Gen 19.28: Da ony ting he can see is smoke coming up from all ova da land, jalike da thick
Gen 47.18: Da ony ting us guys can do now, boss, is fo make deal fo come yoa slaves, an let you take ova da
Exo 24.17: Da ony ting dey can see is one fire on top a da mountain dat look jalike stay burning
Exo 40.37: Da ony time dey move camp is wen da cloud go up.
Lev 25.16: bit fo um, cuz da ony ting dey sell you fo real kine, is how plenny years you can cut da food from dat land.
Deu 10.21: Good translation of “He is your praise” He yoa God dat do all dose awesome an scary
Deu 18.2: Wat dey goin get, is da right fo be da pries guys fo Yahweh, jalike he wen make
Deu 18.10: No tink da tings you see is da kine sign fo you tell peopo wat goin happen.
1Ki 22.14: alive, I stay shua too bout da only ting I goin tell him, is wat Yahweh tell me!
Isa 26.8: Da ting we really like fo erybody know, Is wat kine God you, an no foget you.
Isa 27.4: Now, da ony ting I like fight Is da thorns an stickas Dat come up inside da grape farm.
Isa 28.24: You tink da ony ting dey do, Is broke up da dirt an make row fo plant?
Isa 50.11: Da ony ting you guys goin get from me, Is dis: bumbye wen you guys lay down, You goin suffa plenny!
Isa 59.7: Da ony ting dey tink bout, Is how fo do bad kine stuff.
Mrk 2.7: Who dis guy tink he is fo talk lidat!
Rom 8.2: Da odda ting is dat if you stick wit da bad kine stuff, you goin cut
1Co 10.15: So go check um out yoaself, wat I telling you is da trut.
1Co 15.45: But da last Adam kine guy is Christ.
2Co 13.9: Wat we aks God fo do, is fo help you guys come mo an mo betta everytime.
Tit 1.10: But da mo worse one is, da guys who say everybody gotta make jalike da Jewish