Gen 1.26: Den God say, “Now, I like make peopo.
Gen 2.23: Da guy say, “Now, dis one, jus right fo me!
Gen 2.25: Now even so, da guy an da wahine was naked, but dey neva have
Gen 3.14: From now, till you mahke, You goin crawl on top yoa belly Wit yoa
Gen 3.15: From now on, you an da wahine, I goin make you guys fight each
Gen 3.17: From now, till you mahke, You goin work hard fo get stuff fo eat!
Gen 3.22: So now, no good we let um go take da fruits from Da Tree Dat Make
Gen 4.10: You wen kill yoa brudda, and now, his blood stay ova dea on top da groun, jalike he stay
Gen 4.12: From now, you gotta jus go one place inside dis world to anodda!
Gen 5.29: Dass how we stay now, cuz we gotta work so hard wit our hands fo get stuff outa
Gen 6.3: So from now, dey ony goin live hundred twenny year.
Gen 8.22: From now till da world pau, Goin get time fo plant seed an fo cut
Gen 9.1: He tell um, “Get plenny kids now, an go make da world wit mo plenny peopo.
Gen 9.10: da big boat wit you guys, all da animals dat stay alive now on top da groun.
Gen 9.12: God tell um dis too: “An now, I goin do dis: I give you guys one sign, so you guys no
Gen 9.12: Da sign stay fo now, an stay fo all da peopo dat goin come from you guys afta.
Gen 10.32: Now you know da story, wea dey all come from, an da diffren
Gen 11.6: Cuz now, dey get da powa fo do wateva dey make plan fo do.
Gen 11.10: Now, dis da story bout da diffren ohanas dat come from Shem.
Gen 11.27: Now dis da story bout da ohana dat come from Terah.
Gen 12.19: Take her now, an get outa hea!
Gen 13.17: So, go now.
Gen 14.22: Right hea an now, I put up my hand fo make promise to Yahweh, da God Dass
Gen 15.16: So now, you know!
Gen 16.5: But now, she know she hapai, she make jalike she mo betta den me!
Gen 16.9: Da angel messenja guy dass Yahweh tell her, “You go back now, to da lady you work fo.”
Gen 16.13: She tell: “You, I goin call you Da God Dat See Eryting, now.”
Gen 17.5: From now, yoa name no goin be Abram no moa, dat mean ‘Importan
Gen 17.7: “I making dis deal now, jus fo me an you.
Gen 17.8: An one mo ting: right now, you guys ony making house dis Canaan land.
Gen 17.12: So from now to foeva, ery time you guys get new bebe boy, wen da kid
Gen 17.15: Den God tell Abraham dis too: “Yoa wife Sarai, from now, you no goin call her Sarai.
Gen 18.10: Den one a dem tell, “Same time, one year from now, I goin come back by you, an garans yoa wife goin get bebe
Gen 18.12: So Sarah wen laugh inside, cuz she tinking, “Now I all dry up, an my husband, he old too!
Gen 18.17: Yahweh, he tink, “Da ting I goin do now -- I like let um stay secret so Abraham no goin know, o I
Gen 19.9: But now, he tink he da judge fo tell us wat fo do!”
Gen 19.15: Dey talk: “Move now!
Gen 20.9: you wen make to me so I wen go do one real bad ting, an now God goin punish me an all my peopo.
Gen 20.16: do dat so erybody know you neva do notting wrong, an from now eryting okay fo all you guys an me.”
Gen 21.6: she tell, “God make me so I feel good inside an laugh now, Cuz I get bebe!
Gen 21.7: But now, I stay born one boy fo him wen he old awready!
Gen 21.23: So now, I like you make one strong promise fo me an swea to God
Gen 21.23: make one strong promise fo me an swea to God right hea an now.
Gen 22.12: But now, I know fo shua dat you get plenny respeck fo me, yoa God.
Gen 22.20: Him an his wife Milkah, dey get kids now!
Gen 23.4: He tell um, “You guys know I not from dis place, but now I live wit you guys.
Gen 23.11: Right now in front all my peopo, I give um to you, da land an da
Gen 24.1: Abraham stay real old awready now, uku plenny years.
Gen 24.12: I like you do good ting fo my boss Abraham now, cuz you an him get deal.
Gen 24.30: Now, Rebecca get one brudda guy, his name Laban.”
Gen 24.43: Now, I standing hea by dis puka wea da watta come out.
Gen 24.49: “So now, I like you guys tell me dis: You guys goin stick wit my
Gen 24.54: I like you guys let me an Rebecca go back by my boss now.
Gen 24.58: Dey tell Rebecca fo come, an dey aks her, “You like go now wit dis guy, o wat?”
Gen 24.67: So, no matta his mudda wen mahke, now he no mo sore inside, cuz he get Rebecca.
Gen 25.12: Now, dis da story bout Ishmael an his ohana.
Gen 25.19: Now, dis da story bout Isaac, da time he stay live.
Gen 25.33: Jacob tell, “Swear to God right now dat you give me da right!
Gen 26.22: Now us guys can come plenny peopo!
Gen 26.28: Dey tell, “Now, us guys see dat Yahweh stay wit you fo shua.
Gen 26.29: An now, us guys see dat Yahweh do plenny good kine stuff fo you!
Gen 27.2: Isaac tell um, “You know, I one old man now.”
Gen 27.8: Den Rebecca tell Jacob, “So now, my boy, lissen wat I telling you dat you gotta do.
Gen 27.26: Den Isaac wen tell his boy Jacob, “Now, my boy, come nea an kiss me.
Gen 27.36: him da name Jacob, dat sound kinda like ‘take ova,’ so now, he take ova wass mines two times awready!”
Gen 27.37: So now, fo you, no mo odda ting dat I can aks God fo give you,
Gen 27.43: So now, my boy, lissen wat I tell you.
Gen 27.43: Get outa hea an run away Haran side right now, by my brudda Laban.’
Gen 28.2: You gotta go now Padan-Aram side, by yoa mudda's fadda Betu`el house.
Gen 28.4: you come da owna fo da land wea you put up yoa tents right now, da land dat God wen tell Abraham he goin give um bumbye.
Gen 28.8: Now Esau see dat his fadda Isaac no like da Canaan wahines.”
Gen 28.10: Jacob go way from Be`er-Sheba, an now go Haran side.
Gen 29.16: Now, Laban, he get two daughtas.
