Gen 4.5: So Cain come plenny huhu, an look mad.
Gen 4.6: How come you make mad face?
Exo 32.12: No stay mad.’
Exo 32.22: No get mad bout dis.”
Exo 34.6: I slow fo get mad.
Lev 26.15: no like da tings I tell you gotta do, an if you guys get mad wen I make diffren to da good peopo an da bad peopo, an so
Lev 26.28: no lissen me, but stay nuha wit me, den I goin get real mad wit you guys.
Deu 9.18: bad kine da way Yahweh see um, an dat make him come real mad wit you guys.
Deu 29.23: wen Yahweh wen bus up Admah an Zeboiim towns cuz he real mad wit dem.
Deu 32.16: You guys make him come real mad Cuz you like da pilau idol kine gods.
1Ki 14.9: You make me come mad and walk away from me.
1Ki 15.30: an cuz Jeroboam make Yahweh, da God fo da Israel peopo, mad.
1Ki 20.43: Den da Israel king come real mad an his face hang.
1Ki 21.4: He look real mad, cuz Nabot da Jezreel guy tell um, “I no goin sell um to
1Ki 21.5: You get mad face, an you no eat notting!
1Ki 22.53: He make Yahweh, da God fo da Israel peopo, real mad, cuz Ahaziah ack jalike his fadda Ahab.
2Ki 23.19: aroun Samaria, an dey know Yahweh no like dat, an make um mad, Josiah get rid a dem an make um so no can use da place fo
Neh 4.1: dat us guys stay building da wall one mo time, he get real mad, an he make fun a us Jews.
Est 1.12: Den da king come huhu an real mad agains her.
Isa 51.13: real scared ery day, Cuz you tink bout da peopo dat stay mad An give you guys hard time, Cuz dey huhu wit you guys, An
Isa 51.13: But wat dey goin do cuz dey mad?
Isa 54.8: I wen get real mad, Jalike one flash flood, Cuz I no like wat you guys stay
Isa 65.5: Me, Yahweh, dat kine peopo make me mad, Jalike smoke inside my nose, Jalike one fire dat stay
Dan 3.19: Meshak, an Abednego, an his face come red cuz he real mad.
Dan 8.7: I see da goat go afta da sheep, an he come mo an mo mad.
Dan 9.16: So I aks you fo pau stay huhu agains us guys, an no stay mad no moa.
Amo 6.8: Me, I so mad wit dem Israel guys!
Jon 1.7: fo us if we can find out who da guy dat wen make one god mad, an make dis bad ting come to us guys.
Mat 26.65: Priest guy wen rip his own clothes cuz he wen come real mad, fo show dat he tink Jesus wen talk stink bout God.
Mat 27.18: know dat da leada guys wen give Jesus to him cuz dey so mad at Jesus, cuz everybody lissen to him, not dem.
Mrk 15.10: dat da main pries guys wen give Jesus to him cuz dey so mad at Jesus, cuz everybody lissen to him an not dem.”
Luk 13.28: Den you guys goin cry an grind yoa teet cuz you so mad an futless.’
Act 7.54: dey come wild, an dey grind dea teet at Stephen cuz dey mad.
1Co 3.3: Wen somebody do someting mo betta den you, you get mad, an you like argue wit each odda an bus up each odda!
2Co 2.7: So now, let um go an no stay mad at um.
2Co 2.10: If you guys no stay mad fo wat da guy wen do, an let um go, den I not mad, an I
2Co 2.10: no stay mad fo wat da guy wen do, an let um go, den I not mad, an I let um go too.
2Co 2.10: Me, I no need stay mad at da guy.
2Co 12.13: So no stay mad at me if dass wrong.
1Ti 2.8: gotta be good an spesho fo God, an no make argue o stay mad at da odda guy.
Tit 1.7: Dose guys, dey get mad fast, dey drink too much, dey like beef everytime, dey no