Gen 18.4: a da worka guys go get litto bit watta fo wash you guys feets, an you guys can lay down an rest litto bit unda da tree.
Gen 49.33: Jacob pau tell his boys wat dey gotta do, he wen pull his feets inside da bed.
Exo 12.11: da kine clotheses you need, wit yoa slippas on top yoa feets, an hold yoa walking stick inside yoa hand.
Exo 30.19: Aaron an his boys goin wash dea hands an dea feets wit da watta from da tub.
Exo 30.21: make wit fire fo me, Yahweh, dey gotta wash dea hands an feets, so dey no mahke.
Exo 40.32: an erytime dey go nea da altar, dey wash dea hands an dea feets, jalike Yahweh wen tell Moses.
Lev 11.42: top dea stomach, o walk wit four feet, o walk wit plenny feets -- all dat kine small animal, pilau if you guys eat um.
Lev 13.12: see dat [stay / dey] go cova da skin from da head to da feets, da pries guy goin check um out.
Deu 2.5: You guys no goin even get nuff land dea fo put yoa feets on top um.
Deu 8.4: Fo all dose forty years yoa clotheses neva come ol, an yoa feets neva swell up.
Deu 11.24: Ery place wea you guys put down yoa feets goin be yoas.
Deu 28.23: goin come dry jalike da bronze metal, da groun unda yoa feets goin come real hard jalike da iron.
Deu 28.35: Dey goin go from unda yoa feets to da top a yoa head.
Deu 28.65: You no goin find one place fo rest da bottom a yoa feets.
Deu 32.35: Wen da right time come, jalike dea feets goin slip.
Deu 33.3: Dey go down in front yoa feets, An dey learn stuff from you.
Deu 33.24: trees give plenny oil, So plenny, dey even can wash dea feets wit olive oil.
Rut 3.4: go ova dea wea he stay sleep, an take da blanket off his feets, an lay down dea by his feets.
Rut 3.4: an take da blanket off his feets, an lay down dea by his feets.
Rut 3.7: real quick an no make noise, an take da blanket off Boaz feets, an lay down dea.
Rut 3.8: had one wahine, laying dea by his feets!
Rut 3.14: So Rut lay dea by Boaz feets till morning time.
1Ki 15.23: But wen Asa come ol, his feets come real sick.
2Ki 4.27: Mount Carmel, she go down fo show um respeck, an grab his feets.
2Ki 9.35: Ony her skull, her feets, an da inside part a her two hands.
2Ki 13.21: da guy come back alive one mo time, an he stand up on his feets.
Neh 9.21: wen need, Cuz dea clotheses neva come ol an broke, An dea feets neva swell up.
Neh 13.15: On da Res Day, I see da peopo smashing grape wit dea feets fo make wine, an bringing plenny wheat an putting um on
Isa 3.16: Dey wear jangly kine jewel on top dea feets an ankles.
Isa 3.18: get And throw um away, All da jangly kine jewel on top dea feets an ankles An da bands fo put aroun dea heads, An dea moon
Isa 6.2: Dey cova dea face wit two a dea wings, dea feets wit da odda two wings, an dey fly wit dea two wings.
Isa 20.2: cloth from yoa body, an take off da slippa from yoa feets.
Isa 60.14: tink you no good, Dey goin go down on top da groun by yoa feets.
Isa 63.2: Look jalike da guys dat smash da grapes wit dea feets fo make wine!’
Isa 66.1: Da earth, jalike one stool wea I put my feets on top.
Dan 2.33: Da feets, get one part iron an da odda part clay dat dey bake
Dan 2.34: Da rock fall down, hit da statue on top da iron an clay feets, an smash um up, small pieces.
Dan 2.41: You wen see dat da feets an da toes was part clay dey wen bake, an part iron.
Dan 7.4: carry um up from da groun, an make um stand on two feets jalike peopo, an make um come jalike one man inside, so he
Dan 10.6: his eyes jalike torches dat stay burning, his arms an feets shine like bronze metal afta peopo polish um.
Mal 4.3: peopo, Cuz dey goin be jalike da dirt undaneat you guys feets.
Mat 5.35: promise an say ‘by da earth,’ cuz dass God's stool fo his feets.’
Luk 3.16: I not big nuff fo help him hemo his slippas from his feets.
Act 7.49: “Da sky, dass my throne, An da earth, dass da place fo my feets.
Act 16.24: dat, he wen throw um inside da deep jail, an wen lock dea feets in da wood shackles.
Rev 1.15: His feets look jalike brass metal dat shine wen dey put um inside da
Rev 2.18: da One dat get eyes dat shine jalike one big hot fire, an feets dat look jalike brass metal dat shine: ‘Eh, I know