Gen 4.14: I gotta jus go one place inside dis world to anodda, an anybody dat meet me, bumbye dey like kill me!
Gen 4.15: Cuz I promise, anybody goin kill you, I goin kill seven a dea guys fo pay um
Gen 4.15: one spesho mark on top Cain's body fo show he kapu, so if anybody meet Cain, dey know dey not suppose to kill um.
Gen 4.24: Yahweh wen tell, anybody dat kill Cain, Yahweh goin kill seven a dea guys fo pay
Gen 4.24: Kay den, anybody go kill me, Lamek, God goin kill seventy-seven a dem!
Gen 9.5: An fo you guys too, anybody dat go make you guys bleed an mahke, eh!
Gen 9.5: An anybody dat go kill one guy o one wahine, I da Judge, an I goin
Gen 19.12: Yoa wife, yoa boys, yoa daughtas, son-in-law guys, anybody else you get inside dis town - get um outa dis place!
Gen 26.11: Den Abimelek tell all his peopo, “Anybody touch dis guy o his wife, dey mahke!
Exo 12.15: Cuz from day numba one to day numba seven, anybody dat eat stuff wit yeast inside dat time, dey no mo da
Exo 12.19: Cuz anybody eat stuff dat get yeast inside dat time, dey no mo da
Exo 12.48: But anybody dat neva cut skin, no can eat da sacrifice meat.
Exo 19.12: Anybody touch da mountain, dey gotta mahke, cuz az ony fo God dat
Exo 19.13: Anybody go dea, all da peopo going throw rocks fo kill um, o shoot
Exo 20.7: Cuz I Yahweh, an anybody use my name fo go do any kine stuff, no way I goin let dem
Exo 21.12: Anybody hit one guy, an da guy mahke, da one dat wen kill um gotta
Exo 21.15: Anybody bus up dea fadda guy o dea mudda guy, gotta kill um.
Exo 21.16: Anybody kidnap one guy, gotta kill um.
Exo 21.17: Anybody like make kahuna to dea fadda guy o dea mudda guy, gotta
Exo 22.19: Anybody go make sex wit one animal, gotta kill um.
Exo 22.20: Anybody go make sacrifice to one nodda god dass not Yahweh, gotta
Exo 24.14: Get Aaron an Hur wit you guys fo stay in charge, so anybody dat need fo talk to one judge can go by dem.
Exo 30.33: Anybody go make da same kine oil outa da same kine stuffs, o
Exo 30.33: go make da same kine oil outa da same kine stuffs, o anybody go put um on top some guy dat not one pries, gotta cut dem
Exo 30.38: Anybody go make da same kine incense, jus so dey can smell um,
Exo 31.14: Anybody dat no mo respeck fo da Res Day, gotta mahke.
Exo 31.14: Anybody go work dat day, you guys gotta cut um off from da Israel
Exo 31.15: Anybody go work da Res Day, gotta mahke.
Exo 32.24: So, I tell um, ‘Anybody get gold kine stuff, take um off!
Exo 33.7: Anybody dat like aks God bout someting, dey go ova dea outside da
Exo 33.16: Cuz ony get one way dat anybody goin find out dat you like me an yoa peopo.”
Exo 34.7: Still yet, if anybody need punish, I punish um.
Exo 35.2: Anybody dat work dat day, gotta kill um.
Exo 36.6: No need anybody stay bring mo gifs fo da Spesho Tent now!
Lev 7.1: “Dis da rules fo make sacrifice fo anybody dat get da blame fo do bad ting to somebody.
Lev 7.5: Az da kine sacrifice fo wen anybody get blame fo do bad ting to somebody.
Lev 7.27: Anybody eat any kine blood, you gotta cut dem off from dea peopo.
Lev 7.29: Yahweh tell Moses, fo tell da Israel peopo dis: “Anybody bring one sacrifice fo me, Yahweh, fo show dat me an him
Lev 11.24: Anybody touch dea mahke body, no can come in front me till da sun
Lev 11.36: But anybody touch da animal body, dey no can come in front me.
Lev 11.39: “If one a da animals dat you guys can eat go mahke, anybody touch da mahke body no can come in front me till da sun go
Lev 11.40: Anybody go eat some a da meat from da mahke body, dey gotta go
Lev 11.40: Anybody pick up da mahke body gotta wash dea clotheses too, an dey
Lev 13.2: Yahweh tell Moses an Aaron dis: “Anybody get one place on top dea skin dat stay swell, o one place
Lev 13.9: Anybody get one sick on top da skin dat dey can give to anodda
Lev 13.11: stay swell get raw skin, az one sick inside da skin dat anybody can catch, an no goin come good bumbye.
