Gen 6.4: Dea kids was da awesome guys dat come from dem, an erybody know da stories bout dem.
Gen 6.12: God wen see dat erybody inside da world make demself come poho.
head: God Make Promise Fo No Wipe Out Erybody Wit Watta
Gen 9.19: Dey da three Noah boys, dat erybody no matta wea dey go all ova da whole world, dey come from
Gen 9.26: Noah say dis too: “I like erybody say good tings bout Yahweh, Da God dat my boy Shem pray
Gen 11.3: Erybody tell dea friends: “Eh, we go make brick fo house, da kine
Gen 16.12: He goin like beef erybody, An erybody goin like beef him.
Gen 16.12: He goin like beef erybody, An erybody goin like beef him.
Gen 20.16: Den Abimelek tell Sarah, “In front erybody, I giving yoa brudda guy tousand piece silva.
Gen 20.16: I do dat so erybody know you neva do notting wrong, an from now eryting okay
Gen 21.6: Erybody dat find out bout dis goin feel good an laugh jalike me!
Gen 21.23: bulai me o trick me, an same ting fo all my ohana peopo an erybody dat goin come from me bumbye.
Gen 21.30: dis seven sheeps from me, fo make proof fo me in front erybody dat you know was me dat wen tell my guys fo dig da puka,
Gen 23.2: He no shame fo show erybody dat he real sore inside.
Gen 29.22: So Laban wen tell erybody from dat place fo come togedda, an he wen make one big
Gen 31.44: We put up someting so erybody goin know wat wen happen hea wit me an you.
Gen 31.48: Laban tell, “Dis rock pile hea, so erybody goin know wat wen happen wit me an you, dis day.
Gen 32.11: he come hea an bus me up, me an da wahines an dea kids, erybody.
Gen 34.30: Cuz a you, erybody goin make jalike I kapu!
Gen 38.23: No good erybody make us guys shame cuz dey tink us guys no like pay.”
Gen 38.25: Afta Judah get dea, she tell erybody, “Check out dis stuff.”
Gen 41.27: Dass seven years wen erybody goin stay hungry.
Gen 41.30: But afta, goin get seven mo year wea all dat time erybody goin stay hungry.
Gen 41.36: goin get plenny food fo eat, wen da seven year come wea erybody goin stay hungry all ova Egypt land.
Gen 41.43: he go, had guys run down da street in front him an yell, “Erybody go down in front Joseph fo show um respeck!
Gen 41.53: An den, afta erybody inside da Egypt land grow plenny food, da seven good year
Gen 41.57: from Joseph, cuz all ova, no can grow food notting, an erybody get hard time.
Gen 45.1: So he yell in da Egypt language, “Erybody, get outa hea!
Gen 45.19: fo tell da brudda guys dis too: “Take wagons from Egypt fo erybody dat no can walk good, yoa kids an yoa wifes.
Gen 49.8: Erybody dat go agains you, You goin make dem do wat dey suppose
Exo 2.14: Erybody know awready!”
Exo 3.8: um outa dat land, to one good land wea get plenny place fo erybody, an ery place get plenny milk an honey.
Exo 7.3: Even I goin do plenny awesome tings fo erybody see, hea inside da Egypt land.
Exo 10.9: Moses tell um, “Erybody goin go, our young peopo an our ol peopo too.
Exo 12.16: Da ony ting you can do dat time, you can make da food dat erybody goin eat.
Exo 14.4: I goin use da Pharaoh guy an all his army guys, fo show erybody how awesome I stay.’
Exo 14.17: guys an his war wagons an his horse rida guys, fo make erybody know how awesome I stay!
Exo 14.18: guy an his war wagons an his horse rida guys, an I show erybody how awesome I stay, den da Egypt peopo goin know fo shua,
Exo 15.7: You so big, you wipe out erybody dat go agains you.
Exo 16.16: Fo erybody dat stay inside yoa tent, go get two pound.
Exo 16.18: Erybody pick up ony how much dey need fo eat.
Exo 16.21: Erybody pick up ony how much dey need fo eat.
Exo 16.29: So, da numba seven day, erybody gotta stay dea own place an no go outside.
Exo 20.10: animals, da visita guy from odda place dat stay yoa town, erybody!
Exo 21.28: da bull cow use his horn fo kill one guy o one wahine, den erybody gotta throw rocks fo kill da cow, an no can eat da meat.
