Gen 27.45: No good I lose you two boys, same time!
Gen 31.38: Yoa girl kine sheeps an goats, dey neva lose even one bebe.
Gen 31.39: I pay fo um, so you neva lose notting.
Gen 43.14: Me, if I gotta lose my boy, den I gotta lose um, an dass it!
Gen 43.14: Me, if I gotta lose my boy, den I gotta lose um, an dass it!
Gen 49.11: “Judah get plenny grape farm, So he no lose notting if he tie his donkey to one grape plant, An da
Gen 49.24: But Joseph, his bow neva lose fight An his hand stay strong fo move quick, Cuz da Strong
Exo 15.15: Dat time, da main guys from Edom, Dey lose fight, no can do notting.
Exo 21.19: Da guy ony need pay fo da work time da odda guy wen lose, an pay fo make um come okay too.
Exo 21.22: dat stay fighting, an dey push one hapai wahine, an she lose da bebe but da wahine no mahke, da guy dat wen do um gotta
Exo 22.9: donkey, o one sheep, o one clothes, o someting da guy wen lose), an one guy say, “Eh!
Exo 23.26: Da wahines inside yoa land, dey no goin lose dea kids befo dey born o afta.
Exo 23.28: I goin make da peopo jalike dey lose fight befo you get dea.
Exo 32.18: fo wen you win da war, An az not da kine song fo wen you lose da war.
Lev 6.3: him, o he scam da odda guy, o he find someting da guy wen lose an he bulai bout um, o he make strong promise an bulai, o
Lev 6.4: wateva he wen steal o scam o bulai bout, o da ting da guy lose an he find um, o wateva he wen make promise but he bulai.
Deu 1.21: No lose fight.
Deu 1.28: Oua bruddas dat wen go look da land make us lose fight.
Deu 7.20: An anodda ting -- Oua God Yahweh goin make dem come lose fight, till even da peopo dat stay dea still yet and stay
Deu 20.3: No lose fight.
Deu 20.8: goin tell da army guys dis too, ‘Anybody hea dat stay lose fight an donno how fo make up his mind, he can go home,
Deu 20.8: his mind, he can go home, cuz bumbye his brudda guys goin lose fight jalike him.
Deu 22.3: you find yoa brudda's donkey, o his clotheses, o wateva he lose.
Deu 28.15: bad kine stuff goin come on top you guys an make you guys lose fight.
Deu 28.65: plenny, yoa eyes goin come tired from waiting, an you goin lose fight inside yoa heart.
Deu 31.8: No lose fight!
1Ki 20.25: you gotta put togedda one nodda army jalike da one you wen lose.
1Ki 20.42: An you goin lose yoa own peopo, cuz you let him go back to his peopo!
2Ki 14.10: No good you make lidat an lose da war, cuz den you goin mahke, you an da Judah peopo too!
2Ki 16.18: door fo da king go inside da Temple Fo Yahweh, so he no lose face wit da Assyria king.
2Ki 19.26: Dey lose fight an come shame.
Ezr 4.4: peopos dat not Jews dat live aroun dea make da Judah peopo lose fight, an try fo make um real scared so dey no go work.
Ezr 8.29: go check how much dey weigh fo make shua you neva lose notting.
Ezr 8.34: wen count eryting an weigh eryting fo make shua us guys no lose notting.
Neh 5.3: An if we no can pay um back, den we lose eryting.
Neh 5.4: own peopo so we can pay da tax fo da Babylon King, an we lose eryting if we no can pay um back.
Neh 6.9: bout us, “Da Jewish peopo goin come too weak, an dey goin lose fight an no finish build da wall.”
Neh 6.13: someting bad cuz a dat, an den dey can use dat fo make me lose face an fo make me shame.
Est 6.13: tell him, “You know, cuz Mordecai one Jew, az why you lose out awready!
Isa 5.15: Ery one a dose peopo goin lose face an come notting, No matta dey big head an high nose.
Isa 7.4: Inside yoa heart, no lose fight!
Isa 8.9: Den you goin lose fight cuz you scared.’-”
Isa 8.9: But you goin lose fight cuz you scared.
Isa 8.9: But you goin lose fight again, cuz you scared.
Isa 9.1: Befo time, God wen make da peopo Zebulun an Naftali side lose face.
Isa 13.7: Cuz a dis, all da Babylon peopo goin come weak An lose fight.
Isa 13.8: Dey stay real scared an lose fight.
Isa 14.10: Now you guys lose yoa powa!
Isa 14.31: [Da army guys / Dey all] stay togedda, Dey no even lose one army guy.
Isa 19.3: Da peopo inside Egypt goin lose fight.
Isa 20.5: da Sudan peopo an talk big bout da Egypt peopo, dey goin lose fight an come shame too.
Isa 23.9: peopo dat get big head, An make erybody in da world lose face Dat wen get respeck befo time.
Isa 30.31: Yahweh start fo yell, He goin make da Assyria army guys lose fight.
Isa 31.9: guys see Yahweh's flag fo war, Dey goin come scared an lose fight.
Isa 37.27: Dey lose fight an come shame.
Isa 38.10: Fo real, God set me up Fo lose da res a my life?
Isa 41.11: erybody dat go agains you guys, Dey goin come shame an lose face fo shua.
Isa 42.4: He no goin hold back o lose fight, Cuz he goin make shua da peopo all ova da world
Isa 51.7: No lose fight if dey talk any kine to you guys!
Isa 61.3: So dea spirit no feel like dey lose fight no moa.
Isa 64.6: We all lose fight, jalike one dry up leaf.
Isa 64.7: You make us lose fight, So da bad kine stuff we do, take ova us.
Dan 9.7: today, even mo den befo time, us guys get plenny shame an lose face cuz a wat us wen do.
Dan 11.20: get respeck fo da king, an afta two-three year, he goin lose powa.
Jon 1.7: Dey wen pull straw, an Jonah, he da one wen lose.
Mat 25.29: da guy who no mo notting, even da litto bit he get, goin lose um.’
Luk 5.37: You goin lose da wine, an da skin too.
Luk 15.8: If one wahine get ten silva coins, an she lose one, wat she goin do?
Luk 17.33: Whoeva try hang on to his life goin lose um.
Luk 19.26: dey goin get mo plenny, but whoeva no mo notting, dey goin lose even da litto bit dey get.
Luk 21.18: You guys no goin lose even one hair from yoa head!
Jhn 12.25: Whoeva like hang on to dea life, dey goin lose um.
Jhn 18.9: befo come true, “Fadda, Da guys you wen give me, I neva lose dem, not even one guy.
Act 27.9: We wen lose plenny time, an da Spesho Day Fo Pray An No Eat wen come
Act 27.10: We goin lose da boat an all da stuffs, an all us too.
Act 27.21: If you guys wen lissen, we neva get all dis trouble an lose all da stuffs.
Act 27.22: We ony goin lose da boat.
Act 27.34: You guys no goin lose even one hair from yoa head.
Rom 11.12: Da Israel peopo, dey wen lose everyting, an cuz a dat, all da peopo dat not Jews wen
1Co 15.55: an “Da Devil dat like make us guys mahke, He wen lose awready!
Php 3.8: I wen lose everyting cuz I his guy, you know.
Heb 10.38: But if dey come scared an lose fight, I no goin stay good inside bout dem.
Heb 10.39: Us guys not da kine peopo dat stay scared an lose fight.
Heb 12.3: tink bout Jesus lidat, den you guys no goin get tired an lose fight.
2Jn 1.8: Watch out dat you guys no lose da stuff you guys wen work hard fo.
Jud 1.3: An you guys gotta fight fo no lose all dat.