Gen 29.32: An she tinking dis too: “Now my husban goin love me.
Gen 30.8: tell, “I wen struggle plenny wit my sista awready, an now I stay win.
Gen 30.9: Leah, she see dat now she pau get bebe.
Gen 30.13: Dat time Leah tell, “Now I stay feel good inside!
Gen 30.13: She tinking, “Now, da odda wahines goin see I stay feel good inside!
Gen 30.15: An den now, you like take some a da love apple root too, dat my boy
Gen 30.20: An now, my husban goin make me da wife he get plenny respeck fo,
Gen 30.25: Joseph, Jacob tell Laban, “I like you let me go back home now, my own land.
Gen 30.30: Befo I come hea, you ony had litto bit, you know, but now you get plenny.”
Gen 30.30: Az time awready, I gotta do someting fo my own ohana peopo now.
Gen 31.5: his wifes, “I see dat you guys fadda not acking nice to me now, da way he wen make befo time.
Gen 31.8: Weneva yoa fadda guy tell me, ‘Now, I goin pay you wit da sheeps an goats dat get spot all
Gen 31.8: Den, weneva he tell me, ‘Now, I goin pay you wit da sheeps and goats dat get twist kine
Gen 31.13: So now, go way from dis land, an go back yoa own ohana land.
Gen 31.16: So now, you go do wateva God tell you.
Gen 31.35: I no can stand up fo you, cuz right now I stay get my sick time dat come ery month, you know.
Gen 31.38: “Twenny year now, I stay wit you.
Gen 31.43: I no can do notting now bout my daughtas, an da kids dey wen born.
Gen 31.44: Now, we make deal, me an you.
Gen 32.4: Jacob like tell you dis: “I wen live Laban house till now.
Gen 32.5: An now, I get plenny cows, donkeys, sheeps, an goats, plus slave
Gen 32.6: He stay coming by you now, an he get four hundred odda guys stay come wit him.
Gen 32.10: Now, I get plenny nuff peopo fo fill up two camp.
Gen 32.11: Now I stay aks fo yoa kokua, fo get me outa trouble from my
Gen 32.28: Da odda guy tell, “From now, yoa name no goin be Jacob.”
Gen 32.28: Yoa name Israel now, cuz you make fight wit God an wit peopo, an you win.”
Gen 34.30: Now, da peopo dat live inside dis land, da Canaan peopo an da
Gen 35.3: We going Bethel side now.
Gen 35.10: God tell Jacob, “You, yoa name Jacob, But from now, yoa name no goin be Jacob.
Gen 35.10: Yoa name Israel now.
Gen 36.10: Now, da names fo da Esau boys: Elifaz, his mudda was Esau wife
Gen 36.15: Now, da importan guys dat come from Esau kids.
Gen 36.29: Now, da main guys fo da ohanas dat come from da Hor peopo: get
Gen 37.20: So now, dis wat us guys gotta do: Firs ting, we go kill um.
Gen 37.30: An wat I goin do now?
Gen 38.8: So now, you gotta marry da wahine dat was yoa brudda guy wife, an
Gen 38.14: Now, she put on regula kine clotheses, an she take one piece
Gen 38.19: da cloth dat cova her face, an change her clotheses, so now she wearing da kine clotheses she suppose to wear cuz her
Gen 38.24: Now, she hapai.
Gen 39.1: Now, come back to da guy Joseph.
Gen 39.12: Potifar wife go grab his shirt an tell, “We go bed togedda now!
Gen 40.7: to da two guys dat use to work fo Pharaoh befo time, an now dey stay wit Joseph inside da prison wea his boss stay in
Gen 40.13: Three days from now, da Pharaoh guy goin make up his mind dat you okay an no
Gen 40.19: Three days from now, da Pharaoh guy goin tell da army guys fo cut off yoa head
Gen 41.29: From now, goin get seven year wea all da time goin get choke plenny
Gen 41.32: an he goin do um pretty soon now!
Gen 41.33: “So now, [Pharaoh,] dis wat you gotta do.
Gen 41.41: You stay in charge now.”
Gen 42.13: Ony now, da younga brudda, he stay ova dea wit our fadda.”
Gen 42.21: Az how come us guys stay sore inside now.
Gen 42.22: An now, wat?’
Gen 42.32: an da younga brudda guy, he stay wit oua fadda right now, Canaan side.
Gen 42.36: An now, you like take away Benjamin too!
Gen 43.21: Now, we bringing back dat money.
Gen 43.31: Den Joseph wash face an go back by da brudda guys, an now he cool an can handle.
Gen 44.4: da town, Joseph tell da guy dat take care his house, “Now!
Gen 44.8: we goin steal silva o gold from inside yoa boss house now?
Gen 44.16: Us guys wen come back fo be yoa slaves now, an you da boss fo all us guys, even da guy dey wen find
Gen 44.28: Long time now I neva see um.
Gen 44.29: An now, you guys like take away dis odda boy from me too?
Gen 44.33: So now I like aks you: please, let me stay hea an be da slave fo
Gen 45.1: But now moa, he no can wait no mo fo tell his brudda guys who him.
Gen 45.5: But now, no worry!
Gen 45.9: “An now, hurry up!
Gen 46.8: Now, all da Israel ohana peopo from dat time, dass Jacob an da
Gen 46.30: Israel tell Joseph, “Now, okay fo me mahke, cuz I see yoa face wit my own eyes
Gen 46.31: my fadda ohana peopo, dey was inside da Canaan land, an now dey all come hea by me.
Gen 46.33: Now, I like tell you guys dis: da Pharaoh guy, da king, he
Gen 46.34: From small kid time till now, us guys breed cows, same ting jalike our ancesta guys.’
Gen 47.1: Now, dey stay Goshen side.
Gen 47.4: Us yoa slave guys now, so please, let us guys stay Goshen side.
Gen 47.8: Pharaoh wen aks Jacob, “How old you stay now?
Gen 47.10: Den Jacob tell Pharaoh, “Kay den, sir, I going now.
Gen 47.18: Da ony ting us guys can do now, boss, is fo make deal fo come yoa slaves, an let you take
Gen 47.23: Den Joseph tell all da peopo, “So, now I wen buy all you guys fo Pharaoh, an all you guys farms
Gen 47.23: I goin give you guys seeds now, fo you guys plant um inside da groun.
Gen 47.25: So, we slaves now, fo da Pharaoh guy, but we stay alive!
