1Co 9.24: Everybody run, but ony one guy win da first place medal.
Php 3.12: Mo like I go all out, cuz I like da medal fo come mines.
Php 3.13: I know dat da medal not mines yet.
Php 3.14: An you know wat kine medal I goin get fo dat?
Php 4.1: me feel jalike I wen win da race awready, an you guys my medal!
1Th 2.19: Wat goin be jalike our medal fo show dat we da winnas?
2Ti 4.8: ony get one ting I stay waiting fo get -- dass da spesho medal fo da winna, dat da Boss goin give to all da peopo dat do
2Ti 4.8: Wen da right time come, he goin give me da spesho medal fo da winna.
2Ti 4.8: really like him fo come back, he goin give dem dea spesho medal too.