Gen 8.1: All dat time, God neva foget bout Noah an all da wild animals an da farm animals dat
Gen 9.12: I goin do dis: I give you guys one sign, so you guys no foget dat you get deal wit me.
Gen 19.29: But God neva foget da ting Abraham aks um fo do, an he get Lot folks outa dea
Gen 27.45: brudda pau huhu, till he no like kill you no moa, an he foget da ting you do to him.
Gen 28.22: Dis rock hea, dat I put up jalike one spesho post fo no foget wat wen happen dis place, dis goin be God's house.
Gen 31.50: Cuz no foget: God know wat happen wit you an me.
Gen 31.52: Dat pile an dat pos, dey stay dea so us no goin foget dat I not suppose to go da odda side dis pile fo bus you
Gen 40.23: Da guy wen go foget all bout him!
Gen 41.30: All ova da Egypt land, peopo goin foget bout da time wen had plenny fo eat.
Gen 41.51: Joseph call um Manasseh, cuz dat sound like how fo say “foget” in Hebrew language.
Gen 41.51: Joseph tell, “God wen make me foget eryting bout da bad time I wen get, an foget all my fadda
Gen 41.51: wen make me foget eryting bout da bad time I wen get, an foget all my fadda ohana.
Gen 42.22: He tell um, “No foget, I wen tell you guys dat time, ‘No do notting fo hurt da
Exo 2.24: God hear how dey moaning, an he no foget da promise he wen make to Abraham an Isaac an Jacob.”
Exo 4.17: An no foget yoa walking stick.
head: No Foget Dis Day
Exo 13.3: Den Moses tell da peopo dis: “No foget dis day!
Exo 13.3: No foget how Yahweh wen use his powa fo get you guys outa hea.
Exo 13.9: be jalike someting you tie on top yoa forehead, fo you no foget notting.’
Exo 13.16: one sign you put on top yoa forehead, so you no goin foget how Yahweh wen use his powa fo get us guys outa Egypt.
Exo 17.14: Write dis inside one book, so nobody goin foget!
Exo 20.8: “No foget da Res Day.
Exo 20.20: An he like you guys no foget how you feel wen you stay scared a him, cuz if you scared,
Exo 25.16: inside da box, da ting I goin give you fo make shua you no foget da Deal I making wit you.
Exo 30.16: Wen dey pay dat money, da Israel peopo no goin foget dat dey wen pay um in front me, Yahweh, so den I hemo dea
Exo 31.13: So den you guys no goin foget dat was me Yahweh, dat wen make you guys spesho fo me.
Exo 34.19: “Da firs bebe dat born, no foget, dey mines.
Lev 5.15: Moses: “Maybe somebody show dat I no can trus um, cuz he foget bring da presents dat stay spesho fo me, Yahweh, but da
Lev 5.15: stay spesho fo me, Yahweh, but da guy neva tink befo he foget um dat he suppose to do um.
Lev 23.24: an make one spesho time fo come togedda so you guys no foget wat I do.
Lev 23.27: Yahweh tell Moses: “No foget, da month numba seven, da day numba ten, nine day afta da
Lev 23.43: Dass so yoa kids an grankids no foget bumbye dat I wen tell da Israel peopo fo live inside
Lev 26.42: dem cuz a da bad kine stuff dey wen do, den I no goin foget da deal I wen make wit dea ancesta guys Jacob, an Isaac,
Lev 26.42: dea ancesta guys Jacob, an Isaac, an Abraham, an I no goin foget da promise I wen make bout da land.
Lev 26.45: Cuz a dem I no goin foget da deal I wen make befo time wit dea ancesta guys.
Deu 4.43: No Foget Yahweh (8:1 - 8:20) 20.
Deu 4.43: Da Year Fo Foget Bout Wat Somebody Owe You (15:1 - 15:11) 32.
Deu 4.9: “Ony watch out dat you guys no foget da stuff you guys wen see Yahweh do!
Deu 4.9: No foget bout um all da time you guys stay alive.
Deu 4.23: Take care dat you guys no foget da deal yoa God Yahweh wen make wit you.
Deu 4.31: He no goin leave you guys, o wipe you out, o foget da deal he wen make wit yoa ancesta guys, cuz he wen make
Deu 5.15: No foget, you guys was slave guys an work real hard inside Egypt,
Deu 6.8: sign on top yoa hands an on top yoa forehead, so you no foget um.
