Gen 27.29: Plenny odda peopos goin work fo you, Odda nations goin go down in front you fo show respeck.
Deu 11.23: him -- den Yahweh goin go in front you guys an make dese nations dat stay dea get out so you can take ova dea land, no
Neh 13.3: da Rules from God tell, dey make all da peopo from da odda nations hemo demself from da Israel peopo.
Isa 13.4: Da king guys an dea nations, Dey coming togedda fo fight Babylon!
Isa 23.3: Az how Tyre town wen stay Jalike da open market fo all da nations.
Isa 34.8: Cuz he goin make shua Da odda nations no goin take away da right Fo his peopo live inside
Isa 42.6: deal fo all da peopos, An fo be jalike one light Fo all da nations.
Isa 45.3: I goin give you all da rich kine stuffs Dat dose nations keep inside dark place.
Isa 51.4: da peopos, An wat I tell cuz I da Judge, Goin show all da nations wass right, Az goin be jalike one light fo show dem da
Isa 55.5: An den, I tell dat guy, ‘You goin tell da nations fo come, Dat you donno befo.
Rev 17.15: wea da wahine dat fool aroun get her throne, dass peopos, nations, countries, an languages.