Act 18.19: Dey wen come Efesus, an Paul wen go way from Priscilla an Aquila.
Act 18.21: Den he wen sail from Efesus.
head: Apollos Stay Inside Efesus An Corint
Act 18.24: One Jewish guy name Apollos wen come to Efesus.
head: Paul Stay Inside Efesus
Act 19.1: Paul wen go da back road, an come Efesus.
Act 19.17: Da Jewish peopo an da Greek peopo dat stay inside Efesus wen hear bout dat, an dey wen all come real scared.
head: Da Big Beef Inside Efesus
Act 19.26: dis odda stuff, an wen turn away plenny peopo hea inside Efesus, an all ova Asia.
Act 19.28: wen come plenny huhu, an wen start fo yell, “Artemis from Efesus, she get plenny power!
Act 19.29: Right den an dea, all da peopo inside Efesus wen come all mix up an wen make big noise.”
Act 19.34: guy, dey all yell togedda fo two hours, “Artemis from Efesus, she get plenny power!
Act 19.35: Den da town secretary fo Efesus wen make da peopo shut dea mouts, an say, “You peopo from
Act 19.35: wen make da peopo shut dea mouts, an say, “You peopo from Efesus!
Act 19.35: Everybody know dat Efesus town take care a da temple fo da importan wahine god
Act 20.16: Paul wen tink fo go aroun Efesus.
head: Paul Tell Da Older Leadas From Efesus Aloha
Act 20.17: wen send somebody fo tell da older church leada guys from Efesus fo come by him.
Act 21.29: (Dass cuz befo dey wen see Trofimus, da guy from Efesus, inside Jerusalem wit Paul, an dey wen tink Paul wen bring
1Co 15.32: No matta I fight guys dat ack jalike wild animals Efesus side, dass okay!
1Co 16.8: But I goin stay ova hea Efesus side till Pentecost time.
head: Paul's Aloha to da Peopo Efesus Side
Eph 1.1: Dis letta fo you guys dat stay Efesus side.
head: Paul Pray Fo Da Bruddas an Sistas Efesus Side
Eph 1.17: I like you help da Efesus peopo fo know inside dea heart wat fo do.
Eph 1.18: God, I like you help da Efesus bruddas an sistas fo undastan mo betta da good kine stuff
1Ti 1.3: you befo, an wen go Macedonia side: Stay ova dea inside Efesus town.
2Ti 1.18: Plus, all da stuffs he wen do Efesus side fo help me, you know dat mo betta den me.
2Ti 4.12: Tykicus, I wen send um Efesus side.
Rev 1.11: um to da peopo inside da seven churches, da ones inside Efesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Tyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, an
head: Fo Da Church Peopo Efesus Side
Rev 2.1: guy I wen send fo help da peopo dat come togedda fo church Efesus side, write one letta to him, an say dis: Da One dat hold