Deu 6.12: eat dat, an feel good inside, den take care you guys no foget Yahweh.
Deu 7.18: You guys gotta rememba, an no foget, wat oua God Yahweh wen do to Pharoah an all da Egypt
head: No Foget Yahweh
Deu 8.2: No foget how oua God Yahweh wen bring you guys all da way inside da
Deu 8.11: Take care dat you guys no foget oua God Yahweh.
Deu 8.12: Cuz if you guys foget, wen you guys eat till you feel good, an build nice houses
Deu 8.14: Cuz den you guys goin get big head, an den you goin foget dat oua God Yahweh wen get you guys outa Egypt, wea you
Deu 8.18: But you guys, no foget dat oua God Yahweh, he da One dat make you strong so you
Deu 8.19: “If you guys foget oua God Yahweh, an come tight wit odda gods, do stuff fo
Deu 9.7: “Rememba an no foget, how you guys wen make oua God Yahweh come real huhu
Deu 12.19: Make shua you guys no foget fo take care da Levi ohana guys, all da time you guys live
Deu 14.27: Make shua you guys no foget da Levi ohana peopo dat stay inside yoa towns, cuz dey no
head: Da Year Fo Foget Bout Wat Somebody Owe You
Deu 15.2: Erybody gotta foget [bout] wat dey wen lend to anodda Israel guy.
Deu 15.3: aks one guy from odda place pay you back, but you gotta foget wateva yoa Israel brudda owe you.
Deu 15.9: ting, ‘Da year numba seven stay come nea, wen we gotta foget wateva somebody owe us an let um go!
Deu 16.12: No foget, you guys was slaves inside Egypt, so take care fo do all
Deu 24.9: No foget wat yoa God Yahweh wen do to Miriam afta you guys wen come
Deu 24.18: No foget dat you guys was slaves Egypt side, an yoa God Yahweh wen
Deu 24.19: you guys stay cut wheat o barley inside yoa field, an you foget take home one bunch wheat o barley, no go back get um.
Deu 24.22: No foget, you guys was slaves Egypt side.
Deu 25.17: “No foget wat da Amalek peopo wen do to you guys wen you stay come
Deu 25.19: No foget dat!
Deu 26.13: I neva mess up wat you tell me fo do, an I neva foget notting.
Deu 31.21: wat I wen see um do, fo judge dem, cuz dea kids no goin foget da song, an dey goin sing um.
Deu 32.18: You guys foget da God dat wen bring you guys inside dis world.
Deu 32.26: put dem all ova da place, An all da peopo in da world goin foget who dem.
Rut 4.10: all da ohana an all da leada guys fo Mahlon's town no goin foget who him.
1Ki 2.8: “An no foget, you get wit you dis guy Shimei, Gera boy, from da
1Ki 8.51: “So den, no foget us guys!
1Ki 16.24: He give da town da name Samaria, fo no foget da name Shemer, da guy dat own da hill befo time.
1Ki 22.28: No foget wat you wen hear!”
2Ki 11.12: He give da boy one copy a da Rules From God, so he no foget da deal wit Yahweh bumbye.
2Ki 17.38: No go foget da deal I wen make wit you, an no go show respeck fo da
2Ki 20.3: Try no foget, dat all da stuff I do, I no hide um from you.
Ezr 9.10: Cuz one mo time, we awready foget da tings you tell us we gotta do, an we go do wat we not
Neh 1.8: “No foget wat you wen tell yoa worka guy Moses.
Neh 4.5: No take away dea shame, No foget da bad kine tings dey do.
Neh 5.19: Dis how I stay pray: “My God, no foget do good tings fo me Cuz a all da good tings I stay do fo
Neh 6.14: I stay pray lidis: “My God, no foget pay back Tobiah an Sanballat, Fo da bad tings dey wen do!
Neh 6.14: No foget da wahine Noadiah dat say she talk fo God, An all da odda
Neh 10.39: “Us guys no goin foget do all dat fo da Temple Fo Oua God.
Neh 13.14: No foget dis ting I wen do cuz I stay stick wit you!
Neh 13.22: Eh my God, try no foget dis ting I wen do, an tink good bout me!
Neh 13.29: Eh my God, no foget dat kine bad peopo.
Neh 13.31: No foget me!
Isa 23.15: Dat time, erybody goin foget bout Tyre fo 70 year.