Exo 21.29: den, if da cow use his horn fo kill one guy o one wahine, erybody gotta throw stone fo kill da cow, an fo kill da owna too.
Exo 21.32: cow owna gotta pay 30 piece silva to da slave owna guy, an erybody gotta throw stone fo kill da cow.
Exo 28.2: Make um real awesome kine, so erybody show him plenny respeck.
Exo 28.41: oil on top dea head fo show I wen pick dem, an in front erybody, give dem da kuleana fo be prieses an work fo me.
Exo 32.5: He tell erybody, “Tomorrow, we make one spesho religious kine ting fo
Exo 32.26: So Moses go stand by da camp gate, an yell, “Erybody dat stay stick wit Yahweh, come ova hea by me!
Exo 34.18: gotta come togedda fo make da spesho religious time wen erybody eat da Bread Dat No Mo Yeas Inside.
Exo 34.20: “Wen you guys come togedda in front me, erybody gotta bring someting fo me.
Exo 35.5: Erybody dat like do dat, go bring him gold, an silva, an bronze
Exo 35.10: Erybody dat know how fo make stuff good, come make all da tings
Exo 35.21: Erybody dat dea heart tell um fo come do um, wen come dea.
Exo 35.21: Erybody dat inside dea heart really like come fo help, dey all
Exo 35.22: Erybody dat inside dea heart like fo help, da men o wahines, dey
Exo 35.23: up dea gold tings in front Yahweh, an dey give um to him, Erybody dat get stuffs dea place, blue an purple an red wool
Exo 35.24: Erybody dat like give silva o bronze fo make gif fo Yahweh, dey
Exo 35.24: Erybody dat get koa wood dea place fo all da work dey gotta do,
Exo 36.2: Erybody dat like do da job, he tell um fo start da work.
Exo 36.6: So Moses tell peopo fo go all ova da camp fo tell erybody.
Exo 38.26: an wen da guys write dea name, da Levi ohana guys charge erybody one half shekel.
Lev 5.1: ting cuz he no say notting wen da judge put kahuna on top erybody dat wen see someting happen o know wat wen happen, if dey
Lev 13.3: da pries guy check out da sick guy, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.6: an neva come mo big on top da skin, da pries guy goin tell erybody az ony one rash, an da guy stay okay fo come in front me,
Lev 13.8: stay come mo big on top da skin, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.11: Da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.13: If da sick stay all ova his body, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat he can go in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.15: Wen da pries guy see da raw skin, he goin tell erybody dat da guy no can go in front me.
Lev 13.17: If da sores wen come white an dry, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy can come in front me.
Lev 13.20: an da hair inside um come white, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.22: stay come mo plenny on top da skin, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.23: az ony one scar from da boil, an da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy can come in front me.
Lev 13.25: Da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, cuz dass da kine sick
Lev 13.27: sore come mo plenny on top da skin, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy no can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.28: Da pries goin tell erybody dat da guy can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.34: an no go down inside da skin, da pries guy goin tell erybody dat da guy can come in front me.
Lev 13.37: Da pries goin tell erybody dat da guy can come in front me, Yahweh.
Lev 13.44: Da pries guy goin tell erybody dat he no can come in front me, cuz a da sore on top his
Lev 13.45: Dey gotta cova up da bottom part a dea face, an yell to erybody, ‘No come nea!
Lev 13.59: make from leather, dat get mildew on top um, an fo tell erybody if stay okay o if not okay fo peopo use um.
Lev 14.7: An he goin tell erybody dat now stay okay fo da guy come in front me again.
Lev 14.48: inside da house afta dey put da new clay, he goin tell erybody dat da house stay okay fo use, cuz no mo mildew awready.
head: Da Day Fo Bring Back Erybody Da Same Side Wit God
head: Da Sacrifices Dey Make Fo Bring Erybody Da Same Side Wit God
Lev 19.3: Erybody gotta show plenny respeck fo dea mudda an fadda.
Lev 19.29: If you guys make lidat, erybody inside da land goin make lidat too, an den goin get plenny
Lev 20.5: Same ting fo erybody dat make jalike dem, cuz dey make like one wahine dat fool
Lev 23.3: But day numba seven, az da Res Day, fo erybody res.
Lev 23.6: afta da Passova, anodda spesho time fo Yahweh start, wen erybody eat da Bread Dat No Mo Yeast.
Lev 23.24: Blow horns real loud fo bring erybody togedda.