Lev 13.45: Anybody get dat kine sick odda guys can catch, dey gotta broke da
Lev 14.46: Anybody go inside da house all da time da house stay shut up, dey
Lev 14.47: An anybody sleep o eat inside da house, dey gotta wash dea clotheses.
Lev 15.5: Anybody dat touch da guy bed, dey gotta wash dea clotheses, an
Lev 15.6: Anybody dat sit on top da same ting dat guy wit da stuff coming
Lev 15.7: Anybody touch da guy skin gotta wash dea clotheses, an bafe wit
Lev 15.11: Anybody da guy wit da stuff coming out wen touch befo he wash his
Lev 15.21: Anybody touch her bed gotta wash dea clotheses, an bafe wit watta,
Lev 15.22: An anybody touch anyting she sit down on top gotta wash dea
Lev 16.29: An no can work, anybody dat wen born one Jew, o anybody from odda place dat stay
Lev 16.29: An no can work, anybody dat wen born one Jew, o anybody from odda place dat stay with you guys.
Lev 18.5: Anybody dat do wat my rules tell, dey goin stay alive an get life
Lev 18.29: Anybody do any a dese pilau kine tings, you gotta cut dem off so
Lev 19.7: If day numba three, anybody eat um, az pilau, an I no goin take da sacrifice.
Lev 19.16: “No go aroun an make bulai story bout anybody wit yoa peopo.
Lev 20.9: “If anybody [put kahuna on top / talk stink bout] dea fadda o mudda
Lev 21.18: mo nobody dat get someting wrong wit dem can come nea -- anybody dat no can see, o dat no can walk good, o dat get his face
Lev 22.3: um dis: Fo da pries guys dat stay alive now an bumbye, if anybody from dea ohana no can come in front me, an yet dey come
Lev 22.5: dat make um so no can come in front me, o if dey touch anybody dat make um so no can come in front me, no matta wat make
Lev 22.21: Wen anybody bring one a da cows o da sheeps fo make da kine sacrifice
Lev 23.29: Anybody eat food dat day, you gotta cut dem off so dey not yoa
Lev 23.30: I goin wipe out from dea peopo anybody dat do work dat day.
Lev 27.8: If anybody dat stay make one strong promise, but dey ony get litto
Deu 4.32: No mo notting dat awesome eva happen dat anybody wen hear bout!
Deu 4.33: No mo anybody eva hear God talking from inside da fire jalike you guys
Deu 5.11: Cuz I yoa God Yahweh, an anybody use my name lidat, fo go do wase time kine stuff, no way I
Deu 5.14: guy o wahine, yoa cow, yoa donkey, all yoa odda animals, anybody from odda place dat stay by you, so yoa worka guys an
Deu 6.13: Wen you make strong promise fo anybody, tell ony him fo punish you if you no do um.
Deu 18.12: Anybody go make lidat, az pilau, da way Yahweh see um.
Deu 18.19: Anybody no like lissen wat my talka guy tell cuz he my guy, I goin
Deu 18.20: But anybody dat tell he stay talk fo me, but tell dem stuff dat I neva
Deu 20.5: “Den da main army officers goin tell da army guys, ‘Anybody hea jus wen build one house, an no make party fo start
Deu 20.6: Get anybody hea dat jus wen plant one grape farm, an no cut da grapes
Deu 20.7: Get anybody hea dat wen make promise to one wahine dat he goin marry
Deu 20.8: Den da army leadas goin tell da army guys dis too, ‘Anybody hea dat stay lose fight an donno how fo make up his mind,
Deu 21.18: one guy get one boy dat stay hard head an no like do wat anybody tell um fo do, an no lissen to his fadda an mudda, an no
Deu 21.20: leadas, ‘Dis boy, our boy, he hard head an no like do wat anybody tell um fo do.
Deu 27.15: Israel peopo in one loud an high voice: ‘God goin punish anybody dat make one idol kine god, no matta he make um wit wood
Deu 27.16: Den da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat no mo respeck fo dea fadda an mudda!’
Deu 27.17: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat move one stone dat show wea anodda guy's land stay!’
Deu 27.18: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat make one guy dat no can see, go da wrong way on top da
Deu 27.20: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat sleep wit his fadda's wife, cuz he goin make shame fo
Deu 27.21: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat make sex wit one animal!’