Gen 48.5: my boys, same ting, Efraim an Manasseh goin be mine from now on.’
Gen 48.11: Now God let me see you, an even yoa kids too!
Gen 48.15: sheep farma take care his sheeps, From da time I born till now, An he da angel messenja guy dat get me outa all kine
Gen 48.21: Den Israel tell Joseph, “I goin mahke pretty quick now.’-”
Gen 48.22: An now, Joseph, I goin give you one ridge land mo den I goin give
Gen 49.4: Dass why you not goin come out okay, from now.
Gen 50.5: So now, I like go ova dea fo bury my fadda guy.
Gen 50.15: Now cuz dea fadda mahke, Joseph brudda guys tinking plenny
Gen 50.17: So now, we aksing you, let us go, cuz we slave guys fo da same
Gen 50.20: dis kine ting happen dat get today -- get plenny peopo now dat stay alive an neva mahke.
Gen 50.24: Lata, Joseph tell his brudda guys, “Pretty soon now, I goin mahke.
Exo 2.14: Now you goin kill me, same ting jalike you wen kill dat Egypt
Exo 2.20: Wea da guy now?”
Exo 2.22: Gershom, cuz he tell, “I come from one nodda place, an now I living inside one diffren land,” cuz “Gershom” sound
Exo 3.8: Az why now, I come hea fo get my peopo outa dea, so da Egypt guys no
Exo 3.8: da Periz peopo, da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo live now.
Exo 3.9: Now, cuz da Israel peopo yell to me fo help um, I lissening.
Exo 3.10: Now, go!
Exo 3.12: An dis bush you see right now, dat stay burn, dass da proof fo you, dat I da one wen
Exo 3.15: God Tell: “Cuz from now, Yahweh, dass my name foeva!
Exo 3.16: “Go now!
Exo 3.17: An now, I tell you guys dis: You guys, you hurting plenny right
Exo 3.17: I tell you guys dis: You guys, you hurting plenny right now Egypt side.
Exo 3.18: Now, all us guys gotta walk three day fo go dat place inside
Exo 4.7: Den God tell, “Now, put yoa hand inside yoa shirt one mo time.
Exo 4.10: From small kid time till now, you stay tell stuff to me, yoa worka guy.
Exo 4.12: Go now.
Exo 4.14: Right now he stay coming from Egypt awready fo meet you.
Exo 4.19: Yahweh tell Moses, “Go from hea now.
Exo 4.31: Now dey know dat Yahweh see how plenny dey suffa, an dat he
Exo 5.7: He tell um wat dey gotta do: “From now, you Egypt guys no go get da wheat stalk an give um to da
Exo 5.7: You guys wen give um befo time, but now, dey gotta go bring in da wheat stalk demself.
Exo 5.10: Israel peopo an tell um, “Da Pharaoh guy, he say dis: From now, I no goin give you guys dry wheat stalk fo make brick!
Exo 5.18: Now, go back!
Exo 5.19: Now, da Israel guys dat was da leada guys see dat dey gotta
Exo 6.1: Yahweh tell Moses: “Now, time awready.
Exo 6.11: He tell um, “Go back now.
Exo 7.14: Yahweh tell Moses, “Da Pharaoh guy, he no can tink good now.
Exo 7.16: But you, befo now, you no lissen.
Exo 8.28: Now, aks yoa God fo help me!
Exo 8.29: I goin go way from you right now.”
Exo 9.15: If I wen like befo now, I ony can use my powa fo make you an yoa peopo come sick,
Exo 9.18: From da time da Egypt land wen come till now, neva have dat kine heavy ice storm.
Exo 9.19: Now, tell yoa peopo fo put all dea animals wea get roof.
Exo 10.6: ting happen, from da time dey wen come to dis land till now.
Exo 11.8: go down on top da groun in front me, an tell me, ‘Go way now, you an all da peopo dat follow you!
Exo 12.2: da Egypt land, Yahweh tell Moses an Aaron wat fo do: “From now, dis month, goin be da numba one month inside da year fo
Exo 12.11: From now, goin call dat da Pass Ova Kine Sacrifice fo Yahweh.
Exo 12.15: From now, ery year you guys goin eat bread dat no mo yeast fo seven
Exo 12.21: He tell um, “Go now!
Exo 12.24: “From now, you guys an all da peopo dat goin come from you guys, dis
Exo 12.42: So now, dat nite ery year, all da peopo dat come from Israel an
Exo 13.2: Yahweh tell Moses dis: “From now, fo da Israel peopo, da numba one boy dat born from ery
Exo 13.5: peopo, an da Hiv peopo, an da Jebus peopo, living ova dea now.
Exo 14.5: We wen let go da Israel peopo, an now, dey no stay work fo us guys no moa!
Exo 14.10: Da Pharaoh guy, he coming nea now.
Exo 14.11: Wat you tink you doing to us now, wen you take us guys outa Egypt?
Exo 14.14: You guys, jus shut up an watch now!
Exo 15.24: Dey tell um, “So, wat we going drink now?)
Exo 16.3: An now, us so hungry, we goin mahke cuz a dat!
Exo 18.1: Now Jetro, he was da pries fo da Midian peopo, an Moses
Exo 18.11: Now I know fo shua, dat Yahweh, mo big den all da odda gods,
Exo 18.19: “So now, lissen wat I say!
Exo 19.21: Yahweh tell Moses, “Go down now.
Exo 19.24: Yahweh tell Moses, “Go now.
Exo 26.1: Now, da Place Fo Me Live.
Exo 29.19: Da Sacrifice Fo Make Aaron An His Boys Da Prieses “Now, take da odda boy kine sheep.
Exo 29.38: “From now, dis wat you guys goin sacrifice ery day fo me: two bebe
Exo 30.10: Ery year, from now to foeva, make one spesho day.
Exo 32.10: So now, Moses, you leave me alone, cuz I no like wat dey stay
Exo 32.29: you guys do today, dat make you guys spesho fo Yahweh from now.
Exo 32.32: But now, if you like let um go fo da bad ting dey wen do, an hemo
Exo 32.34: Now, you go.”
Exo 33.5: So, take off all yoa jewelry now.
Exo 33.18: Den Moses tell, “Please now, I like you let me see how awesome you stay fo real kine.”
Exo 34.10: Den Yahweh say, “Right hea an now, I make deal wit all yoa Israel peopo.