Lev 23.27: Erybody gotta come togedda fo one religious time dat stay spesho
Lev 23.36: Erybody gotta come togedda one mo time, an make sacrifice wit fire
Lev 23.42: Erybody dat born from one Israel ohana, goin make shacks fo dea
Lev 25.10: Tell all ova da land dat erybody gotta give back da land an da peopo dey wen buy to da real
Lev 25.10: Az goin be da spesho Give Back Year numba fifty wen erybody goin go back fo take ova da property dey wen own befo
Lev 25.13: “Da Year Fo Give Back, numba fifty, erybody goin go back dea own property.
Lev 26.26: Dey goin bring back da bread fo you guys an weigh um so erybody get same.
Deu 10.16: He tell, ‘So den, make shua erybody know you my peopo, jalike you get mark inside yoa heart fo
Deu 11.29: ova, you guys goin put peopo on top Mount Gerazim fo tell erybody da good kine stuff Yahweh goin do if dey lissen, an peopo
Deu 11.29: goin do if dey lissen, an peopo on top Mount Ebal fo tell erybody da bad kine stuff Yahweh goin do if dey no lissen.
Deu 12.8: Erybody hea stay doing wateva dey like today, but you guys no goin
Deu 15.2: Erybody gotta foget [bout] wat dey wen lend to anodda Israel guy.
Deu 15.2: jalike dea brudda, you know, an az da time wen Yahweh tell erybody fo no need pay um back.
Deu 16.14: kids dat no mo fadda o mudda, da wahines dat no mo husban, erybody dat stay inside yoa town.
Deu 16.17: Erybody gotta bring one present dat show how plenny yoa God Yahweh
Deu 17.5: wen do dis bad kine ting outside da gate fo da town, an erybody throw stones at dem fo kill dem.
Deu 24.16: Erybody gotta mahke fo dea own bad kine stuff.
Deu 26.8: do real scary kine stuff, an real plenny awesome tings so erybody can see, fo show who him.
Deu 26.17: You guys tell today in front erybody, dat Yahweh, he da God fo you guys, an you goin live da
Deu 26.18: An Yahweh tell today in front erybody, dat you his spesho peopo jalike he wen promise, an dat
Deu 31.10: Den Moses tell dem, “Afta ery seven years, erybody no need pay wat dey owe odda peopo.
Deu 31.10: Same time, erybody make Da Spesho Religious Time Fo Live Inside Shacks.
Rut 1.19: Wen dey come dea, erybody inside da town start fo talk plenny bout dem.
Rut 2.11: But erybody stay tell me bout all da good tings you wen do fo yoa
Rut 4.7: Dass how erybody know wat kine deal dey make.”
Rut 4.8: Boaz take off his slippa an give um to da guy in front erybody.
Rut 4.10: An all you guys, you gotta tell erybody wat wen happen dis day.
Rut 4.11: All us guys wen see wat wen happen, an we gotta tell erybody.”
Rut 4.11: An you, make strong, So erybody know who you, Right hea inside Betlehem Efrata town!
1Ki 1.5: guys fo run in front him wen he come inside da street, so erybody know Adonijah stay coming.”
1Ki 1.20: You gotta tell erybody, who da one goin sit on top yoa throne afta you mahke.
1Ki 1.21: notting, den afta you mahke an go by yoa ancesta guys, erybody goin go afta me an my boy Solomon, an make jalike us bad
1Ki 1.34: Den, tell my guys fo blow da trumpets, an tell erybody fo say dis, ‘We like King Solomon live long time!
1Ki 1.35: He goin come da King afta me, cuz I wen tell erybody, he da one goin stay in charge a da Israel peopo an da
1Ki 1.39: Den da peopo start fo blow trumpets, an erybody yell, “We like King Solomon live long time!
1Ki 1.40: an all da peopo go wit him, playing flute an telling erybody dey stay plenny good inside.
1Ki 1.41: How come erybody inside dis town stay make big noise an yelling?
1Ki 1.45: Erybody in dis town stay amping out!
1Ki 2.2: He tell: “You know, erybody inside dis world, gotta mahke.
1Ki 2.12: An erybody know, dat Solomon da King fo real kine.
1Ki 2.19: She sit down dea, da right side by King Solomon, fo show erybody she importan.
1Ki 2.33: Dese two guys mahke, an Joab get da blame fo dat, an erybody dat come from him, get da blame too.
1Ki 3.2: cuz dey still yet no build one temple fo Yahweh, fo show erybody wat kine God him.
