Gen 4.13: Yahweh, “Da way you stay punish me, mo plenny den I can handle!
Gen 21.16: sit down ova dea da odda side, cuz she tinking, “I no can handle fo see my boy die!
Gen 26.16: plenny powa an mo plenny stuffs den us guys, an we no can handle.
head: Wen No Mo Food, Joseph Can Handle
Gen 43.31: face an go back by da brudda guys, an now he cool an can handle.
Exo 17.2: How come you guys checking out Yahweh, fo see if he can handle dis problem?
Exo 17.7: wen make grumble dea an check out Yahweh fo see if he can handle.
Exo 18.18: Yoa job, too much fo you handle.
Exo 18.21: Same time, from all da peopo, go find an pick guys dat can handle dis job, da kine dat stay scared weneva dey stay in front
Exo 18.23: you do dat, an God stay tell you wat fo do, den you goin handle eryting okay.
Exo 18.25: Moses pick da guys dat can handle dat kine job, from all da Israel peopo.
head: Da Peopo No Can Handle Fo God Talk To Dem
Exo 33.5: So wen da peopo hear dis ting God tell um, dey no can handle, an dey come real sore inside, jalike wen somebody mahke.
1Ki 19.4: He tell Yahweh, “I no can handle no moa!
1Ki 19.7: Cuz fo go wea you gotta go, goin be mo den you can handle.
2Ki 19.3: Us no can handle!
Isa 36.4: Why you tink you can handle da army guys?
Isa 37.29: An I hear how big head you stay Cuz you tink az easy fo handle me, I, Yahweh, goin make you my prisona Fo do wateva I
Isa 64.9: Eh Yahweh, no stay mo huhu wit us guys, Mo den us can handle!
Isa 64.12: You still goin make us guys get presha Mo den we can handle, o wat?
Isa 66.2: Da kine guys dat get plenny trouble An no can handle, An dey stay all bus up inside, An stay scared an shaking
Jon 1.5: stuffs from da boat fo make um not so heavy, so mo easy fo handle.
Mal 3.2: Da messenja guy goin come, An you tink you can handle wen he come?
Mal 3.10: down fo you guys plenny good tings, Too plenny fo you guys handle!
Mat 11.14: You tink you guys can handle dat?
Mat 11.28: guys dat stay tired from working hard, an stay trying fo handle all da heavy kine stuff dat da Rules say, come!
Mat 17.20: No goin get notting dat you guys no can handle.
Mat 19.11: But Jesus say, “Everybody no can handle dis, ony da guys God help fo do um, dey can handle.”
Mat 19.11: no can handle dis, ony da guys God help fo do um, dey can handle.”
Mat 19.12: Whoeva can handle dis, let him do um.
Mat 20.22: Dey say, “Yeah, we can handle.
Mat 24.10: get plenny guys dat goin stop trussing me, cuz dey no can handle wat stay happening.
Mat 24.13: But whoeva can handle an hang in dea till all dis pau, dey da ones dat goin come
Mat 25.15: nodda guy one bag money, cuz he know how much each guy can handle.
Mat 25.19: He wen go check out how da worka guys wen handle all his money.
Mat 26.31: Jesus tell um, “All you guys goin bum out cuz you no can handle da shame fo wat goin happen to me tonite.
Mrk 10.38: You tink you can handle da big trouble I goin get?
Mrk 10.39: Dey say, “Shua, us guys can handle.
Mrk 10.39: um, “Fo shua you guys goin suffa jalike me, an you goin handle all da trouble I goin get.”
Mrk 14.27: Jesus tell um, “All you guys goin bum out cuz you no can handle da shame fo wat goin happen to me.
Jhn 16.12: mo stuff fo tell you guys, but dass mo den you guys can handle right now.
Act 27.15: Da storm wen grab da boat, an dey no can handle da boat in da wind, so den we wen give up, an da wind wen
Rom 15.1: we gotta kokua da peopo dat no stay strong nuff inside fo handle all da stuff dat happen.
Rom 15.2: fo our bruddas an sistas, so dey goin come mo strong fo handle, an stay good inside too.
1Co 1.23: Da Jewish peopo, wen dey hear dat, dey no can handle, cuz dey tink God's Spesho Guy no goin mahke eva.