Exo 34.10: All da peopo dat stay wit you now, dey goin see how scary da tings I goin do fo you guys,
Exo 34.12: shua you no make deal notting wit da peopo dat stay live now inside da land wea you going agains dem.
Exo 36.1: So now, time fo Bezalel fo do eryting Yahweh wen tell um dey
Exo 36.6: No need anybody stay bring mo gifs fo da Spesho Tent now!
Lev 7.36: Dass da rule fo da peopo dat stay alive now an fo dea kids foeva.
Lev 10.9: Wat I tell you guys now, az how goin be fo da peopo dat stay alive now an dea kids
Lev 10.9: you guys now, az how goin be fo da peopo dat stay alive now an dea kids foeva.
Lev 14.7: An he goin tell erybody dat now stay okay fo da guy come in front me again.
Lev 17.7: Dis da rule dat goin stay fo dem an dea kids from now an foeva.
Lev 18.25: Jalike da land goin throw up da peopo dat stay dea now.
Lev 22.3: “Tell um dis: Fo da pries guys dat stay alive now an bumbye, if anybody from dea ohana no can come in front
Lev 23.21: be one spesho time you guys an yoa kids goin make from now an foeva, no matta wea you guys stay live.
Lev 23.31: Dis one ting you guys gotta do now an foeva, wea eva you guys stay live.
Lev 23.41: Dis, az anodda ting you guys gotta do from now an foeva, wea eva you guys stay live.
Lev 24.3: Az how da pries guys goin make from now till foeva.
Lev 24.8: Ery Res Day, now an foeva, Aaron goin put dis kine bread in front me,
Lev 25.27: how much da crops worth from da year wen he sell um till now.
Lev 25.27: pay back da guy dat wen buy da land fo wateva he goin grow now till da Give Back Year.
Lev 25.27: So now, he can get his property back again.
Lev 25.53: You gotta make shua dat da guy dat own him now, no make mean to him.
Lev 26.34: da time da land goin res, an goin stay good inside cuz now get da Res Years.
Lev 26.43: Now, jalike da land goin feel good inside, cuz get da Res
Deu 22.17: Now he bulai bout her an tell, “I no find proof dat yoa
Deu 1.35: He tell, ‘No mo nobody from dis bad peopo dat stay alive now, goin see da good land I wen promise fo give yoa ancestas.
Deu 1.41: Now we goin go up fight, jalike oua God Yahweh tell us fo do!’
Deu 2.3: Now, you go turn aroun an go north side.
Deu 2.13: Moses tell da peopo: “Den Yahweh tell me, ‘Now, go da odda side da Zered Stream.
Deu 2.22: Da Esau ohana take ova dea land an stay live dea till now.
Deu 2.23: from Crete Island wen wipe dem out, an stay live dat land now.
Deu 2.24: “Yahweh tell, ‘Go da odda side da Arnon Stream now.
Deu 2.24: Start now fo take ova da land an fight King Sihon dem.
Deu 2.30: An now, God wen let you guys win.
Deu 2.31: Now you guys can start fo make his land yoa property.
Deu 4.2: tell you guys fo do, jalike I stay tell you guys fo do now.
Deu 4.20: fo come his peopo, his own kids, an az wat you guys stay now.
Deu 4.32: “Aks now bout wat wen happen long time ago wen eryting wen start,
Deu 5.32: So Moses tell da peopo: “So now you guys take care fo do eryting oua God Yahweh wen tell
Deu 7.19: An now, oua God Yahweh goin do da same ting to all da peopos dat
Deu 7.19: ting to all da peopos dat stay make you guys come scared now.
Deu 9.3: One goin go da odda side da Jordan Riva in front you guys now, jalike one big fire dat burn up eryting!
Deu 10.5: Dey still yet stay dea now, inside da box.
Deu 10.12: Den Moses tell: “So now, you Israel peopo, wat you guys tink yoa God Yahweh like
Deu 10.22: But now, yoa God Yahweh make you guys real plenny peopo, jalike da
Deu 21.12: fo cut off all her hair fo show eryting goin be diffren now, an cut her finganails, an throw way da clotheses she was
head: Now he bulai bout her an tell, “I no find proof dat yoa
Deu 26.3: time, ‘Today I goin tell Yahweh, da God you work fo, dat now I come live inside da land he wen make strong promise to
Deu 26.10: Now I bring you da firs stuff dat wen grow on top da land dat
Deu 28.63: He goin take you guys outa da land dat you goin go inside now fo take um ova.
Deu 29.28: an throw dem inside one nodda land, an dass how dey stay now.
Deu 30.11: “Wat I stay telling you guys fo do now, az not too hard fo you guys, an not too far from you
Deu 30.19: Now take life!
Deu 31.2: to all da Israel peopo: “Me, I one hundred twenty years ol now, an I no can go hea an dea no moa.
Deu 31.14: Yahweh tell Moses, “Now, da time stay nea wen you goin mahke.
Deu 31.14: I goin make him da one in charge a da Israel peopo from now on.
Deu 31.19: Now you an Joshua, write down dis song fo yoaself.’
Deu 31.21: I know wat dey stay tink wat dey like do, even now befo I bring dem inside da land dat I wen make spesho
Deu 32.30: One dat befo time stay strong Jalike one Rock fo dem, But now, he give up on dem!
Deu 32.37: Now, wat happen to dem?
Deu 32.39: Now see, dis me, I God fo real kine!
Rut 1.6: side still yet, but den she hear dat Yahweh wen tink time now fo help his peopo Judah side, an he give food to dem.
Rut 1.21: Now Yahweh wen bring me back hea, An I no mo notting.
Rut 2.7: I tell her, ‘Okay’ She stay work all da time from den till now.
Rut 2.12: You wen come by him, An now he goin take care you!
Rut 3.10: An da ting you doing right now, show mo plenny still yet dat you get respeck fo da ohana,
Rut 3.12: “Ony one ting now.
Rut 3.13: Now, lay down ova dea till morning time.
Rut 3.18: Na`omi tell, “Now, my girl, jus wait till you find out wat goin happen.
Rut 4.3: Now, his widow Na`omi come back from dea, and her like sell
Rut 4.14: He no let you stay now widout nobody dat get da right fo carry da name fo yoa
Rut 4.17: Da neighba wahines say, “Now, Na`omi get one boy[ again]!”
1Ki 1.12: So now, lissen!
1Ki 1.13: Talk to King David now!
1Ki 1.13: So, how come Adonijah stay da king now?”
