Mat 5.26: I telling you da trut, you gotta pay every penny you owe befo you can come out.
Mat 6.11: Give us da food we need fo every day.
Mat 6.34: Every day get nuff trouble fo dat day.
Mat 12.36: I tell you guys strait, da day every guy stand in front God da Judge, he gotta tell how come he
Mat 24.31: all da peopo dat God wen pick from all ova da world, every place dat get undaneat da sky.
Mat 26.17: Every year, get one week jus fo da Bread Dat No Mo Yeast.
Mat 26.55: Eh, I was wit you guys teaching inside da temple yard every day, an you neva bus me dat time.
Mat 27.15: Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year, Passova time.
Mrk 4.34: But every time he wen stay ony wit da guys he teaching, he tell dem
Mrk 13.11: Every time dey bus you guys, an take you in front da judge, no
Mrk 13.27: togedda all da peopo God wen pick from all ova da world, every place dat get unda da sky.
Mrk 13.34: Every guy get someting fo do.
Mrk 14.49: Eh, I was wit you guys teaching inside da temple yard every day, an you guys neva bus me dat time.
Mrk 15.6: Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year at da Passova religious time.
Luk 2.1: make all da peopo sign up fo find out how much peopo get every place.
Luk 2.23: his Rules dat Moses wen write down befo time, “Bring me every numba one boy fo make him spesho fo me.
Luk 2.41: Every year Jesus fadda an mudda wen go Jerusalem fo da Passova.
Luk 3.5: Every valley, dey goin fill um up, Every mountain an hill, dey
Luk 3.5: Every valley, dey goin fill um up, Every mountain an hill, dey goin make um flat.
Luk 4.16: Day wen come, he go inside da Jewish church, jalike he every time go.
Luk 5.17: Dey wen come from every town inside Galilee an Judea, an from Jerusalem.
Luk 9.23: Goin be hard, jalike dying on top one cross every day.”
Luk 10.1: dat he like send out two by two, so dey can go befo him, every town an place wea he goin go lata on.
Luk 11.3: Give us our food fo today an every day.
Luk 13.15: Every one a you guys hemo his cow o his donkey from da fence an
Luk 16.20: Every day his friends wen put him down by da rich guy's gate.
Luk 18.12: Two times every week, I no eat so I can pray, an I give da temple ten
Luk 19.13: He give every guy one gold coin.
Luk 19.47: From den, every day Jesus teach inside da temple yard.’
Luk 21.29: He say, “Look da fig tree an every kine tree.
Luk 21.37: Every day Jesus wen teach inside da temple yard.
Luk 22.53: Every day I wen stay inside da temple yard wit you guys, an you
Luk 23.17: [Now, every year, da Passova spesho religious time, Pilate gotta let
Jhn 19.23: Was one pile fo every army guy.”
Act 2.3: see wat look jalike small kine fire dat wen stay right ova every guy.
Act 2.6: plenny peopo come togedda, an dey was all shock, cuz every guy wen hear dem telling stuff in his own kine talk.
Act 2.38: Peter tell dem, “Every one a you guys gotta come sorry an stop doing all da bad
Act 2.46: Every day dey come togedda inside da temple yard.
Act 2.47: An every day da Boss wen bring odda peopo dat he wen take outa da
Act 3.2: Some guys carry him by da temple gate every day.
Act 5.42: Every day dey neva pau teach an tell everybody inside da temple
Act 6.1: wen squawk agains da peopo dat talk da local language, cuz every day da local peopo neva help da widows dat talk Greek get
Act 11.29: An every guy wen give um wat he can.)
Act 13.27: down, no matta dey read um inside dea Jewish churches every Rest Day.
Act 14.23: Paul an Barnabas wen pick some guys fo be da older leadas, every place wea da peopo stay come togedda fo church.
Act 15.21: long time ago, an dey read um in all da Jewish churches every Rest Day.
Act 17.11: an dey wen check out wat da Bible wen say from befo time, every day, fo find out if wat Paul wen say stay true.
Act 17.17: An, he wen go da market place every day an talk to da peopo dat stay come dea.
Act 17.27: But he no stay far from every one a us guys.
Act 18.4: Every Rest Day he talk plenny wit da Jewish peopo an da peopo
Act 19.9: dat stay tight wit Jesus wit him, an dey wen talk togedda every day inside da big room at Hale O Tyrannus.
Act 20.23: Spesho Spirit been telling me dat I goin suffa an go jail every place I go.
Rom 1.25: Can talk good bout him every time!
Rom 3.16: Every place dey go, Dey like bus up everyting, An make big
Rom 8.32: He give us every good ting to da max!