1Co 6.1: betta you go in front da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, fo handle yoa beef!
1Co 6.3: So den, gotta be you guys can handle fo judge da small kine stuff inside dis world.
1Co 7.7: He give some peopo da power fo handle if dey marry, an odda peopo da power fo handle if dey no
1Co 7.7: da power fo handle if dey marry, an odda peopo da power fo handle if dey no marry.
1Co 7.9: But, if you no can handle, den mo betta get married.
1Co 7.37: But if get one guy who know wat he like, an he can handle, an wait, an he stay make up his mind fo no get married,
1Co 10.13: goin let you guys get so plenny presha dat you guys no can handle.
1Co 10.13: He goin make you guys strong fo handle, an no fall down.
1Co 12.31: Now, you guys go all out so you guys can handle da mos importan stuff God give you.
1Co 13.4: Wen you get love an aloha, you can handle all kine pilikia an hang in dea long time.
1Co 15.50: Peopo wit body dat goin come rotten, dey no can handle da good kine stuff dat no goin come rotten eva.
2Co 1.6: you guys good kine words too, so den you guys know you can handle da whole ting.
2Co 1.8: We had plenny presha, mo plenny den we can handle, dat we even wen give up an tink we goin mahke.
2Co 2.16: Who stay big nuff fo handle all dat?
2Co 4.8: We get plenny presha from all ova, but we still can handle.
2Co 4.16: Dass why us guys still can handle an no bum out.
2Co 6.4: We can handle, no matta dey give us trouble, you know.
2Co 10.6: start fo do everyting Christ say, we goin stay ready fo handle anybody dat still yet do wat Christ say no do.
2Co 11.29: If get somebody dat feel jalike he no can handle, den I feel da same ting too.
2Co 11.30: big, den I goin talk big bout da stuff dat show I no can handle.
2Co 11.33: Dat time, I no can handle fo shua!
2Co 12.5: Ony da kine stuff I no can handle, I goin talk big bout dat.
2Co 12.9: My power mo strong inside you wen you no can handle trouble yoa own self.
2Co 12.9: I goin talk big even moa, cuz get plenny stuff I no can handle.
2Co 12.10: I still feel good inside, wen I no can handle, an wen dey try make me shame, an wen I get hard time, an
2Co 12.10: Wen I no can handle, den I get da power fo come mo strong an den I can handle,
2Co 12.10: handle, den I get da power fo come mo strong an den I can handle, cuz a him.
Php 1.15: But dey do dat cuz dey no can handle if da odda guy numba one, plus, dey like make argue an win
Php 3.10: Wen I suffa cuz I Christ's guy, I like handle um jalike him.
Php 3.10: I like come jalike Christ, so wen I go mahke, I goin handle um jalike him.
Php 4.12: I wen learn da secret, how fo handle anyting everytime.
Php 4.13: I strong nuff fo handle any kine, cuz I stay tight wit Christ, an he give me da
Col 1.11: from God's awesome kine power, dat goin make you guys handle any kine, an hang in dea long time.
Col 2.23: But all dat kine stuff, no can help nobody fo handle wen dey like do any kine jus cuz dey peopo.
1Ti 3.4: He handle his own ohana real good.
1Ti 3.5: (Cuz you know, if get one guy dat donno how fo handle his own ohana, how he goin take care God's church peopo?
1Ti 3.12: Dey gotta handle dea kids an dea own ohana da right way.
2Ti 3.6: do choke bad kine stuff, an dat bodda dem, but dey no can handle.
2Ti 3.10: God, how I hang in dea, how I get love an aloha, an how I handle da presha.
2Ti 3.11: I wen handle all kine presha, you know, an da Boss, he wen take me outa
Heb 4.15: Guy, Jesus, he undastan how us guys not strong an no can handle da bad kine stuff.
Heb 5.12: You guys jalike babies dat need milk, cuz you guys no can handle da solid stuff still yet.
Heb 5.14: An wat dat mean, “handle da solid stuff”?
Heb 8.8: God wen get plenny hard time wit da peopo, cuz dey no can handle.
Heb 12.20: Dey no can handle, dass why.