Gen 43.30: He feel real funny kine inside, cuz he get so much aloha fo his brudda dat he
Gen 45.26: Jacob, he come all funny kine inside, cuz he no trus da ting his boys tell um.
Exo 12.5: “No mo someting wrong o funny kine wit da kine animal you guys go get.
Isa 24.7: no grow nice, Da juice from da grape fo make wine, look funny kine.
Isa 33.19: Dat no care how dey make to you guys, Dose peopo dat talk funny kine An no can undastan dem, You no goin see dem no moa.
Luk 6.6: One guy stay dea an his right hand stay funny kine.
Luk 6.8: wen know wat dey tinking, an he wen tell da guy wit da funny kine hand, “Get up an stand up ova hea in front everybody.
Jhn 11.33: who wen come wit her crying too, he come all bodda an funny kine inside.
Jhn 11.38: One mo time Jesus wen come all funny kine inside.
Jhn 12.27: Den Jesus tell, “Right now I feel all funny kine inside.
Jhn 13.21: Afta Jesus wen say dat, he come all funny kine inside.
Jhn 14.27: No let yoa heart come all funny kine inside!
Act 28.6: Dey wen wait plenny, an dey neva see notting funny kine happen.
1Co 14.8: An if da bugle make funny kine noise, how da army guys goin know wen dey suppose to
2Co 2.13: But I wen get funny kine feeling bout someting, cuz I no can find my brudda
Heb 12.12: yoa hands stay hanging down loose an yoa knees feel all funny kine!