Est 4.5: Den Esther tell Hatak fo come by her.
Est 4.5: She tell Hatak fo find out wat stay bodda Mordecai, an why he stay ack
Est 4.6: So Hatak go out by Mordecai wea he stay in da open place inside da
Est 4.7: Den Mordecai tell Hatak eryting dat wen happen to him, an how plenny money Haman
Est 4.8: Mordecai give Hatak one copy wea dey write down wat King Xerxes inside Susa
Est 4.8: Mordecai tell Hatak, “Show dis to Esther.
Est 4.9: Hatak go back tell Esther eryting Mordecai wen tell.
Est 4.10: Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai, “All da king's leadas an palace peopo an
Est 4.12: Hatak tell Mordecai wat Esther wen say.
Est 4.13: Mordecai tell Hatak fo tell her, “No tink dat jus cuz you stay inside da
Est 4.15: Den Esther tell Hatak fo tell Mordecai dis: “Go bring togedda all da Jewish