Rom 13.13: An no good bodda us every time we tink get somebody mo betta den us guys.
Rom 14.5: Get odda peopo, dey tink every day same ting, no mo diffrence.
1Co 7.2: Dass why mo betta every guy get his own wife, an every wahine get her own husban.
1Co 7.2: Dass why mo betta every guy get his own wife, an every wahine get her own husban.
1Co 7.7: But every guy get one spesho power dat God wen give um.
1Co 7.17: Dis da rule I teach all da da church peopo every place.
1Co 10.4: Jalike dat rock was dea every place dey go, Christ was dea too.
1Co 11.3: He stay in charge a every man, jalike da head stay in charge a da body.
1Co 11.12: But afta, every man born from da wahine.
1Co 14.10: Get plenny diffren kine languages hea inside da world, an every language let da peopo tell an undastan wat dey mean.
1Co 15.31: Same ting, every day I stay shua dat I risking my life!
1Co 15.38: Every diffren kine seed, wen start fo grow, goin look diffren.
1Co 16.2: Every Sunday, everybody suppose to stash some money fo dis, from
2Co 4.10: Every place we go, da way us guys suffa an get bus up, show how
2Co 4.11: Every day, us guys dat stay alive, we almos mahke cuz we Jesus
2Co 4.16: junk outside, but inside God stay making us mo strong every day.
2Co 9.7: Let every guy give how plenny money he wen tink fo give inside his
2Co 9.8: need someting, you guys goin get mo den nuff tings fo do every good ting.
2Co 11.6: tings, an everytime I wen show you guys everyting an every way.
2Co 11.28: An dis too: every day I feel da presha fo tink hard bout all da bruddas an
Eph 5.16: Every time you guys get chance fo do good kine stuff, do um.
Eph 5.33: So, every husban gotta get love an aloha fo his wife, jalike he get
Eph 5.33: an aloha fo his wife, jalike he get love fo himself, an every wife gotta show respeck fo her husban.
1Th 1.2: Every time us guys go pray, we talk to God bout all you guys, an
Tit 1.5: Go every town, an pick some older guys fo come da leadas fo da
Tit 1.11: Cuz every house dey go, dey mess up everybody dea wit da kine tings
Tit 3.1: leada guys, an do wat da rules say, an stay ready fo do every kine good ting.
Tit 3.14: Den dey goin work fo da stuff dey need every day, an dey no goin be good fo notting kine.
Phm 1.4: Brudda Filemon, every time I pray, I no foget fo tank my God fo you.
Heb 2.17: Dass why Jesus gotta come jalike his brudda an sista guys, every kine way.
Heb 3.4: Every house, you know, get somebody dat wen build um.
Heb 3.13: Do dat every day.
Heb 7.27: He no need make sacrifice every day jalike dem.
Heb 9.7: da Real, Real Spesho Room, an he can do dat ony one time every year.
Heb 9.25: But da Jewish main pries guy, every year he gotta go inside da Real, Real Spesho Place, an
Heb 10.1: No matta dose peopo go make sacrifice every year, jalike da Rules tell.
Heb 10.3: Da sacrifice dey gotta make, every year, dat ony make um rememba all da bad kine stuff dey
Heb 10.11: An one nodda ting, every day all da pries guys go an do dea work fo God.
Heb 12.7: An every fadda guy make presha fo make his kids learn stuff.
Jas 2.15: brudda o sista dat no mo clotheses an no mo food fo eat every day, an den you go tell um, “Aloha!
1Pe 3.10: Bible say, “Whoeva like live life good, An be jalike dat every day, He gotta pau say da bad kine tings, An no bulai an
2Pe 2.8: but he wen live right dea by da peopo from Sodom town, so every day he hear an see dem broke God's Rules.
3Jn 1.14: Tell every friend ova dea “Aloha.
Rev 5.9: an mahke, Fo pay da price fo bring peopo back to God, From every ohana, an language, an peopo, an country.
Rev 9.15: numba six angel guy wen let um go fo go kill one guy from every three peopo on top da earth.”
Rev 9.18: mout, dat was three big trouble dat wen kill one guy from every three peopo dat stay on top da earth.
Rev 12.4: outa da sky, an throw um down to da groun: one star from every three stars.
Rev 14.4: Every place God's Baby Sheep Guy go, dey go wit him.
Rev 16.10: An every place da Wild Animal stay king, wen come real dark.
Rev 16.21: Every piece ice weigh bout hundred pounds, an dey fall down on
Rev 21.21: Every gate was one big pearl.
Rev 22.2: Da tree give fruit every month, twelve time all togedda every year.
Rev 22.2: Da tree give fruit every month, twelve time all togedda every year.