Gen 19.31: mo even one guy us can sleep wit fo get kids, an our fadda getting too old awready.
Gen 42.21: Us getting punish cuz all da bad ting we wen do to our brudda guy
Exo 5.16: Us guys dat work fo you, we getting all bus up.
Deu 8.13: an you guys get plenny cows, sheeps, an goats, an you stay getting mo and mo silva an gold, an you get mo an mo plenny
1Ki 12.16: Us North Israel guys, we getting outa hea!
1Ki 20.16: Same time, Ben-Hadad stay inside one tent drinking an getting pilute wit da odda 32 king guys dat stay help him.
Isa 1.8: field, Jalike one big town wit army guys all aroun, Stay getting ready fo bus up da town.
Isa 15.6: Nimrim Stay all dry up, An cuz da grass fo da animals stay getting dry, No mo green tings lef dea.
Amo 7.1: God, he stay getting togedda uku paila grasshoppa, same time!
Mat 9.15: You go one wedding an hang yoa face an cry wen da guy dat getting married stay dea?”
Mat 9.15: da time goin come wen dey goin take away da guy dat getting married, an den, dat time, his friends goin skip food.
Mat 24.38: Dey was getting married an giving dea girls fo get married.
Mrk 2.19: You go one wedding an skip food, wen da guy dat getting married stay dea?”
Mrk 2.20: da time goin come wen dey goin take away da guy dat getting married.
Mrk 5.2: Wen Jesus was getting outa da boat, one guy dat get one bad kine spirit dat wen
Luk 5.34: make da guys at one wedding skip food wen dea friend dat getting married stay dea wit dem?”
Luk 21.34: No good you guys come all jam up wit too much partying, getting drunk, an worry bout all kine stuff.
1Co 15.29: mahke guys no goin come back alive fo shua, how come dey getting baptize fo da mahke guys?
1Pe 1.9: Cuz you guys stay getting da main ting you guys trus God fo: he hemo da bad kine