Gen 27.36: dat sound kinda like ‘take ova,’ so now, he take ova wass mines two times awready!”
Gen 30.3: Az how I goin start anodda ohana dass mines, from her.
Gen 31.43: Eryting you see, mines.
Gen 37.7: da odda wheat plants you guys wen tie, make circle around mines, an go down in front my wheat fo show um respeck!
Gen 38.26: He tell, “Yeah, dass mines.”
Gen 44.2: An you know da spesho silva cup fo wine dass mines?
Exo 13.2: da animals -- da firs one dat come out from da mudda, dey mines.
Exo 19.5: An you guys know dis awready: da whole world, dass mines.
Exo 22.9: Dass mines!
Exo 34.19: “Da firs bebe dat born, no foget, dey mines.
Exo 34.19: Wen da firs bebe come from one a yoa animals, dey mines, no matta wat kine dem, cows o sheeps o goats.
Exo 34.20: fo pay me fo da firs boy dat come from yoa wife, cuz he mines too.
Lev 20.26: I wen make you guys diffren den da odda peopos, fo come mines.
Lev 25.23: guys no can sell da land to somebody foeva, cuz da land az mines, an you guys stay live on top my land ony short time.
1Ki 3.22: Da bebe dat stay alive, az mines!”
1Ki 3.26: But da odda wahine tell, “Mo betta da boy no goin be mines an no goin be yoas.
1Ki 11.13: wen work fo me, an I awready pick Jerusalem town fo be mines.
1Ki 20.3: Dis wat Ben-Hadad tell: ‘Yoa silva an yoa gold, dey mines now.
1Ki 20.3: An yoa bestes wifes an kids, dey mines now.
2Ki 21.14: I no goin take care da peopo dat suppose to stay mines, da ones dat still yet stay alive.
Isa 19.25: peopo dat I wen make, an to da Israel peopo dat goin be mines foeva!
Isa 43.1: I call you by yoa own name, An you mines.
Amo 9.12: odda part a da Edom land An all da odda countries dat was mines befo time.
Mal 3.17: da time come fo me make dem my spesho peopo, dey goin come mines.
Mat 5.11: suffa, an dey talk any kine bout you guys, cuz you guys mines, but dey bulai.’
Mat 20.23: side an by my left side bumbye wen I come King, dass not mines fo say.”
Mrk 10.40: side an by my left side bumbye wen I come King, dass not mines fo say.”
Luk 4.6: da Devil tell him, “All dis power an awesome stuff, dass mines, an I can give um to anybody I like.’-”
Luk 19.22: I take wat not mines, an I cut da crop dat I neva plant.
Jhn 16.15: Everyting my Fadda get, dass mines too.
Jhn 17.10: An everyting you get, dass mines.
Act 15.17: can look fo da Boss, An all da peopo dat not Jews dat stay mines, Dey can look fo me too.
Act 18.10: Plenny peopo from dis town, dey stay mines.
Php 3.12: Mo like I go all out, cuz I like da medal fo come mines.
Php 3.13: I know dat da medal not mines yet.
1Pe 2.9: You, da peopo God say, “Dey mines.