Act 24.27: Two years lata, Porcius Festus wen take Felix place, but Felix wen like do someting fo da
Act 25.1: Governa Festus wen come Cesarea side fo take charge, an three days lata
Act 25.3: Dey wen beg Festus fo do someting fo dem.
Act 25.4: Festus tell um, “Paul stay one prisona inside Cesarea, an I going
Act 25.6: Festus wen stay ova dea eight o ten days, an den he wen go back
Act 25.9: Festus wen like do someting fo da Jewish guys, so he wen tell
Act 25.12: Festus wen talk to his guys, an den he say, “You wen aks fo go in
Act 25.13: an Queen Bernice wen come to Cesarea fo give dea aloha to Festus.
Act 25.14: Cuz dey goin stay ova dea long time, Festus wen tell King Agrippa bout Paul.
Act 25.22: King Agrippa wen tell Festus, “I like lissen to dis guy.
Act 25.22: Festus say, “Tomorrow you goin hear him.”
Act 25.23: Festus tell da guys fo bring Paul inside, an dey wen bring him.
Act 25.24: Festus say, “King Agrippa, an all you guys dat stay hea wit us,
Act 26.24: Den Festus wen butt in an wen yell, “Paul, you stay pupule!
Act 26.25: Paul wen say, “Yoa Honor Festus, I not pupule.
Act 26.32: An Agrippa wen tell Festus, “If dis guy neva aks fo stand in front da Big King Cesar,