head: Dey Make Esther Da Queen
Est 2.7: Her Persia name Esther, dat mean “Star.
Est 2.8: Da palace peopo take Esther to da King's palace an make Hegai stay in charge a her
Est 2.9: Hegai like Esther plenny, an he do plenny nice tings fo her.
Est 2.9: He move Esther an her wahines to da bestes place inside wea all da
Est 2.10: Now Esther no tell nobody bout her ohana, o dat she Jewish, cuz
Est 2.11: outside da yard nea wea da wahines stay, fo find out how Esther an wat stay happen to her.
Est 2.16: Az wen dey take Esther to King Xerxes palace.
Est 2.16: Now, wen erybody see Esther, dey like her plenny.)
Est 2.17: Da king wen like Esther mo den all da odda wahines.
Est 2.18: Den da king make one big party fo Esther, an tell all da ali`i an da leadas fo come.
Est 2.20: But Esther still yet neva tell nobody bout her ohana, o dat she
Est 2.22: But Mordecai find out bout dat, an tell Queen Esther.
Est 2.22: Den Esther tell da king bout um, an dat Mordecai da guy wen find um
head: Mordecai Aks Esther Fo Help Da Jewish Peopo
Est 4.4: Wen da wahines dat work fo Queen Esther, an her guys dat stay in charge a da wahines, go tell
Est 4.4: an her guys dat stay in charge a da wahines, go tell Esther bout Mordecai, wen bodda her plenny.
Est 4.5: Den Esther tell Hatak fo come by her.
Est 4.8: Mordecai tell Hatak, “Show dis to Esther.
Est 4.9: Hatak go back tell Esther eryting Mordecai wen tell.
Est 4.10: Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai, “All da king's leadas an
Est 4.12: Hatak tell Mordecai wat Esther wen say.
Est 4.15: Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai dis: “Go bring togedda all da
Est 4.17: So Mordecai go way an do eryting Esther tell him fo do.
head: Esther Aks Da King Fo Do Someting
Est 5.1: On da numba three day, Esther put on her queen kine clotheses an go stand outside da
Est 5.2: Wen he see Queen Esther standing inside da yard, he like see her, an he hold his
Est 5.2: So Esther go by him an touch da end a da rod.
Est 5.3: Den da king aks her, “Wat you like, Queen Esther?
Est 5.5: Da king tell his guys, “Bring Haman now, so we can do wat Esther aks.”
Est 5.5: So da king an Haman wen eat da dinna Esther wen make.”
Est 5.6: Wen dey stay drinking da wine, da king aks Esther one mo time, “Now wat you like?”
Est 5.7: Esther tell him, “Dis da ting I aksing you fo do: If da king like
Est 5.12: I da ony one Queen Esther wen aks fo come wit da king fo eat one dinna she wen make.
Est 6.14: dey come fo take Haman away quick time to da big dinna Esther wen make.
Est 7.1: So da king an Haman wen go eat wit Queen Esther.
Est 7.2: wine on da numba two day, da king aks one mo time, “Queen Esther, wat you like?
Est 7.3: Den Queen Esther tell, “O King, if you really like me, an you tink az good,
Est 7.5: King Xerxes aks Queen Esther, “Who da guy wen do dis?
Est 7.6: Queen Esther tell, “Da guy dat hate us, he dis real bad guy Haman!
Est 7.7: So Haman stay dea an beg Queen Esther fo let him stay alive.
Est 7.8: da king come back from da palace garden to da place wea Esther make da dinna.
Est 7.8: But he see Haman go down on top da couch wea Esther stay, begging her fo give him chance.
Est 8.1: hate da Jews, dat same day King Xerxes wen give Queen Esther Haman's house an land.
Est 8.1: Same time, Esther tell da king dat Mordecai her ohana, so Mordecai come in
Est 8.2: Esther put Mordecai in charge Haman's house an land.
Est 8.3: One mo time Esther talk to da king.
Est 8.4: Den da king put out his hand wit da gold rod to Esther, an den she stand up in front him.
Est 8.7: King Xerxes tell Queen Esther an Mordecai da Jew, “Cuz Haman wen go agains da Jews, my
Est 8.7: hang Haman awready, an I give his house an land to you, Esther.
Est 9.12: Da king tell Queen Esther, “Da Jews wen kill 500 guys awready inside da strong walls
Est 9.13: Esther tell, “If you tink az good, let da Jews inside Susa do da
Est 9.29: So Queen Esther, Abihail's girl, hanai girl to Mordecai da Jew, write
Est 9.31: da same time ery year, jalike Mordecai da Jew an Queen Esther tell dem an dea kids dey gotta do, jalike dey wen set up
Est 9.32: Wat Esther tell, make solid eryting bout Purim.