Gen 18.1: Dis wat wen happen: Noon time, Abraham was sitting inside da tent door.
Gen 43.16: Noon time, I like dese guys eat wit me.
Gen 43.25: Dem, dey make ready da present fo Joseph wen he come home noon time, cuz dey wen hear dat dey suppose to eat lunch his
Deu 28.29: Even noon time, you guys goin feel aroun fo go some place, jalike
1Ki 18.26: Dey do dat from morning time till noon time.
1Ki 18.27: Wen come noon time, Elijah start fo mout off at dem.
1Ki 20.16: Noon time, da Israel army guys go outside da town.
2Ki 4.20: an carry him by his mudda, she put him on top her lap till noon time.”
Neh 8.5: da Rules to dem early morning time, an he stay read till noon time.
Isa 16.3: Noon time, wen da sun stay high, Make yoa shadow dark jalike
Isa 58.10: dark, Fo make da dark places get light all ova, Jalike noon time!
Isa 59.10: Noon time, we stumble jalike almos dark time.
Amo 8.9: dis too: ‘Wen da time come, I goin make da sun come dark, noon time.
Mat 20.5: Den he go out bout noon time an again bout three clock, an do da same ting.’
Mat 27.45: Noon time, wen get real dark all ova da place, fo three hours.
Luk 23.44: Now was bout noon time, an come real dark all ova da place, till three
Jhn 19.14: Bout noon time, Pilate tell da Jews, “Look now, yoa king!
Act 10.9: Da nex day, noon time, dey stay coming near Joppa.
Act 22.6: “Den wen almos noon time I wen come near Damascus, an right den an dea had one
Act 26.13: Yoa Majesty, noon time I stay going on da road, an I wen spock one light