1Ki 4.25: Erybody can sit down unda dea own grape vine an fig tree.
head: Erybody Hear Bout How Solomon Know Wat Fo Do
1Ki 5.3: why my fadda no can build one Temple fo his God Yahweh, so erybody goin know wat kine God him.
1Ki 5.5: So now, I stay tinking lidis: I goin build one Temple so erybody goin know wat kine God, my God Yahweh, da One I stay pray
1Ki 5.5: Yoa boy, da one goin build da Temple so erybody goin know wat kine God me.
1Ki 8.2: by King Solomon, cuz dat was da spesho religious time wen erybody live one week inside shacks, da las week in Septemba.
1Ki 8.16: But now, I wen pick dis place fo my temple, so erybody goin know wat kine God me an wea I stay.
1Ki 8.17: my fadda David wen like build one temple fo Yahweh, so erybody know wat kine God him, da God fo da Israel peopo.
1Ki 8.18: wat you wen do, wen you wen tink fo build one temple so erybody know who me!’
1Ki 8.20: An I wen build dis Temple, so erybody know wat kine God Yahweh, da God fo da Israel peopo.
1Ki 9.8: Erybody dat pass by dea no goin believe wat dey see.’
1Ki 11.36: Az cuz I wen pick Jerusalem town fo be da place wea erybody can find out wat kine God me.
1Ki 12.21: ohanas, so Rehoboam, Solomon's boy, can come king again fo erybody.
1Ki 13.32: He tell erybody real loud bout da altar dat stay Bethel town, an bout all
1Ki 15.29: Firs ting Ba`asha do wen he come king, he kill erybody from da Jeroboam ohana.
1Ki 18.36: Today, I like erybody know, dat you da God fo da Israel peopo, an you da boss fo
1Ki 21.8: Den she use Ahab seal fo ery letta so erybody know dey come from da king.”
1Ki 21.10: Den take Nabot outside, an erybody throw stone fo kill him.
1Ki 21.27: clotheses an put on burm bag cloth nex to his skin fo show erybody he stay feel sore inside, an he no eat so he can pray.
1Ki 22.36: sun almos go down, da Israel army guys all start fo yell, “Erybody go back yoa town!
1Ki 22.36: Erybody go back yoa land!
2Ki 6.2: Mo betta us go y da Jordan River, wea erybody can cut one beam fo build one place ova dea fo us guys
2Ki 10.11: An dass da story, how Jehu kill erybody dat still yet stay alive inside Jezreel from da Ahab
2Ki 10.17: Wen Jehu come by Samaria town, he kill erybody dat still yet stay dea from Ahab's ohana.”
2Ki 10.19: Make shua erybody come.
2Ki 10.24: So erybody go inside fo make plenny sacrifice, regula kine an burn up
2Ki 11.8: Make shua erybody carry sword an odda fighting stuff in yoa hand.
2Ki 11.9: Erybody bring dea army guys, da ones dat start fo work on da Res
2Ki 14.26: Yahweh wen see how erybody inside Israel stay suffa plenny, no matta dey slave guys o
2Ki 15.16: Menahem start from Tirzah town, an attack Tifsah town, an erybody dat live aroun dea, cuz dey no like open dea gates fo him.
2Ki 21.12: kine stuff happen to da Judah an Jerusalem peopo, so dat erybody goin bum out wen dey hear bout um.
2Ki 21.24: Den all da odda kine peopo inside da land go kill erybody dat wen make plan fo kill King Amon.
2Ki 23.2: Jerusalem peopo, da pries guys, da guys dat talk fo God -- erybody.
2Ki 23.13: da pilau god fo da Moab peopo, an fo Molek, da god dat erybody hate, da pilau god fo da Ammon peopo.
2Ki 23.16: happen, da time one guy dat stay tight wit God, wen tell erybody dat dis stuff goin happen.
2Ki 23.17: Long time ago, he tell erybody about dese tings dat you jus wen do to da Bethel altar.”
Ezr 3.8: Da worka guys was erybody dat wen come back from Babylon.
Ezr 5.8: Erybody stay work hard, an eryting going good.
Ezr 7.27: Den Ezra tell: “I like tell erybody good tings bout Yahweh, da God fo oua ancesta guys.
Ezr 7.28: An I like tell erybody mo plenny good tings bout Yahweh still yet, cuz he wen
Ezr 7.28: plenny good tings bout Yahweh still yet, cuz he wen show erybody dat he stay stick wit his peopo.