1Ki 1.25: Right now, dey stay dea in front him, an dey eating and drinking
1Ki 1.30: Dass da promise I wen make dat time, an now today, I goin do wat I wen promise.
1Ki 1.37: with Solomon, an make dis country even mo awesome den stay now, wen you stay da King.
1Ki 1.46: So now, Solomon stay sit on top da throne, an he da King.
1Ki 1.47: We like God make dis country even mo awesome den stay now, wen you stay da King!
1Ki 2.5: So now, jalike get blood all ova his army clothes an stuff an all
1Ki 2.9: But now, no need ack like da guy neva do notting bad.
1Ki 2.15: But da whole ting wen turn aroun, an now my brudda come da King, cuz Yahweh wen give him da right,
1Ki 2.16: An now, I like aks you fo do one ting for me.
1Ki 2.23: He tell, “If I no go do wat I say now, I like God kill me, o do mo worse tings!”
1Ki 2.29: Now he stay by da altar so nobody can go kill him!
1Ki 2.32: Cuz Joab wen make peopo bleed an mahke, now Yahweh pay back Joab.
1Ki 2.41: Solomon dat Shimei wen go outside Jerusalem to Gat, an now he come back.
1Ki 2.44: Now, Yahweh stay bring all dat bad stuff back to you.”
1Ki 4.2: An now, dis da lis wit his main govmen guys: Azariah Zadok boy
1Ki 5.4: “But now, my God Yahweh, da One dat I pray to, he let me res, cuz
1Ki 5.5: So now, I stay tinking lidis: I goin build one Temple so erybody
1Ki 8.13: But now, I wen build Dis awesome Temple fo you, You can live
1Ki 8.15: An now, God use his powa fo do da ting he wen promise fo do.
1Ki 8.16: But now, I wen pick dis place fo my temple, so erybody goin know
1Ki 8.20: “An now, Yahweh do wat he wen make promise fo do.
1Ki 8.20: Now az my kuleana fo be da king afta my fadda David.’
1Ki 8.56: All us Israel guys, we his peopo, An us can res now, Jalike he wen make promise befo time.
1Ki 8.59: Now, I like fo oua God Yahweh, Rememba da tings I wen pray,
1Ki 9.4: Now, you gotta live in front me jalike yoa fadda David wen do,
1Ki 9.21: Dey still stay doing da same ting even now.
1Ki 10.7: An I neva hear even half da stuff I see now.
1Ki 11.15: Now dis da story, how was fo Hadad.
1Ki 12.4: But now, if you make da work we gotta do fo you mo easy, den we
1Ki 12.24: Cuz I da One dat stay make all dis happen right now!
1Ki 12.28: Look now!”
1Ki 14.12: Jeroboam, go home now.’
1Ki 15.19: So now, az good me an you make da same kine deal.
1Ki 16.24: Den Omri buy da hill dey call Samaria now.
1Ki 17.1: An I shua bout dis: From now, no goin get rain fo long time.
1Ki 17.9: Den Yahweh tell Elijah dis: “Go Zarefat town now, nea Sidon town.
1Ki 17.20: I stay dis widow wahine's house now.
1Ki 17.20: How come you wen make dis bad ting happen to her now, making her boy mahke?
1Ki 17.24: Da wahine tell Elijah, “Now, I know fo shua, dat you one guy dat know God fo real
1Ki 18.1: Cuz now, I goin make rain come down on top da groun.
1Ki 18.11: An now, you tell me go tell my boss, ‘Elijah stay hea awready!
1Ki 18.14: But now, you telling me fo go tell my boss, ‘Elijah, he hea
1Ki 18.19: “So now, go send peopo all ova da Israel land fo bring togedda all
1Ki 18.21: He tell, “You guys gotta make up yoa mind right now, one way o da odda way!
1Ki 18.31: Jacob, he da guy long time ago get message from God, “From now, yoa name goin be ‘Israel.
1Ki 18.41: Den Elijah tell King Ahab, “You go home now, fo eat an drink.
1Ki 19.10: An now, I da ony talka fo you dat still stay, an dey stay look fo
1Ki 19.14: An now, I da ony talka fo you dat still stay, an dey stay look fo
1Ki 20.3: Dis wat Ben-Hadad tell: ‘Yoa silva an yoa gold, dey mines now.
1Ki 20.3: An yoa bestes wifes an kids, dey mines now.
1Ki 20.11: tell da messenja guys, “Tell yoa king dis: ‘No talk big now!
1Ki 20.32: Dey go by da Israel king an tell, “Ben-Hadad tell, now you da boss.”
1Ki 21.3: Cuz dat land stay wit my ohana from my ancesta time till now!”
1Ki 21.4: Dat land, stay wit my ohana from my ancesta time till now.
1Ki 21.18: He live Samaria side, but right now, he stay inside da grape farm dat Nabot wen own Jezreel
1Ki 21.20: go dea, an Ahab tell, “You da guy dat stay agains me, an now, you find me!’
1Ki 21.21: An now, Yahweh tell, ‘Dis me, da one dat goin make real bad kine
1Ki 22.9: Go tell Mikaiah, Imlah boy, fo come right now.
1Ki 22.23: “An dass wat you see stay happen right now.
1Ki 22.41: Now, dis, da story fo Jehoshafat, Asa boy.
2Ki 1.11: But dat no matta, da king tell you gotta come down hea now!
2Ki 2.4: Cuz Yahweh tell me now fo go Jericho side.”
2Ki 2.6: Cuz Yahweh tell me now fo go da Jordan Riva.”
2Ki 4.1: An now dat guy come fo take my two boys fo come his slave, fo pay
2Ki 4.41: He put um inside da pot, an tell, “Now pour um out fo da guys eat.
2Ki 5.15: He stand in front Elisha, an tell, “Fo shua, now I know, dat no mo odda God inside da whole world dat stay
2Ki 5.17: Cuz now, no way I goin make burn up kine sacrifice, o odda kine
2Ki 5.22: My boss wen send me fo tell, ‘You know, jus now two young guys come by me from up country Efraim side.”
2Ki 7.9: Mo betta we go right now, an tell da guys inside da king's palace wat we wen see.
2Ki 8.6: wen grow on top her land, from da time she go away till now.
2Ki 8.22: da Judah govmen from da Edom land, an dass how stay till now.
