Gen 31.15: wen sell us, an all da money dat suppose to be fo us all gone awready.
Gen 42.36: Simeon, gone awready.
Exo 15.12: hand, An jalike da eart wen swallow dose guys, An dey gone awready!
Isa 6.7: wen touch yoa mout, All da bad tings you wen do, stay gone awready.
Isa 16.14: All da odda Moab peopo, gone awready!
Isa 22.4: My peopo, dey jalike one wahine, Gone awready, eryting dey get.
Isa 24.8: Da noise from da party guys, all gone.
Isa 27.10: Da peopo, all gone awready.
Isa 34.12: Wea No Mo King Cuz No Mo Notting,” Cuz all da ali`i guys, gone awready.
Isa 35.10: But all dat gone awready!
Isa 37.13: Dey all gone!
Isa 57.13: Jalike ony one guy goin breathe, An dey gone!
Jon 4.9: You tink dass good you stay huhu cuz da plant gone awrede?”
Mrk 7.29: Da bad kine spirit gone awready from yoa girl!
Heb 8.13: you know, wateva stay coming old an no good, dat litto mo gone awready.’-”