Exo 9.24: From da time da Egypt land wen come one nation, neva have dat kine ice rain fall down on top dea land.
Exo 19.6: You guys goin be one nation dass spesho fo me!
Deu 26.5: Bumbye dey come one importan nation, wit plenny peopo, an dey come strong.
Deu 28.36: goin make you an da king you wen put ova you, go by anodda nation dat you guys an yoa ancestas neva know befo.
Deu 32.6: guys, so he own you, He wen make you guys come one solid nation.
Deu 32.21: I goin make dem come huhu Cuz I goin do good tings fo one nation dat donno notting, not dem.
2Ki 10.32: Dat was da time Yahweh start fo make da Israel nation come mo small.
Isa 26.15: Yahweh, you wen give oua nation mo plenny peopo, An dat show dat you stay awesome.
Isa 66.9: Yoa God Yahweh tell: “You tink I goin no let dis nation come, Jalike fo one wahine start fo born one bebe, An no
Dan 12.1: mo den dey get from da time yoa peopo wen come one nation firs time, till dat time.
Mal 3.9: Az why erybody inside da whole nation get kahuna on top dem, cuz you guys stay steal from me.
Rom 9.25: Goin get one nation dat I neva have love fo, But den, I goin call um ‘da
Rom 9.25: dat I neva have love fo, But den, I goin call um ‘da nation I get love fo.