2Ki 18.24: You all jam up!
Ezr 4.22: No good us guys let um take ova an jam up eryting fo me, da King!
Neh 4.15: find out dat us guys know wat dey was goin do, an dat God jam up dea plan awready.
Isa 44.20: His own head all jam up An make um tink da wrong way.’
Amo 3.8: Da Talka Tell How Da Samaria Peopo Stay Jam Up “Stand up on top da palace roof, Ashdod town, An da
Amo 3.9: town, An check out all da stuff inside dat town dass all jam up, Da way dose guys all ack mean to each odda!
Amo 6.5: You guys pick up da guitar fo jam An make new kine songs -- An you tinking, ‘I can make da
head: Da Pries Guys, All Jam Up
Mat 16.23: You ony trying fo jam me up.”
Mat 22.29: Jesus tell um, “Eh, you guys all jam up, you know.
Mrk 12.24: Jesus tell um, “You guys all jam up, you know.
Luk 21.34: No good you guys come all jam up wit too much partying, getting drunk, an worry bout all
Rom 7.23: jalike get one diffren kine rule inside me dat everytime jam me up.
Rom 14.15: No go jam up da odda guy, jus fo eat wat you like.
1Co 1.8: Dat way you guys no goin jam up, an nobody can poin finga at you guys.
1Co 3.19: “Da smart guys, dey sly buggas, But God take wat dey do an jam um up!
1Co 6.7: Jam up, if you guys take each odda in front da judge.
1Co 6.18: All da odda bad kine stuff anybody do, no jam up dea body.
1Co 7.35: I no like jam up you guys.
1Co 8.13: go eat dat stuff, an dat make my Christian brudda o sista jam up, mo betta I no goin eat dat kine meat, eva!
1Co 8.13: Cuz I no like dem come all jam up inside.
1Co 9.12: Mo betta we take any kine, fo no jam up you guys.
1Co 10.32: No go jam up nobody -- da Jewish peopo, o da peopo dat not Jewish, o
1Co 14.33: Cuz God, he no make us jam up everybody.
2Co 12.20: odda guy, you guys get big head, an everyting goin be all jam up.
Gal 1.7: Dey ony stay jam up you guys.
Gal 3.1: You guys from Galatia, yoa head all jam up!
Eph 4.27: An no let da Devil get one chance fo jam you guys up.
1Th 5.19: No go jam up wat God's Good an Spesho Spirit like do.”
1Ti 1.6: But some a dem guys, dea tinking get jam up.
1Ti 6.21: dey know everyting bout how fo trus God, but dey all jam up how dey trus God.
2Ti 2.14: Ony jam up da peopo dat lissen.
2Ti 2.22: No be like da younga guys, da way dey jam up cuz dey like do any kine stuff.
2Ti 4.14: Da bugga wen jam me up bad!
Heb 12.1: dat make us run slow, you know, da bad kine stuff dat jam us all up.
Rev 3.17: You guys donno still yet dat you all jam up!”