Exo 22.25: “If you lend money to my peopo, da ones dat no mo notting dat live dea
Deu 15.2: Erybody gotta foget [bout] wat dey wen lend to anodda Israel guy.
Deu 24.10: “Wen you lend someting to one Israel guy, no go inside his house fo get
Neh 5.10: Me an my bruddas, and da guys dat work fo me, we all stay lend money an wheat to da odda guys too.
Neh 5.11: Give um back how much mo you wen charge fo lend um money an wheat an wine an olive oil.
Isa 24.2: Da guy dat buy stuff an da guy dat sell stuff, Da guy dat lend stuff an da guy dat borrow, Da loan shark guys an da guys
Isa 24.2: da guy dat borrow, Da loan shark guys an da guys dey wen lend um.
Luk 6.34: If you guys ony lend someting to da peopo you tink goin give um back, you tink
Luk 6.34: Even da bad kine peopo lend stuff to da bad kine peopo, if dey tink dey goin get um
Luk 6.35: aloha fo da peopo dat stay agains you, an do um good, an lend um stuff, an no tink if you goin get um back!
Luk 7.41: “Had two guys dat wen owe some money to one guy dat lend money.
Luk 11.5: go one friend's house at midnite an tell um, ‘My friend, lend me three loaf bread, cuz my odda friend stay going on one