Ezr 8.15: Befo we go, I wen tell erybody fo come togedda by da Ahava Watta Ditch.
Ezr 8.21: By da Ahava Watta Ditch, I tell erybody fo no eat so dey can pray, an fo come togedda in front God
Ezr 9.5: My clotheses an my robe, stay broke, so erybody know I stay sore inside.
Ezr 9.7: odda lands take ova us guys -- oua kings an prieses an erybody.
Ezr 10.2: dat come from da Elam ohana, tell Ezra: “Us guys like tell erybody, ‘Cuz a wat we wen do, oua God no can trus us.
Ezr 10.8: Dey tell erybody, “Day afta tomorrow, anybody dat no show up hea, da govmen
Ezr 10.14: Erybody dat get wife from da peopos dat donno God, dey gotta make
Ezr 10.16: he pick leada guys dat can talk fo ery ohana, an he tell erybody da names a da guys he wen pick.
Neh 5.8: Wen erybody come togedda, I tell um, “Us guys, we stay buy back oua
Neh 5.13: shake out da part a my robe wea I keep stuff, an I tell, “Erybody dat no do how dey wen promise, I like fo God shake dem
Neh 5.18: Ery day my peopo cook fo erybody one cow, six sheeps dat dey pick spesho fo us guys, an
Neh 6.5: He stay carry one letta in his hand fo show um to erybody so dey can see, befo he come by me.
Neh 6.7: stay tell da guys dat talk fo God Jerusalem side, fo tell erybody dis bout you: ‘Now, get new king, Judah side!
Neh 7.66: So erybody put togedda, had 42,360 guys total.
Neh 8.5: So wen he open da book, erybody stand up.
Neh 8.8: Dey make shua dat erybody undastan wat dey stay read to dem.
Neh 8.15: aroun all da towns an all ova Jerusalem, fo make shua erybody know dey suppose to go up country, an bring back plenny
Neh 8.17: Babylon, dey wen make shack an live inside one week, an erybody stay feel good inside bout dat.
Neh 9.2: An da Israel peopo tell erybody da bad kine tings dey wen do, an wat dea ancesta guys wen
Neh 9.3: An den, anodda three hour, dey stay tell erybody da bad kine tings dey do.
Neh 9.5: Tell erybody da good tings dat Yahweh do fo you guys.
Neh 9.5: So den dey talk to God lidis: “We like tell erybody da good tings you do!
Neh 9.6: all da animals an plants an fishes an peopo stay alive, An erybody dat stay inside da sky stay show you love an respeck!
Neh 10.28: stay stick wit da Rules From God, us an oua wifes an kids, erybody dat know an undastan wass happening -- togedda wit oua
Neh 10.32: “We give ouaself da job fo erybody pay part a one piece silva ery year fo da Temple Wea Oua
Neh 10.33: week an ery month, an da sacrifices fo da spesho times wen erybody come togedda, an fo pay fo da gifs dat stay spesho fo God,
Neh 10.38: guys from da Levi ohana go fo pick up da ten percen from erybody, da main pries guy, dat get Aaron fo ancesta, he goin go
Neh 11.20: peopo, dey live inside da small towns Judah side, an erybody dea get dea own ohana land.
Neh 12.27: ohana guys live, fo bring all a dem to Jerusalem town so erybody can make one big party fo God cuz dey stay feel real good
Neh 13.11: An I make dem come togedda and tell erybody wat dea job suppose to be.
Neh 13.13: Cuz dese da guys erybody can trus.
Est 1.8: Da king tell da guys dat stay in charge da wine, fo give erybody wateva dey like, an no stop um fo drink um dea own way how
Est 1.20: Den, wen erybody all ova dis big wide land hear dis importan rule da king
Est 2.1: moa, he rememba Vashti an wat she wen do, an wat he tell erybody dey gotta do bout her.
Est 2.8: Afta erybody hear wat da king tell, an da rule he wen make bout Vashti,
Est 2.16: Now, wen erybody see Esther, dey like her plenny.)
Est 2.18: He make one spesho day fo all da districks, an give erybody plenny gifs.
Est 3.3: gate aks Mordecai, “How come you no do wat da king tell erybody fo do?
Est 8.15: Inside da Susa big town erybody make one big party an stay feel real good inside.
Est 8.16: Fo da Jews, now dey stay feel real good inside, cuz erybody get respeck fo dem.
Est 9.4: Erybody inside all da districks hear bout him.
