Gen 33.13: If my guys make um go too fast, even one day, bumbye all da animals goin mahke.
Deu 16.3: Cuz you guys wen go way real fast from Egypt.
2Ki 7.7: Dey run fast fo stay alive.
Isa 8.8: Wen da armies come, Goin be jalike one big riva stay run fast thru da Judah land, Dat go all ova da land Till da watta
Isa 9.4: so dey no hit dem wit stick An poke dem so dey work mo fast.
Isa 18.2: Go fast to dat odda country far away.
Isa 30.16: But da guys dat come chase you guys, Dey get fast horse too.
Isa 33.12: jalike wen you cut down plenny thorn bush An dey burn real fast.
Isa 60.5: cuz you feel real good inside, An yoa heart goin beat mo fast.
Amo 6.12: You tink da horse can run fast on top da pali?
Mat 13.5: But dey grow up fast, cuz ony litto bit dirt dea.
Mrk 4.5: Da plants grow up fast, no matta ony litto bit dirt dea.
Mrk 6.29: So da girl wen go inside real fast by da king an tell him, “I like you give me John Da
Luk 1.39: Dat time, Mary wen get up an wen go fast to one town in da hills Judea side.
Luk 19.6: So Zaccheus come down real fast, an take him inside his house.
Luk 24.32: Our hearts was beating fast, all da time he stay talking wit us on top da road, an wen
Jhn 20.4: Us guys wen run togedda, but me, I wen run mo fast, an come to da place first.”
Act 16.10: Afta Paul see dat, we wen come ready fast fo go Macedonia side.
Act 17.14: Da bruddas wen send Paul da coast side fast, but Silas an Timoty wen stay inside Berea.
Act 17.15: dey wen go back an wen tell Silas an Timoty fo go by Paul fast.
Act 27.29: anchors from da stern an wen pray dat da day time can come fast.
Act 28.6: Da peopo wen tink he goin swell up o mahke fast.”
Rom 3.15: Dey move fast fo kill somebody.
1Co 7.5: But if you no come back togedda fast, you no goin be strong nuff fo say “No!
1Co 13.5: You no get huhu fast.
1Co 15.52: Dis all goin happen real fast, mo fast den you can blink yoa eye.
1Co 15.52: Dis all goin happen real fast, mo fast den you can blink yoa eye.
Tit 1.7: Dose guys, dey get mad fast, dey drink too much, dey like beef everytime, dey no shame
2Pe 2.1: Cuz dey ack lidat, dey goin wipe out real fast.
2Pe 3.12: So, go all out fo make dat happen mo fast.
Rev 9.9: loud, jalike plenny horses an wagons fo war going real fast fo fight one war.