2Ki 9.26: So now, go pick up Joram mahke body an throw um down on top dat
2Ki 10.2: So now, wen you get dis letta, go figga out who da bestes boy
2Ki 10.5: send messenjas fo go tell Jehu, “We stay yoa helpa guys now.
2Ki 10.6: Now da seventy boys stay wit da main leadas fo Samaria town,
2Ki 10.19: Now go tell all da guys dat talk fo Ba`al, all da guys dat do
2Ki 11.11: So now, nobody can come inside.
2Ki 12.7: From now, weneva da guys in charge a da silva give you silva, no
2Ki 13.19: But now, you ony goin win ova dem three time.
2Ki 13.23: Even till now Yahweh no like wipe um out o chase um away from wea he
2Ki 14.10: Fo shua, you wen win ova da Edom guys, an now you get smart wit me!’
2Ki 17.26: An now, da lions stay kill da peopo, cuz no mo nobody dea dat
2Ki 18.14: So go way from me now, an I goin pay you wateva you tell I gotta pay.
2Ki 18.20: Who you stay trus now, fo fight agains me?
2Ki 18.23: ‘Come now!
2Ki 19.13: Wea dese guys stay now?
2Ki 19.25: Now, I stay make um all happen jalike I tell.
2Ki 20.5: Now, I da One goin make you come good.
2Ki 20.9: You like fo da shadow go back up ten step now?
Ezr 1.3: you peopo dat stay pray to da God Yahweh, you can go back now Jerusalem town, inside Judah, fo go build da Temple Fo
Ezr 1.4: help dem go home an build dea temple dat stay all bus up now.
Ezr 2.1: Now dey going back Jerusalem town an da odda towns Judah side.
Ezr 2.2: Now, da numbas fo da mens from Israel dat go back: From da
Ezr 2.21: Now, da mens from Betlehem town, 123.
Ezr 2.36: From Sena`ah, 3,630 Now, da pries guys dat come back from Babylon: From da Jedaiah
Ezr 2.40: Now, da helpa guys from da Levi ohana dat come back: From da
Ezr 3.2: Befo time da Babylon army guys wen bus up da altar, but now da Israel peopo like make sacrifice fo God on top da
Ezr 3.11: peopo yell plenny loud an tell good tings bout Yahweh, cuz now da Temple Fo Yahweh get foundation.
Ezr 4.16: We telling you now, dat if dey pau build dis town one mo time an put up
Ezr 5.16: From dat time till now, da peopo stay work, but still not pau yet.”
Ezr 7.14: An now, we like you fo go find out how eryting stay Judah side an
Ezr 8.28: da pries leada guys: “You guys stay real spesho fo Yahweh now.
Ezr 9.2: So now, da ohana dat stay spesho fo God, come all mix up wit da
Ezr 9.7: From da time oua ancesta guys wen live to now, us guys get uku paila shame.
Ezr 9.7: An dat stay happening again right now!
Ezr 9.8: “An jus now, you oua God Yahweh, you wen help us plenny fo short time
Ezr 9.10: “But now, wit all da bad kine stuff oua peopo stay doing, us no can
Ezr 9.14: But now, we stay broke yoa rules one mo time.
Ezr 9.14: Fo shua, now you goin come real plenny huhu wit us, an go wipe us out,
Ezr 9.15: Some a us guys come back hea now, afta we get outa trouble Babylon side.
Ezr 10.2: But now, no matta us do dis, us Israel peopo can stay shua dat God
Ezr 10.3: Now, dis wat we betta do: we make one strong promise fo make
Ezr 10.10: So now, God stay ready fo punish us Israel guys again!
Ezr 10.11: So now, tell da God fo yoa ancesta guys, dat you know da tings
Neh 1.2: dat da Babylon army wen go take Babylon side befo time, an now dey go back Judah side fo live.
Neh 4.6: Now, us guys wen build da wall till da whole wall stay join
Neh 5.8: But now, some a you guys, you stay selling yoa own bruddas!
Neh 5.11: Right now, give um back dea lands fo plant, dea grape farms, dea
Neh 6.7: talk fo God Jerusalem side, fo tell erybody dis bout you: ‘Now, get new king, Judah side!
Neh 6.7: So you betta come fo talk to us now.’
Neh 6.9: But now I pray to God, fo make my hand strong!
Neh 7.73: time, all da Israel peopo stay live inside dea towns now.
Neh 8.10: Nehemiah tell da peopo, “You go now.
Neh 8.12: Cuz now dey undastan da tings da leada guys wen teach dem.”
Neh 9.32: “So now, we like say dis to you Cuz you da God dat stay big an
Neh 11.1: Now, da leada guys fo da peopo live inside Jerusalem town.
Neh 13.4: Befo now, had one pries guy Eliashib, dat da main pries guys wen
Neh 13.27: You tink az good fo us hear now, dat oua God no can trus you guys, cuz you marry da
Est 2.5: Now inside da Susa strong walls, had one Jewish guy from da
Est 2.10: Now Esther no tell nobody bout her ohana, o dat she Jewish,
Est 2.16: Now, wen erybody see Esther, dey like her plenny.)
Est 4.11: But now get thirty days awready an da king no call me fo go by him
Est 5.5: Da king tell his guys, “Bring Haman now, so we can do wat Esther aks.”
Est 5.6: stay drinking da wine, da king aks Esther one mo time, “Now wat you like?”
Est 6.4: king tell, “Who stay outside, inside da palace yard right now?”
Est 6.4: Now Haman jus wen come inside da palace yard fo go aks da king
Est 6.6: Now Haman stay tinking, “Fo shua, az me he talking bout, cuz
Est 6.10: Den da king tell Haman, “Go right now.
Est 8.8: Now, I like you guys write anodda rule from me fo da Jews,
Est 8.11: Da king's new rule now tell, dat da Jews inside ery big town get da right fo come
Est 8.16: Fo da Jews, now dey stay feel real good inside, cuz erybody get respeck fo
Est 8.17: An plenny odda peopo wen come Jews, cuz now dey real scared a da Jews.
Est 9.1: But now eryting change, an da Jews get da power ova da guys dat
Est 9.4: Mordecai wen come one importan guy inside da palace now.
Est 9.12: Now, wat odda ting you like?
Isa 1.18: matta all yoa bad kine stuff Look jalike one big red spot now, But dey goin come white jalike da snow.”
Isa 1.18: No matta now jalike dey stay dark red, Dey goin come white jalike da
Isa 1.21: But now, ony get guys ova dea dat ony like kill peopo!
