Gen 44.32: I yoa slave guy, but I wen make promise to my fadda, dat I myself da guy goin take care fo bring back da boy.
Gen 50.5: You gotta bury me inside da place I wen make ready fo myself, inside da Canaan land.
Deu 1.9: you guys, az too hard fo me stay in charge all you guys by myself.
Deu 1.12: But I no can take care all you guys problems all by myself, an wit all da stuff you guys worry bout, an da stuff you
Isa 14.14: I goin make myself come importan Jalike Da God Dass Mo Importan Den All Da
Isa 38.13: I wait an make myself stay quiet inside Till morning time.
Isa 42.14: I stay quiet an no let myself talk.
Isa 43.21: I wen make dose peopo fo myself So dey can tell story Bout da good tings I stay do.
Isa 44.24: Ony myself, I wen spread out da world.
Isa 60.21: I do all dat myself So peopo goin see dat I awesome.
Isa 65.5: No come nea me, stay ova dea, Cuz I wen make myself spesho fo my gods, An you no stay spesho fo my gods!
Dan 10.8: So I stay dea by myself, da guys run away, an I da ony one dat see dis importan
Luk 10.40: tell, “Boss, you no care dat my sista wen leave me all by myself fo do everyting?
Luk 12.19: Den I goin tell myself, ‘Eh, fo shua I one lucky guy!
Jhn 5.19: An I tell you guys dis: I no can do notting by myself.
Jhn 5.30: “I no can do notting by myself.
Jhn 5.31: “If I da ony guy telling bout myself, dat not proof nuff dat wat I say stay true.
Jhn 7.28: I neva come hea by myself, fo do wat I like.
Jhn 8.14: Jesus tell dem, “No matta I talk fo myself, wat I say stay true.
Jhn 8.16: one guy good o bad, I wen tell da trut, cuz I no do um by myself.
Jhn 8.18: I tell bout myself, an my Fadda who wen send me hea, he tell da same ting
Jhn 8.28: goin know dat I da Spesho Guy, an dat I no do notting by myself.)
Jhn 8.29: He no leave me by myself.
Jhn 8.42: I neva come by myself, but God wen send me hea.”
Jhn 10.15: I give myself fo mahke fo my sheeps.
Jhn 10.17: “Dis why my Fadda get love an aloha fo me: cuz I goin give myself fo mahke so I can come back alive again.
Jhn 10.18: Nobody goin make me go mahke, I like do um by myself.
Jhn 10.18: I get power fo give myself fo mahke, an fo come back alive.
Jhn 12.49: Cuz I neva talk by myself, but my Fadda who wen send me wen tell me everyting he
Jhn 16.32: Everybody goin go his own place, an I goin stay by myself.
Jhn 16.32: But I no stay by myself, cuz my Fadda stay wit me.
Act 22.1: I like talk fo myself.
Act 24.18: I wen make myself right fo go inside da temple, an dese guys wen find me ova
Act 26.2: dass good fo me fo stand in front you today fo talk fo myself agains all da stuff da Jews wen say agains me.
Rom 7.7: neva know I not suppose to like get odda peopo's stuffs fo myself, if da Rules neva say, “No like get odda peopo's stuffs fo
Rom 7.8: stuff inside me wen make me like get all kine stuffs fo myself.
Rom 10.20: I even wen show myself To da peopo dat neva aks fo see me.”
1Co 9.16: Good Kine Stuff From God, dat no mean I can talk big bout myself.
1Co 9.19: Jalike I wen go make myself jalike one slave guy, so everybody can tell me wat fo do.
1Co 9.22: Fo da peopo dat no stay strong inside, I make myself jalike I no stay strong inside too, so I can bring dem
1Co 15.32: But if I ony do um all by myself, an not fo God, wase time, you know.
2Co 11.7: I wen make myself notting so I can make you guys look good.
2Co 12.15: know, I like give wateva I can fo you guys, an I like give myself so you guys can live too.
Heb 13.5: No way I eva goin hemo myself from you!