Est 9.21: districks wea Xerxes stay king, near an far, fo make shua erybody know az good fo dem make party March 8 an 9 ery year, cuz
Isa 1.2: Lissen, erybody on top da earth an inside da sky, Cuz I Yahweh da Good
Isa 1.4: Erybody from inside dea Stay do plenny bad kine stuff, Dey need
Isa 1.24: I goin fight an win Ova erybody dat go agains me So dey no can bodda me no moa.
Isa 1.24: I goin pay back erybody dat stay agains me.
Isa 1.26: Afta dat, peopo goin call you guys ‘Da big town wea erybody do da right ting,’ An ‘Da town wea you can trus da peopo.
Isa 2.9: But now, erybody goin come shame.
Isa 2.12: Goin come one day, he goin go Agains erybody dat get big head, An agains all da high makamaka peopo.
Isa 2.19: stay awesome cuz he da king, An he goin start fo shake up erybody inside da world.
Isa 2.21: stay awesome cuz he da king, An he goin start fo shake up erybody inside da world.
Isa 3.5: Da guys dat erybody get respeck fo, Da no good guys goin bus um up.
Isa 4.2: Erybody goin know bout da stuff dat grow on top da land, Dat goin
Isa 4.5: goin make one cloud Ova da Temple on top Mount Zion An ova erybody dat stay come togedda dea Fo show him respeck wen he tell
Isa 4.5: dis awesome stuff, goin get one cova, Jalike one tent ova erybody.
Isa 5.14: da mahke peopo go, Da mout stay open big, An waiting fo erybody.
Isa 5.30: go look da land, Dey goin see dat eryting stay dark An erybody get big trouble.
Isa 8.2: Jeberekiah's boy, fo come watch you write dat, cuz erybody know dey can trus dem guys an wat dey tell bout wat you
Isa 9.2: Da peopo dat live inside da place Wea erybody stay scared dey goin mahke, Da light stay come dea
Isa 9.7: Fo mo an mo place, An he goin make eryting come good fo erybody, An he no goin stop doing dat.
Isa 9.7: He goin judge erybody da right way, An he goin do da right ting erytime.
Isa 11.9: Cuz all ova da world, erybody goin know me, Yahweh, Jalike all ova da sea, da watta stay
Isa 12.1: Dat time, you goin say, “I goin tell erybody dat you good, Yahweh.
Isa 12.4: Help erybody fo rememba Dat wen you know wat kine God him, You know he
Isa 13.11: I goin make all da ones dat make erybody scared a dem Come notting.
Isa 13.14: jalike wen da sheep get no mo nobody dat keep um togedda, Erybody goin go back to dea own peopo.
Isa 13.15: Erybody dat da army guys catch, Goin get stab.
Isa 13.15: Erybody dey grab Dey goin kill dem wit da sword.
Isa 14.21: Make ready one place fo kill Erybody dat come from dose king guys, Cuz dea ancesta guys, dey do
Isa 15.3: On top da flat roof, an inside da street, Erybody stay crying an yelling plenny.
Isa 16.5: He goin be da judge, An he goin work hard fo judge erybody da right way.
Isa 16.9: wen da Moab peopo bring dea summer fruit An cut da wheat, Erybody yell plenny, Cuz dey feel good inside.
Isa 17.7: Dass da time, erybody goin start fo tink Bout da God dat wen make dem.
Isa 18.2: To da peopo ova dea, Da tall guys wit smooth skin, Erybody scared dem.
Isa 18.2: Get one real strong peopo ova dea Dat stay bus up erybody, Ova dea wea da big rivas cut thru dea land.
Isa 18.7: from far place, Da tall guys dat get smooth skin, Dat erybody scared dem.
Isa 18.7: yet, Da real strong kine peopo ova dea Dat stay bus up erybody, Ova dea wea da big rivas cut thru dea land.
Isa 21.1: agains Babylon, From one land wea da peopo real tough An erybody stay scared a dem!
Isa 22.1: So den, how come erybody go up on top yoa flat roof?
Isa 22.23: Erybody goin get choke respeck fo his fadda ohana, Cuz Eliakim
Isa 23.8: Da guys from Tyre dat buy an sell stuff was princes, An erybody in da world get respeck Fo da guys dat go far place fo
Isa 23.9: um Fo shame all da awesome peopo dat get big head, An make erybody in da world lose face Dat wen get respeck befo time.
Isa 23.15: Dat time, erybody goin foget bout Tyre fo 70 year.
