Gen 30.1: Stay blow her mind, cuz her sista get kids an her no mo.
Gen 40.13: Three days from now, da Pharaoh guy goin make up his mind dat you okay an no need stay inside da prison.
Exo 13.17: “Wen dese peopo get war, maybe dey goin change dea mind an go back Egypt side.
Exo 14.5: Den da Pharaoh guy an all da palace peopo change dea mind bout da Israel peopo.
Exo 32.12: Change yoa mind an no do bad tings to yoa peopo.
Exo 32.14: So Yahweh change his mind bout da bad tings he wen plan fo do to his peopo, da
Deu 20.8: hea dat stay lose fight an donno how fo make up his mind, he can go home, cuz bumbye his brudda guys goin lose
Rut 1.18: So, wen Na`omi undastan dat Rut no goin change her mind, an she going wit her, Na`omi stop talking.
Rut 3.10: Dat wen blow Boaz mind.
1Ki 8.47: Dey goin change dea mind An beg you fo give um chance, Ova dea inside da land Fo da
1Ki 10.5: Wen blow her mind wen she see all dis.
1Ki 18.21: He tell, “You guys gotta make up yoa mind right now, one way o da odda way!
2Ki 18.32: So, make up yoa mind wat you like!
2Ki 24.1: But afta three year, Jehoiakim change his mind, an go fight agains Nebukadnezzar.
Ezr 7.10: God like Ezra plenny, cuz Ezra erytime make up his mind fo study da Rules dat Yahweh wen give da peopo, an do
Neh 9.10: do awesome kine tings fo show who you, Tings dat blow oua mind, Fo hurt Pharaoh an all his helpa guys An all da odda
Neh 9.17: “But you, you one God dat no mind let peopo go Fo da bad kine tings dey do.
Est 7.7: But Haman know awready, da king make up his mind wat he goin do.
Isa 9.10: Az why dey talk lidis: “Da bricks all fall down, But neva mind, we goin build um up again wit cut stone block.
Isa 9.10: Da army guys cut down da sycamore trees, But neva mind, we goin plant cedar trees dea Wea da sycamore wen grow.
Isa 10.23: Cuz Yahweh make up his mind awready Fo wipe out da peopo.
Isa 11.3: goin ony look, o lissen how peopo talk, An den make up his mind.
Isa 11.4: Wen dis judge make up his mind, He goin do da right ting fo da peopo all ova da world Dat
Isa 20.3: fo three year, az jalike one sign fo [blow da peopo mind, bout / show da peopo] wat goin happen to da Egypt peopo
Isa 28.22: Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, tell me: He make up his mind awready Fo wipe out all da Israel peopo Inside da land!
Isa 31.2: Wen Yahweh tell someting, He no need change his mind bumbye.
Isa 52.4: was da Assyria peopo wen give my peopo hard time, Neva mind dey no have da right fo do dat.”
Dan 1.8: But Daniel, he make up his mind dat he no goin eat da kine food an wine da king like him
Dan 2.9: an trick me, cuz you tink dat bumbye I goin change my mind.
Dan 4.17: “‘Us angel watcha guys tell Wat God make up his mind fo do.
Dan 11.17: Da Syria king goin make up his mind fo go south side wit all da powa he get cuz he da king.
Dan 11.28: But he make up his mind fo mess up da spesho deal God wen make wit his Jewish
Amo 2.9: “Neva mind was me dat wen wipe out da Amor peopo So you Israel peopo
Amo 7.3: “So Yahweh, he change his mind bout da grasshoppas.
Amo 7.6: “So my boss Yahweh, he change his mind bout da fire.
Jon 3.9: Nobody know if God goin change his mind bumbye.
Jon 3.9: guys stay doing, but maybe he goin show pity an change his mind so us guys no goin wipe out bumbye!
Jon 3.10: how dey ack an pau do bad kine tings, he wen change his mind bout doing bad tings to dem, da way he wen say befo time
Jon 4.1: Wen bodda Jonah plenny, cuz God wen change his mind.
Jon 4.2: Dass why you change yoa mind an no punish da bad kine stuff peopo do.
Mat 16.24: his guys, “Whoeva like stick wit me, dey gotta make up dea mind dat dey no goin be dea own boss no moa.
Mrk 1.38: But he say, “Neva mind!
Mrk 8.34: He say, “Whoeva like stick wit me, gotta make up dea mind, dat dey no goin be dea own boss no moa.”
Luk 9.23: all dem, “Whoeva like stick wit me, dey gotta make up dea mind dat dey no goin be dea own boss no moa.
Luk 9.51: stay near wen Jesus going up to da sky, an he make up his mind fo go Jerusalem.
Jhn 3.7: Eh, no let um blow yoa mind, jus cuz I tell you, ‘You guys gotta born again God's new
Jhn 9.30: Dis blow my mind!”
Act 7.31: Wen Moses wen see dat, wen blow his mind.
Act 8.13: stuff dat show da power he get, an wen blow Simon's mind.
Act 13.12: cuz wat da guys wen teach bout da Boss Up Dea wen blow his mind.”
Act 28.6: So dey wen change dea mind an say, “Eh!
Rom 11.29: he no goin change his mind.
Rom 14.22: wat I mean: wen you an God go make um strait inside yoa mind how you goin trus him, dat dis kine food okay fo you fo
1Co 7.37: he like, an he can handle, an wait, an he stay make up his mind fo no get married, dass okay too.
2Co 1.17: Wen I wen tink fo come by you guys, you guys tink I change mind everytime?
2Co 6.6: We no mind wait fo our bruddas.
Gal 1.6: You guys blow my mind!
Eph 5.6: Neva mind dem!
1Th 5.4: wen dat day come an da Boss come back, no goin blow yoa mind jalike if one steala guy was sneaking up on you guys.
1Ti 6.5: everytime make argue wit da kine guys dat get pilau kine mind.
2Ti 1.15: an Hermogenes, an odda guys too from Asia, wen change dea mind an bag from me.
2Ti 2.25: Den God can make dem change dea mind, an make dem so dey can know da trut.
Heb 7.21: I make dis promise, An I no goin change my mind.
Jas 1.6: No ack like you no can make up yoa mind.
Jas 1.8: He everytime no can make up his mind da way he tinking bout doing tings.
2Pe 1.12: Neva mind you guys awready know um, an you guys stay solid awready,
2Pe 2.1: goin say dat dey no need lissen to God, dea owna, neva mind he wen pay high price fo dem.
2Pe 2.20: But if peopo change dea mind, an get all tie up inside da pilau stuff jalike befo time,
2Pe 2.21: if you know da right way fo live, an den you change yoa mind, an no do da good an spesho tings God wen tell you fo do.
2Pe 3.9: He no mind hang in dea an wait fo peopo, az why.
1Jn 3.13: peopo inside dis world hate you guys, no let dat blow yoa mind.
Rev 17.6: Wen I wen spock da wahine, wen blow my mind.
Rev 17.7: Da angel messenja guy tell me, “Eh, how come dat blow yoa mind?