Deu 27.24: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat kill one guy an nobody know he kill um!’
Deu 27.25: Da Levi guys goin tell: ‘God goin punish anybody dat take money unda da table fo kill somebody dat neva do
Rut 3.14: She get up early, befo get light, befo anybody can see who her.”
Rut 4.7: proof dat one deal stay for real, dey wen do um lidis: Wen anybody use da right fo buy someting, dey take off dea slippa an
1Ki 8.38: But anybody dat pray to you, O beg you fo help dem From all da Israel
1Ki 13.33: He still go make anybody from any kine place come pries guys fo da sacrifice places
1Ki 13.33: Anybody dat like come one pries, Jeroboam make um come pries fo da
1Ki 14.11: Anybody from da Jeroboam ohana dat mahke inside da towns, da dogs
1Ki 16.4: Anybody from yoa ohana mahke inside one town, da dogs goin eat um.
2Ki 9.32: Jehu look up da window, an tell, “Get anybody up dea on my side, o wat?
2Ki 10.19: Anybody no come, dey no goin live no moa.
2Ki 11.8: Anybody come wea you guys stay line up, kill um.
2Ki 11.15: Kill anybody dat like go wit her wit yoa swords!”
2Ki 14.6: Anybody do bad kine stuff, dey da ony one gotta mahke.
Ezr 6.11: Anybody go change dis an no do how I tell um, you guys gotta pull
Ezr 7.26: Anybody dat no like do wat da Rules from yoa God tell, o da rules
Ezr 10.8: Dey tell erybody, “Day afta tomorrow, anybody dat no show up hea, da govmen guys an da older leadas goin
Neh 9.10: Cuz you know, Dey ack jalike dey betta den anybody An make any kine to oua ancesta guys.
Isa 2.11: Anybody dat get real high nose, Dey goin come shame.
Isa 2.11: Anybody stay real high makamaka, Dey goin come notting.
Isa 2.17: Anybody stay get real high nose, Dey goin come notting.
Isa 2.17: Anybody stay real high makamaka, Dey goin come shame.
Isa 5.30: If anybody go look da land, Dey goin see dat eryting stay dark An
Isa 7.24: Anybody go dea, dey goin take bow an arrow fo hunt, cuz ony get
Isa 24.18: Anybody run away from some scary kine noise, Dey goin fall down
Isa 24.18: Anybody climb outa da deep hole, Somebody goin catch dem in da
Isa 28.16: An da stone, mean dis: ‘Anybody dat trus him, no need worry.
Isa 35.8: But anybody dat go dat way, Even da ones dat donno da road, Dey no
Isa 45.9: fo anybody dat make argue Wit da One dat wen make dem!
Isa 52.14: An his face, no goin look like anybody.
Isa 58.6: “But dis da way I say gotta be, Wen you guys skip food: Anybody dat stay in jail Cuz da judge, judge um wrong way, Get um
Isa 58.6: Anybody gotta carry heavy load Jalike one yoke fo cows fo pull one
Isa 58.6: Anybody stay suffa cuz dey get plenny presha, Let um go an no make
Isa 59.5: But anybody go lissen dat kine peopo, Jalike dey eat da poison snake
Isa 59.8: Anybody go dea way, Dey no goin find out how fo live wit aloha.
Isa 59.14: Anybody like tell Bout wass right an wass wrong, Dey make um stay
Isa 59.14: Anybody like tell da truth, Dey goin fall down on top da street.
Isa 59.14: Anybody like do wass right, Dey no can even come inside oua town.
Dan 4.16: Make him, So he no can tink like anybody!
Dan 4.37: Anybody live his way, dey goin do da right ting too.
Amo 5.10: “But you Israel peopo, You hate anybody dat tell da judge Dat you guys do wass not right.
Amo 5.10: Anybody dat talk strait in front da judge, You guys make to dem
Amo 6.8: Dey dea Israel ohana mo betta den anybody!
Amo 6.12: Wen get anybody dat stay do da right ting, You guys make shua dey no can,
Amo 9.1: Anybody stay alive still yet, I goin kill um wit da sword.
Mal 3.8: Yahweh tell, “You guys tink anybody can steal from God, o wat?
Mal 4.1: Fo all da peopo dat ack jalike dey mo betta den anybody, An fo all da peopo dat stay do bad kine stuff -- Da time
Mat 5.38: “You guys wen hear wat God wen say: ‘If anybody pull out yoa eye, pull out his eye.