Isa 23.16: wahine dat take money fo fool aroun: “You, da wahine dat erybody wen foget, So take one guitar Play nice music an sing
Isa 26.8: Da ting we really like fo erybody know, Is wat kine God you, an no foget you.
Isa 29.20: Erybody dat stay check out How dey can do bad kine stuff, God goin
Isa 30.5: An no matta he send messenja guys south side by Hanes, Erybody dat aks da Pharaoh guy fo help dem Goin come shame.
Isa 30.6: to Egypt: “Da Judah peopo going thru da Negev land Wea erybody get hard time An suffa plenny.
Isa 30.9: Dey jalike kids dat stay bulai erybody.
Isa 32.5: Da guys dat fool erybody, Nobody goin get respeck fo dem.
Isa 32.7: Da guys dat fool erybody, Eryting dey do, stay bad.
Isa 32.13: Cry fo all da house wea erybody Wen dance an sing An fo da town wea dey get plenny party
Isa 32.14: Erybody goin go way from da palace An leave da big town Dat wen
Isa 32.17: peopo stay do wass right, Dat goin make tings come good fo erybody.
Isa 33.3: da diffren peopos hear you make big noise like da thunda, Erybody run away.
Isa 33.24: take away da shame Fo da bad kine tings dey wen do From erybody dat live dea, An let um go.
Isa 36.6: Dass how plenny da Pharaoh guy help erybody dat trus him!
Isa 40.5: Yahweh goin let erybody see how awesome he stay.
Isa 40.5: Erybody inside da world goin see dat, same time.
Isa 40.9: good kine stuff, Go up on top one high mountain, Fo tell erybody!
Isa 41.1: Good erybody come togedda by me, da Judge.
Isa 41.2: Weneva he use his sword, Erybody he hit, come jalike dirt.
Isa 41.2: Wit his bow an arrows Erybody he hit, Come jalike da junk kine stuffs from da wheat.
Isa 41.6: Erybody help each odda fo come in front me.
Isa 41.11: “But erybody dat go agains you guys, Dey goin come shame an lose face
Isa 41.11: Erybody dat stand up agains you guys, Dey goin die an come jalike
Isa 41.15: I goin make you Israel peopo come strong So you can bus up erybody dat stay agains you.
Isa 42.5: He let erybody dat walk on top da earth stay alive.
Isa 42.21: Dat make him feel good inside An show erybody dat he stay do da right kine ting.”
Isa 43.7: Bring erybody dat get my name cuz dey my peopo.’
Isa 43.7: All da ones I wen make fo show erybody How awesome me.
Isa 43.28: Erybody goin talk stink Bout da Israel peopo.
Isa 44.23: Dance an sing cuz you feel good inside, Erybody inside da sky!
Isa 44.23: Yell plenny, erybody on top da groun!”
Isa 45.4: So King Cyrus, az why I give you one big name Cuz erybody goin know you, No matta you donno who me.
Isa 45.23: Erybody goin go down on top dea knees, Fo show dey get respeck fo
Isa 45.23: Erybody goin make serious promise An aks me fo make shua dey do
Isa 45.24: But erybody dat come huhu wit Yahweh Dey gotta go by him, An dey goin
Isa 47.3: Den erybody goin see you Babylon guys, You goin come shame.
Isa 48.8: Erybody know, you guys stay go agains me From da time you born.
Isa 49.3: From da tings you goin do, I goin show erybody how awesome I stay.
Isa 49.13: Erybody inside da sky, Yell cuz you stay feel good inside!
Isa 49.13: Erybody inside da mountains, Yell an sing!
Isa 52.7: He make shua erybody hear, “Eryting goin come good now!
Isa 55.13: Dis goin come lidat So erybody goin know wat kine God Yahweh.
Isa 56.1: bit mo time now, I goin get you guys outa trouble, Fo show erybody dat I do da right ting erytime.
Isa 57.4: Yoa fadda-mudda guys stay go agains erybody!
Isa 57.12: But me, I goin tell erybody Bout all da kine stuff you guys do, Cuz you guys tink you
Isa 58.8: dass how you make, Goin be jalike wen da sun come up -- Erybody goin see Dat you guys get life from me, Yahweh.
Isa 60.6: all goin come from Yemen An bring gold an incense, Fo tell erybody dat Yahweh stay good.
Isa 60.14: Erybody dat wen ack like dey tink you no good, Dey goin go down on
Isa 60.15: But now, I goin make you guys come Da ones dat erybody tell, ‘You da greates!’
