Gen 2.25: Now even so, da guy an da wahine was naked, but dey neva have shame from dat.”
Gen 3.7: Dey know dat dey naked, an dey go get plenny fig leaf an sew um togedda fo make
Gen 3.10: I scared, cuz I naked!”
Gen 3.11: God tell um, “Who wen tell you dat you stay naked?
Gen 9.22: Ham wen see his fadda Noah naked.
Gen 9.23: an Jafet, dey wen look da odda way fo no see dea fadda naked.
Isa 20.2: I take um off an go naked an barefeet.”
Isa 20.3: Lata, Yahweh tell, “Wat my worka guy Isaiah wen do, go naked an barefeet fo three year, az jalike one sign fo [blow da
Isa 20.4: take da prisonas from Egypt an Sudan go outa dea country naked an barefeet.
Isa 20.4: No matta dey young o old, dea okole an dea private goin be naked, an dat goin make da Egypt peopo shame.
Isa 57.8: go dea bed, cuz she like do dat, An like look at dem all naked.
Mrk 14.52: Dey wen grab him, an he drop da lavalava an run away naked.
Act 19.16: So den dey wen all run outside da house naked an all bleeding.
Rev 16.15: get dea clotheses wit dem, dey no goin come shame cuz dey naked.