Mat 5.38: If anybody broke yoa teet, broke his teet.
Mat 5.39: If anybody slap yoa head one side, mo betta let um slap da odda side
Mat 5.40: If anybody take you in front da judge so dey can get yoa shirt, let
Mat 9.6: But, easy fo talk bout hemo da shame -- anybody can talk dat kine.
Mat 9.6: anybody can talk dat kine.
Mat 10.40: Anybody take you guys in an make friends wit you guys, same guys,
Mat 10.40: Anybody take me in an make friends wit me, same guys, dey goin
Mat 15.13: dat my Fadda in da sky neva plant, an he goin pull out anybody dat try make lidat.”
Mrk 2.10: But, easy fo talk bout throwing out da shame -- anybody can talk lidat.
Mrk 2.10: anybody can talk lidat.
Mrk 8.38: Anybody dat stay shame a me an da tings I say, kay den, wen I come
Mrk 9.3: His clotheses wen come shiny white -- mo white den anybody in da world can wash um.
Mrk 9.39: Jesus wen tell um, “No try make um stop, cuz anybody who do da kine awesome stuff an say, ‘I get Jesus power fo
Mrk 9.41: An I like tell you guys dis too: Anybody give you guys water fo drink cuz you my guys an I da
Luk 4.6: power an awesome stuff, dass mines, an I can give um to anybody I like.’-”
Luk 5.24: But, easy fo talk bout hemo da shame -- anybody can talk dat kine.
Luk 5.24: anybody can talk dat kine.
Luk 20.18: Anybody dat trip an fall down on top dat stone, dat stone goin
Jhn 3.31: from up dea wea God stay inside da sky, he mo importan den anybody.
Jhn 5.21: Same ting, me, cuz I his Boy, I can make anybody I like come back fo live again.
Jhn 6.35: Anybody come by me fo be my guy, dey no goin come hungry eva!
Jhn 6.35: Anybody trus me, dey no goin come thirsty eva!
Jhn 6.50: But dis kine bread from me, dat come down from da sky, anybody can eat dis bread.
Jhn 6.51: Anybody take dis bread, dey goin live to da max foeva.
Jhn 7.17: If anybody like do wat God like um fo do, dey goin know if da stuff I
Jhn 9.22: Cuz dem guys wen awready talk togedda, an say, “If anybody say dat Jesus da Christ, da Spesho Guy from God, we goin
Jhn 10.9: If anybody trus me, God goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dey stay
Jhn 10.29: He get mo power den anybody.
Jhn 11.57: But da main pries guys an da Pharisee guys wen tell dat if anybody know wea Jesus stay, dey gotta tell dem, so dey can send
Jhn 19.12: If anybody make himself one king, he agains King Cesar.
Act 3.23: Moses wen say dis too: ‘Anybody dat no like lissen to dat Guy dat talk fo God, God goin
Act 25.16: I wen tell um dat da Rome peopo no hand ova anybody befo he stand in front da judge, an den dey can poin finga
Rom 1.20: Dis wat I mean: From befo time wen God wen make da world, anybody dat try fo undastan da stuffs God wen make, dey can figga
Rom 1.32: Dey know dis too: if get anybody dat no make like wat God say, fo shua he goin mahke.
Rom 3.28: So dis wat we figga: Anybody can get um right wit God wen dey trus him, not wen dey ony
Rom 13.2: If get anybody dat make lidat, dey goin get it from God da Judge.
Rom 14.18: Anybody dat stay make like how I stay telling you, cuz dey da ones
1Co 1.31: So den, jalike da Bible wen say befo time: “Anybody like talk big, mo betta dey ony talk big bout da Boss, an
1Co 3.17: If anybody mess up God's temple wea he stay, watch out, brah!
1Co 6.18: All da odda bad kine stuff anybody do, no jam up dea body.
1Co 6.18: But anybody dat go fool aroun, dey do bad kine stuff dat hurt dea own
1Co 8.1: know plenny, dat ony goin make dem tink dey mo smart den anybody.
1Co 8.3: But if anybody get love an aloha fo God, God know dem, an dass wass
1Co 11.16: But if anybody like argue bout dis, dey gotta figga lidis: all us leada
1Co 11.27: Dat mean, anybody dat go eat da bread an drink outa da cup fo rememba da
1Co 11.29: But anybody eat o drink an dey tinking, “No mo diffrence, you know,
1Co 11.34: But if anybody stay hungry, mo betta dey stay home eat.
