Gen 16.2: Maybe dat way I get one boy from her, an start one ohana fo you.
Gen 27.12: Maybe if my fadda touch me, bumbye he tink I no mo respeck fo
Gen 32.8: cuz he tinking, “If Esau come da one side an bus um up, maybe da guys dat stay da odda side can run away.
Gen 32.20: Jacob tinking, “I goin send present befo I get dea, den maybe dat make um, he not so plenny huhu wit me wen I see um.
Gen 32.20: Maybe he let me go.”
Gen 42.4: Jacob neva let him go wit da oddas, cuz he tinking, “Maybe someting bad goin happen to him.”
Gen 44.28: One a dem no stay no moa wit me, maybe da wild animals wen rip um up.’
Exo 13.17: Cuz God tinking, “Wen dese peopo get war, maybe dey goin change dea mind an go back Egypt side.
Exo 28.38: Dass cuz maybe bumbye, da Israel peopo no do someting da right way, wen
Exo 32.30: Maybe I can do someting so he go let you guys go fo da bad ting
Lev 5.2: Maybe somebody touch someting dat make dem so dey no can come in
Lev 5.15: Yahweh tell Moses: “Maybe somebody show dat I no can trus um, cuz he foget bring da
Lev 13.2: place dat stay itchy, o one place dat shine o stay red, maybe da kine goin come sick an odda guys can catch um.
Deu 22.13: “Wen one guy marry one wife, an afta dey sleep togedda, maybe he start fo no like her.
Deu 7.17: Maybe you guys goin start fo tink lidis, ‘How us can do dis?
Deu 13.2: dat one awesome miracle goin happen fo show God's powa, an maybe wat dey wen tell, happen fo real.
Deu 13.12: Maybe you goin hear, dat inside one a da towns dat yoa God
Deu 17.2: one a da towns dat yoa God Yahweh goin give you guys, maybe goin get one guy o one wahine dat live dea wit you guys,
Deu 18.21: Maybe you guys goin tink, ‘How us guys can know if one guy tell
head: “Wen one guy marry one wife, an afta dey sleep togedda, maybe he start fo no like her.
Deu 30.1: all ova da earth fo make you live wit diffren peopos, den maybe you guys goin tink real good ova dea bout wat God wen tell
Deu 32.27: But bodda me plenny, dat maybe Da peopo dat stay agains da Israel peopo Goin talk stink
Rut 2.2: Maybe get somebody dat make nice to me an let me do dat, cuz
1Ki 8.46: peopo An make dem prisnas An take um away to dea land, O maybe nea yoa land, o maybe far way.
1Ki 8.46: An take um away to dea land, O maybe nea yoa land, o maybe far way.
1Ki 18.5: Maybe can find some grass fo da horse an mule so dey stay alive
1Ki 18.13: Maybe nobody tell you, boss, wat I wen do befo time, da time
1Ki 18.27: Maybe he stay tink real hard bout someting, o maybe he stay
1Ki 18.27: Maybe he stay tink real hard bout someting, o maybe he stay inside da lua, o he go holoholo.
1Ki 18.27: Maybe he stay sleep, an gotta wait till he wake up!
1Ki 20.31: Maybe he let you live.
2Ki 2.16: Maybe da Spirit from Yahweh wen pick him up, an put him down on
2Ki 7.13: Maybe dey not goin mahke!’-”
2Ki 7.13: An maybe da guys we send get wipe out, jalike all da odda Israel
2Ki 19.4: Maybe yoa God Yahweh hear eryting da territorial govna guy from
2Ki 19.4: Maybe Yahweh goin punish him cuz a wat he wen tell.
Neh 6.16: da countries aroun us guys come scared, an start fo tink maybe us mo strong den dem.
Est 4.14: Nobody know dis fo shua, but maybe az why you wen come inside da king's ohana, jus fo dis one
Isa 37.4: Maybe yoa God Yahweh wen hear wat da territorial govna guy say,
Isa 37.4: Da tings dat yoa God Yahweh wen hear dat guy tell, maybe God goin show proof dat dey wrong.
Isa 47.12: Maybe da magic an da kahuna goin come out okay.
Isa 47.12: Maybe you goin make somebody come mo scared.
Dan 4.27: Den maybe you can stay king long time.
Amo 3.12: Da sheep farma guy ony bring back litto bit fo show, Maybe two leg bone, o one small piece from da ear.
Amo 5.15: Den, maybe Yahweh, da God Fo All Da Armies, Bumbye give chance to da
Jon 1.6: Den maybe yoa god goin tink fo help us guys, so we no wipe out!
Jon 3.9: He no take da kine tings us guys stay doing, but maybe he goin show pity an change his mind so us guys no goin
Mal 1.9: But now, beg me fo make good to you guys, an maybe I give you guys chance, no matta you bring dat pilau kine
Mal 1.9: How come you tinking, ‘Maybe Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, goin do good kine tings
Mrk 14.35: mo down, an go down on top da groun an tell God, “If can, maybe I no gotta suffa all dat bad kine stuff!
Luk 23.8: Herod tink maybe Jesus goin do someting awesome so he can see um.
Act 23.9: Maybe one spirit o one angel guy wen talk to him.
Rom 1.13: I like you guys know dis: Plenny times I tink, “Maybe az now da time fo me fo go by da Rome peopo!
Rom 5.7: If get one guy dat everytime get good heart, maybe bumbye somebody go mahke fo help dat kine guy.
Rom 14.22: goin be good inside, cuz same time you no goin tink dat maybe you doing someting wrong.
2Co 5.13: Maybe you guys tink dat we talking lolo kine.
2Co 12.20: I scared dat wen I come ova dea, maybe I goin see dat you guys no stay how I like.
2Co 12.20: An maybe you guys goin see dat I no stay how you guys like.