Isa 2.6: to da odda peopo from da east side, Babylon side, So now dey even go call da spirit from da mahke peopo Fo come
Isa 2.9: But now, erybody goin come shame.
Isa 3.23: Now dey get perfume, But den dey smell bad.”
Isa 3.23: Now dey get one fancy kine cloth aroun da waist, But lata dey
Isa 3.23: Now dey get nice style hair, But den dey goin come bolohead.
Isa 3.23: Now dey get fancy kine clotheses, But den dey get ony burmbag
Isa 3.23: Now dey nice looking, But den dey get burn scar all ova dem.
Isa 5.5: Now, I goin tell you guys Wat I goin do wit my grape field!
Isa 5.17: sheeps goin eat Wea da rich peopo wen live befo time, But now, ony get bus up house all ova.
Isa 6.7: He touch da hot charcoal on top my mout an tell, “Now dis charcoal wen touch yoa mout, All da bad tings you wen
Isa 7.13: Now you gotta try make my God tired too!
Isa 7.23: wea had tousan grape plants worth tousan piece silva, now eryting dat goin grow afta, ony goin be kuku kine plants.
Isa 8.17: Right now, he stay cover his face so da Jacob ohana peopo no can see
Isa 9.1: be no mo hard time fo da peopo dat get dat kine presha now.
Isa 10.11: Now we goin do da same ting to Jerusalem town An da idol kine
Isa 10.12: Jerusalem town wea da Temple stay, den God goin tell, “Now I goin punish da king fo Assyria, cuz he get big head an
Isa 10.25: But ony litto bit mo time now, Den I no goin stay huhu wit you guys no moa.
Isa 12.1: No matta you was huhu wit me, Now you no stay huhu wit me no moa, An you take away da sore
Isa 14.2: da Babylon peopo make da Israel peopo come prisnas, But now, da ones wen make presha fo da Israel peopo, Dey come dea
Isa 14.4: Befo time, dey amp out jalike dey da winna, But now, dey no say notting!
Isa 14.5: But da ones dat take ova us guys, An hit us wit dea stick, Now Yahweh broke dea stick.
Isa 14.8: Dey stay sing bout you lidis: “Now dat you no mo power, Nobody come up hea fo chop us down.
Isa 14.10: Now you guys lose yoa powa!
Isa 14.11: You guys was high makamaka, People play music fo you, But now, you guys come down to Da Mahke Peopo's Place.
Isa 14.12: But now, look how you guys fall down from outa da sky!
Isa 14.15: But now, God bring you guys down to Da Mahke Peopo's Place, Da mos
Isa 14.29: fo da Assyria peopo dat wen bus us guys up, He mahke, an now dey no mo powa!
Isa 16.9: But now, da peopo no yell dat way no moa Cuz no mo notting fo cut.
Isa 16.14: An now Yahweh tell dis too: “Da Moab peopo, get choke plenny a
Isa 17.4: Dat time, eryting dat stay awesome now Bout da Israel ohanas, Dat goin change, an dey no goin
Isa 17.4: Jalike wen one guy had plenny fo eat An now he come skinny.
Isa 17.9: nobody goin live inside da towns dat get strong walls now.
Isa 19.12: Wea yoa smart guys stay now, Da ones dat erytime know wat fo do?
Isa 19.22: goin make sacrifice an give wheat o barley gif fo him, cuz now dey get Yahweh fo dea boss.
Isa 21.4: I wait fo da light come litto bit, But now da light come, I stay scared even mo plenny!
Isa 21.5: Cuz you goin fight, right now!
Isa 21.9: An now, look!”
Isa 22.13: You tell, “Eat an drink now, Cuz tomorrow, we mahke!
Isa 22.18: But now, you da one Make shame fo yoa boss guys!
Isa 22.21: on top him, An give him da powa Fo do da job you get right now.
Isa 23.1: You guys no mo house now, No mo place fo da boats fo go in.
Isa 23.4: But now, you peopo inside Sidon town, You ony get shame!
Isa 23.4: But now, jalike da Tyre peopo stay tell, “Us guys no mo nobody Fo
Isa 23.7: Cuz now, all da Tyre peopo go far way awready.
Isa 23.10: You Tyre peopo dat live Spain side now, Okay fo you go from one end a yoa land to da odda end,
Isa 24.6: da ones dat live on top da earth, Ony litto bit peopo stay now.
Isa 24.8: Good fun, da tambourine, but now no mo noise.
Isa 25.2: Wea da peopo build palace, No even get one mo town dea now.
Isa 25.8: Dey all stay cry now, But he goin wipe off da tear from dea face.
Isa 25.8: Da peopo dat get Yahweh fo dea God, Dey all shame now, all ova da world, Cuz dey wen do bad kine stuff.
Isa 25.9: Now, us guys can dance an sing, An stay feel real good inside
Isa 26.14: Now, all dose odda boss guys, mahke awready.
Isa 27.4: Now, da ony ting I like fight Is da thorns an stickas Dat come
Isa 28.1: jalike da good looking flowas Dat stay come all dry up now.
Isa 28.22: So now, dass why you guys betta not make fun O God goin punish
Isa 29.18: Da guys dat no can see, an see ony dark kine stuff now, Dat time dey goin see wit dea eyes.
Isa 29.22: Az why Yahweh tell dis bout da Jacob peopo, “Now, da Jacob peopo No goin come shame no moa.
Isa 30.8: Now go.
Isa 30.8: Den da peopo goin know bumbye an foeva Wat I stay tell you now.
Isa 30.27: Now he come from far place.
Isa 32.15: Da field wea peopo tink plenny stuff grow now, Dat time dey goin tink, Look jalike one forest.
Isa 33.8: Da guys dat befo time stay go all ova, Now dey no go.
Isa 33.10: But Yahweh, he tell, “Now, I goin stand up an start fo do tings!
Isa 33.10: Now I goin show peopo how big me!
Isa 35.3: So, make strong da peopo Dat right now stay so scared, Dea hands shake an stay drop stuff.
Isa 35.4: feel scared Cuz dey tinking dey gotta do someting right now, “Be strong!
Isa 36.8: So now, make one bet wit my boss, da Assyria king.
Isa 37.13: Now, wea da kings fo Hamath, Arpad, Sefarvaim town, Hena, Iva?
