goin feel good inside, Jalike he smell da sweet air.
Isa 18.4: down from wea I stay, But I goin stay quiet, Jalike da hot air look like stay move wit da light, But no mo noise notting,
Isa 30.24: Cuz da peopo use shovel an pitchfork Fo throw um up in da air An let da wind clean um.
Isa 40.15: Jalike dey small kine dust, Da kine dat come outa da air.
Isa 41.16: Jalike wen you throw da junks up in da air, An da wind blow um, Den one strong wind blow um all away.
Isa 42.14: make plenny noise, An breathe hard, jalike no can get nuff air.
Act 17.25: he da One dat stay make all da peopo alive, an he give dem air fo breathe, an all da odda stuff.
Act 22.23: an wave dea coats aroun, an throw da kine dust up in da air.
1Co 9.26: Jalike wen I boxing, I no punch da air!
1Co 14.9: easy fo peopo fo undastan, you know, you ony talking to da air.
1Ti 2.8: Den az okay fo dem put dea hands in da air fo pray.
Rev 16.17: seven angel guy wen pour out da stuff from his bowl in da air.”
Rev 19.17: He was talking loud to da scavenja birds flying in da air, “Come hea fo da big lu`au God goin make!”