Exo 17.15: He call dat place “Yahweh, jalike one war flag fo me.’-”
Isa 5.26: God goin put up one flag So dat all da peopo inside da lands dat stay far can see
Isa 11.10: Dat king, goin be dea jalike one flag, so all da diffren peopos goin know he dea, so all da
Isa 11.12: He goin hold up one flag so all da peopos know wea fo come.
Isa 13.2: Put one flag up on top one hill wea no mo tree, So da odda army guys
Isa 18.3: peopo dat stay live inside da world, Wen I put up my war flag on top da mountains, You goin see um.
Isa 30.17: one pos Dat stand alone on top one mountain, Jalike one flag on top da hill.
Isa 31.9: Wen dea officer guys see Yahweh's flag fo war, Dey goin come scared an lose fight.
Isa 49.22: my hand To da peopo inside da odda countries, An put up my flag Fo all da diffren peopos know az time awready.
Isa 62.10: Hold up one flag So da diffren peopos know wea fo go!