Exo 2.2: She see dat da bebe good looking, so she hide um fo three months.
1Ki 11.16: an all da odda Israel army guys stay inside Edom fo six months, till all da Edom guys wen mahke.
Mrk 6.37: Dey say, “We gotta work eight months fo make da money fo buy nuff bread fo feed all dese peopo!
Luk 1.24: Afta dat his wife Elizabet wen come hapai, an fo five months she wen stay hide inside da house.
Luk 1.26: Afta six months God wen send da angel messenja Gabriel to one town Galilee
Luk 1.36: Peopo say she no can born babies, but she six months hapai awready.
Luk 1.56: Mary wen stay dea wit Elizabet three months, an den she wen go home.
Jhn 4.35: You guys say, ‘Get four months moa, den da crop stay ready fo cut.
Act 7.20: Three months dey wen hide Moses an take care him inside his fadda's
Act 19.8: Fo three months he not scared fo tell da Good Stuff Bout Jesus.
Act 20.3: He wen stay ova dea three months.
Act 28.11: Afta three months we wen sail on top one boat dat wen stay by Malta Island
Gal 4.10: suppose to do fo da spesho religious days, an weeks, an months, an years?
Heb 11.23: Dass why, afta he wen born, dey wen hide him fo three months, cuz dey see dat he one spesho baby.
Rev 9.5: no mo da power fo kill dem, but ony fo make um suffa five months.
Rev 9.10: Dea tail get power fo make plenny peopo suffa fo five months.
Rev 11.2: (Dass 42 months, o 1,260 days, you know.