1Co 14.7: o da guitar o wateva, if dey no can change da note, how anybody goin figga wat song dey playing?
1Co 14.37: Anybody figga dey one talka fo God, o day stay tight wit da
1Co 14.38: Anybody no lissen to dat, den you guys, no lissen to dem.
1Co 16.22: Anybody who no mo love an aloha fo da Boss, dey goin get punish fo
2Co 6.3: Us guys no like make anybody any kine, so nobody can talk stink bout da tings we do fo
2Co 10.5: dey do fo make demself mo importan, an fo stand agains anybody dat like know God, we goin teach um fo tink diffren kine,
2Co 10.6: fo do everyting Christ say, we goin stay ready fo handle anybody dat still yet do wat Christ say no do.
2Co 10.18: Anybody talk good bout demself, dat no goin make da Boss say, “Dis
2Co 12.21: Dey like make any kine to anybody an no mo shame.
Gal 5.19: like do jus cuz dey peopo stay clear: dey like fool aroun anybody, even anodda guy's wife o husban, an do any kine pilau
Eph 3.8: unreal an awesome kine stuffs bout Christ, mo plenny den anybody can figga.
Eph 5.5: You guys gotta know dis fo shua: Anybody go fool aroun, o do da kine stuff dat make um so dey no
Php 2.29: You guys gotta figga, anybody dat do wat Epafroditus wen do, gotta show um plenny
Php 4.7: Dat goin be mo betta den anybody can figga.”
1Th 2.6: peopo tink dat we da greates -- not even you guys, not anybody else!
2Th 3.3: you guys come mo strong an solid inside, an no goin let anybody hurt you.
2Th 3.10: we wen stay wit you guys, we wen tell you dis ova an ova: “Anybody no work, dey no goin eat!
1Ti 5.20: Anybody dat still yet stay doing bad kine stuff, tell um wat dey
1Ti 6.3: If get anybody dat teach diffren kine stuff, an no like take da solid
2Ti 2.4: Anybody in da army, dey no do all da regula kine stuff da odda
2Ti 2.19: An da odda side say, “Anybody who say, ‘I da Boss's guy,’ Dey gotta stop doing everyting
2Ti 2.21: So, dass jalike if anybody go clean up da pilau kine stuff inside dea heart, dey goin
2Ti 4.2: Wen anybody do bad kine stuff, tell um how come was bad, an tell um
Tit 1.6: Anybody dat one leada, dey gotta be real strait, so dat nobody can
Tit 3.2: Tell dem, no talk stink bout anybody, o beef.
Heb 5.13: Anybody dat donno wat God say bout doing da right tings, dey
Heb 13.4: aroun behind da odda's back, an everybody dat fool aroun anybody dey not married to.
Jas 2.10: Dis wat I mean: Anybody dat do everyting God tell his peopo dey gotta do, but ony
Jas 3.16: Anybody dat no like odda peopo be mo betta den dem, o get mo betta
Jas 5.13: Anybody ova dea by you guys get trouble?
Jas 5.13: Anybody feel good inside?
Jas 5.14: Anybody sick?
1Pe 2.6: Anybody dat goin trus him plenny, Dey no need worry notting.
1Pe 3.15: Everytime stay ready fo tell anybody dat stay aksing you how come you know everyting goin come
1Pe 4.11: If anybody teach, he gotta teach da same ting jalike God say.
1Pe 4.11: If anybody help anodda guy, he gotta help um wit da power dat God
1Jn 2.10: inside da light, an no mo notting inside dem dat goin make anybody do bad kine stuff.
1Jn 2.15: If anybody get love fo dis world, den dey no mo love fo da Fadda.
1Jn 2.21: You guys know dat if anybody bulai, dass cuz dey no like you fo know wass true, yeah?
1Jn 2.22: Anybody dat say dat Jesus not da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, dey da
1Jn 4.1: My good friends, no go trus jus anybody dat say dey get God's Spirit, but check um out fo see if
Rev 3.20: Anybody hear my voice, an open da door, I goin go inside his
Rev 7.12: You mo strong den anybody!
Rev 11.5: Dass how da guys goin wipe out anybody dat go agains dem.
Rev 13.15: An anybody dat no like go down an pray to da statue, dey goin kill
Rev 13.17: So dat anybody who no mo da Wild Animal's name o da numba dat tell wat
Rev 22.18: If anybody add someting, God goin give him all da big troubles God
Rev 22.19: An if anybody take away stuff dat God tell from dis book, God goin take