Isa 23.16: take money fo fool aroun: “You, da wahine dat erybody wen foget, So take one guitar Play nice music an sing plenny song So
Isa 26.8: we really like fo erybody know, Is wat kine God you, an no foget you.
Isa 44.21: “So den, you Jacob ohana peopo, No foget all dis stuff!
Isa 44.21: You Israel peopo, I no goin foget you guys.
Isa 49.14: Oua Boss foget bout us!”
Isa 49.15: You tink one mudda goin foget Her bebe dat stay nurse?”
Isa 49.15: No matta she foget, Me, no way I goin foget you Jerusalem guys!
Isa 49.15: No matta she foget, Me, no way I goin foget you Jerusalem guys!
Isa 51.13: How come you guys foget Dat me, Yahweh, I da One wen make you?
Isa 54.4: da wahine dat no mo her own kids, But now she get um, She foget, her was shame Befo time, wen her was young.
Isa 56.5: Peopo goin rememba dea name foeva, An nobody goin foget dea name eva.
Isa 62.6: You guys dat stay pray to Yahweh Fo no foget wat he wen promise fo do, No res o go sleep.
Isa 63.7: I goin make shua nobody foget, An tell all dat Yahweh do Cuz he stay tight wit us guys,
Isa 65.11: You foget fo pray On top da mountain dat stay spesho fo me!
Isa 65.16: Cuz now, I goin foget all da trouble Dat wen come befo time.
Amo 8.7: one dat wen make strong promise lidis: ‘Fo shua, I no goin foget Da bad kine tings da Israel peopo wen do, eva!’-”
Mal 1.8: But no foget, I Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies dat telling you dis!
Mal 3.16: down eryting on top one paypa dat stay in front him, fo no foget wat da peopo saying.
Mal 4.4: “No foget da Rules from my worka guy Moses.”
Mat 8.4: No foget make da kine sacrifice, now, jalike Moses wen tell in
Mat 15.14: Foget dem awready!”
Mat 16.5: But den dey wen foget da food.
Mat 23.23: Do dat stuff jalike you guys suppose to, an no foget da odda stuff too.
Mrk 1.44: No foget make da kine sacrifice now, jalike Moses wen tell inside
Mrk 8.14: Now, Jesus guys wen foget da bread.
Luk 1.54: He no foget fo give dem chance, Jalike he wen tell our ancesta guys,
Luk 1.72: say he goin give our ancesta guys chance, An he no goin foget da spesho deal he wen make.
Luk 5.14: No foget make da kine sacrifice now, jalike Moses wen tell inside
Luk 7.42: Foget um.
Luk 9.44: da stuff Jesus stay doing, an he wen tell his guys, “No foget wat I goin tell you now!
Luk 11.42: you do da right tings, an get love an aloha fo God, an no foget da ten percent too.
Luk 12.6: But yet God no foget one a dem.
Rom 2.1: go poin finga somebody dat he doing bad kine stuffs, no foget you doing da same kine tings jalike him.
1Co 11.3: But no foget da ting you guys awready know: Da Spesho Guy God Wen Send,
Gal 2.10: Ony one ting dey like us guys fo do: no foget fo kokua da poor peopo.
Php 4.6: An same time, no foget tell him, “Mahalo plenny!
Col 4.18: No foget, I stay inside one prison.”
1Th 1.3: We no foget da way you guys do all kine stuff cuz you trus Christ, an
1Ti 4.14: No foget fo use da power God wen give you, dat time da older leadas
Tit 3.8: God awready, you gotta tell um strait, so dey lissen an no foget.
Phm 1.4: Brudda Filemon, every time I pray, I no foget fo tank my God fo you.
Heb 2.1: tink plenny bout all da stuff we wen hear, so dat we no foget um.
Heb 6.10: God, he everytime do da right ting, so he no goin foget how plenny you guys wen work fo him, an how you guys wen
Heb 12.5: You guys wen foget awready dat God wen give you guys good kine words inside
Heb 13.2: No foget fo show aloha to peopo from odda place so dey can make
Heb 13.16: No foget fo do good tings fo odda peopo.
Jas 1.25: if you go check out real good da Rules from God, an no foget wat you wen hear, an stay do um, eh!
2Pe 1.9: bad kine stuff he wen do from befo time, but da bugga wen foget awready.
2Pe 1.12: telling you guys da same ting an make shua you guys no foget.
2Pe 1.13: An I no goin let you guys foget um.
2Pe 3.8: No foget dis one ting now.