Isa 61.2: He send me fo give good kine words To erybody dat stay sore inside.
Isa 61.3: He send me fo give um one nice robe fo wear Dat make erybody like tell, “Yahweh da greates!
Isa 61.9: Erybody dat see dem goin tell Dat dey da ohana Dat Yahweh do good
Isa 62.1: Fo help da Jerusalem peopo, I no goin stay quiet, Till erybody can see, Dat God's peopo get um right wit him, Jalike wen
Isa 62.1: right wit him, Jalike wen da sun come up morning time, An erybody can see Dat God get his peopo outa trouble, Jalike one
Isa 63.12: An dass how Yahweh make erybody know Wat kine God him, foeva!
Isa 63.14: “Az how was, da time you wen lead yoa peopo, An you make erybody know Wat awesome kine God you!
Isa 66.10: Show erybody how you feel good jalike dem, No matta befo time you wen
Isa 66.24: Erybody goin feel pilau wen dey see da bodies.
Dan 2.37: you king, an give you da powa, an make you strong, an make erybody get respeck fo you.
Dan 3.10: King, you da one dat make da rule, dat wen erybody dat hear da kine music, dey gotta go down an show respeck
Dan 3.28: Den King Nebukadnezzar tell, “Erybody gotta tell good tings bout da God dat Shadrak, Meshak, an
Dan 4.12: leaf look real nice an get plenny fruit, Get food nuff fo erybody an eryting in da world.
Dan 4.17: Cuz we do dat, Erybody dat stay alive goin know dis: Da God Dass Mo Importan Den
Dan 4.21: nice leaf an plenny fruits on top, an da tree give food fo erybody.
Dan 5.29: An he let erybody know, dat Daniel now da numba three main guy ova da land
Dan 6.4: But dey no can find notting fo poin finga, cuz erybody trus him an he no mess up notting.
Dan 6.25: He tell: I like eryting come real good fo erybody.
Dan 6.26: “Dis da rule: All ova da land wea I stay king, erybody gotta come scared an shaking in front Daniel's God, an get
Dan 8.13: an bout da peopo going agains God an making erybody come bum out an bag from da Temple?
Dan 8.25: He goin tink he mo betta den erybody.
Dan 9.2: da guy dat talk fo him, dat afta Jerusalem come bus up an erybody bag, Jerusalem goin stay all bus up fo seventy year.
Dan 9.15: You wen do dat fo let erybody know from dat time till now, wat kine God you.
Dan 9.26: Goin get war till da end, an erybody goin bag an eryting goin get wipe out.
Dan 9.27: Wat he goin do so bad, goin mess up eryting, an make erybody jus bag, till da time dat God say goin make him stop.
Dan 11.21: “Den, goin get one guy dat erybody know he no good.
Dan 11.21: Wen erybody tink eryting stay okay fo dem, dis guy goin attack Syria.
Dan 11.24: Wen erybody tink eryting stay good, dis guy goin take ova da places
Dan 12.11: hate plenny inside da Temple, an mess up eryting an make erybody go way from dea, goin be 1,290 days.
Amo 8.8: You tink erybody dat live inside dat land Goin cry plenny?
Amo 8.10: I goin make erybody stay sore inside An wear burm bag kine cloth An shave
Amo 8.11: Goin come da time, I goin make erybody all ova da land Feel jalike dey hungry.’-”
Amo 9.5: Da Armies, Wen he touch da world, jalike da world melt, An erybody dat stay live inside da world come real sad.
Jon 3.4: He talk so erybody can hear: “Ony get forty days mo from now, God goin wipe
Jon 3.8: Erybody gotta put on burm bag kine clotheses, all da peopo an da
Jon 3.8: Erybody gotta go all out fo yell fo help to God.
Jon 3.8: Erybody gotta pau do bad kine tings!
Jon 3.8: Erybody gotta stop hurting odda peopo!
Mal 1.12: You guys make erybody tink, da food on top dat altar, no good.
Mal 2.9: I goin make erybody tink you guys pilau, an make you guys shame.
Mal 3.9: Az why erybody inside da whole nation get kahuna on top dem, cuz you guys
Mal 4.2: dat feel real scared Wen you tink bout wat kine God me, Erybody goin see fo real kine wat stay right, Jalike wen da bright
Mal 4.6: Cuz if dat no happen, Den I goin wipe out erybody inside da world!