Isa 37.20: Now, oua God Yahweh, get us outa trouble an no let da Assyria
Isa 37.26: happen, Befo time, I wen make da plan dat way awready, An now I stay make um happen -- Fo you bus up da towns dat get
Isa 38.8: Now, I goin make da sun shadow go back up da same ten step.
Isa 38.10: tinking: “I stay in da [bes / bestes] time a my life, An now I gotta go inside da gate Fo da Mahke Peopo Place?
Isa 38.16: I stay alive now.
Isa 39.6: an all da stuffs you an yoa ancesta guys wen put away till now, da Babylon guys goin take um all to Babylon.
Isa 40.21: neva tink bout, From da time God wen make da world, till now?
Isa 42.9: Now, goin get new kine stuff, An I da One tell bout um.
Isa 42.14: But now, time fo me talk strong, Jalike one wahine wen she born
Isa 43.1: But now, dis da message from Yahweh Da One wen make you Jacob
Isa 43.9: dem can tell us guys Bout all dis stuff dat stay happen now, An all da stuff dat wen happen befo time?
Isa 46.1: dem, Dat you Babylon guys carry befo time Fo make parade, Now you guys put um on top animals, An stay heavy fo even da
Isa 47.1: You Babylon guys was jalike one young princess, But now, you gotta go sit down on top da groun, Cuz now you no mo
Isa 47.1: But now, you gotta go sit down on top da groun, Cuz now you no mo throne, no mo king.
Isa 47.7: dis stuff, O wat goin happen bumbye Cuz a wat you stay do now!
Isa 47.8: Now lissen, you Babylon guys!
Isa 48.6: An from now, I goin tell you guys new kine stuff, Secret kine tings
Isa 48.7: I wen make dem jus now, No long time befo.
Isa 48.16: From da first ting I tell, till now, I neva talk secret kine.
Isa 48.16: An now, my boss Yahweh Send me, Isaiah, fo tell dis, An he send
Isa 48.19: I wen like fo dem no wipe out eva An cut off from me, But now, dey goin wipe out!
Isa 49.4: I stay strong befo time, But now, I stay all poho an wear out, Fo notting!”
Isa 49.5: So, now Yahweh tell me bout dis -- (He da One wen make me inside
Isa 49.6: So now, dis wat Yahweh tell: “But dass ony one small kine job, Fo
Isa 50.1: money An I sell you guys to dem fo pay dem, An az why now you dea slave?
Isa 51.18: You guys, jalike one wahine dat born plenny boys But now, no mo one a dem Fo show her wea fo go.
Isa 51.18: She wen raise up her boys But now no mo one a dem Fo hold her hand.
Isa 51.21: Az why you guys gotta lissen Wat I goin tell you now, You guys dat stay feel sore inside, An feel jalike you
Isa 51.22: Now I take away yoa trouble.
Isa 52.2: band aroun yoa neck You guys was prisnas befo, but not now!
Isa 52.3: Now, dey let you guys go, An I no goin pay dem notting!
Isa 52.5: An now, Yahweh tell: “Now, wat I get hea?
Isa 52.5: An now, Yahweh tell: “Now, wat I get hea?
Isa 52.7: He make shua erybody hear, “Eryting goin come good now!
Isa 52.7: He tell God's peopo, Jerusalem town, “Yoa God, he da king now!
Isa 54.1: But now, eryting goin come good fo you guys, Jalike if dat wahine
Isa 54.4: Jalike da wahine dat no mo her own kids, But now she get um, She foget, her was shame Befo time, wen her
Isa 54.5: Az cuz fo my peopo, You jalike da wahine dat get husban now -- Cuz jalike I yoa husban, Da One wen make you!
Isa 54.6: But now, jalike yoa husban stay call you fo come back.
Isa 54.11: You guys get hard time now, Jalike one town dat get hard time, Jalike big storms stay
Isa 55.6: Go all out fo know Yahweh Right now, wen he let you guys meet him.
Isa 55.6: Call him fo help you Now, wen he stay nea.’-”
Isa 56.1: Cuz litto bit mo time now, I goin get you guys outa trouble, Fo show erybody dat I
Isa 59.20: peopo Dat befo time go agains God, But dey stay sorry now Fo go agains him.
Isa 59.21: An dea kids goin tell um erytime From now an foeva.
Isa 60.1: Cuz now, you get light from me, Yahweh.
Isa 60.10: time, I wen stay huhu with you guys An wack you guys, But now, I like do good tings fo you guys An show you pity an
Isa 60.15: But now, I goin make you guys come Da ones dat erybody tell, ‘You
Isa 61.1: da army guys wen take to dea own country, Dey can go home now, An fo tell all da prisona guys, Da jail stay open now, so
Isa 61.1: now, An fo tell all da prisona guys, Da jail stay open now, so dey can go.
Isa 63.4: An da time stay now, fo do wat I gotta do Fo get my peopo outa trouble.
Isa 63.15: Befo time, you wen go all out fo us guys, But now, you no care.
Isa 63.15: Befo time, you wen use yoa powa fo help us guys, But now, you no do notting.
Isa 63.15: You wen feel plenny love an pity fo me befo time, But now, you stay hold back from me!
Isa 63.18: But now, da peopo dat stay make trouble fo us guys, Da Temple Dat
Isa 64.10: Da towns dat stay spesho fo you, Now no mo notting dea.
Isa 64.11: All da nice tings we wen get, All one pile a junk now.
Isa 65.16: Cuz now, I goin foget all da trouble Dat wen come befo time.
Isa 65.18: So now, stay good inside foeva, Wen you tink bout wat I making!
Dan 2.9: So now, you guys gotta tell me wat I wen dream!
Dan 2.21: He change wass goin happen, Now an bumbye.
Dan 2.28: Now, I goin tell you wat you wen dream, an tell all da pichas
Dan 2.36: Now, I can tell you wat da dream mean.”
Dan 3.15: Now, wen you guys hear da sound from da music one mo time, if
Dan 3.29: Az why I make dis rule now: No matta wat peopo o wat country somebody come from, an
Dan 4.18: Now, Belteshazzar, tell me wat da dream mean.’
Dan 4.22: You come mo an mo importan, so now you real big, jalike you stay reach da sky.
Dan 4.27: az why I like you lissen an do wat I tell you now: Throw out all da bad kine stuff you wen do awready, an do
Dan 4.30: He tinking, “Dis town, Babylon, stay big now!
Dan 4.37: Now me, Nebukadnezzar da King, I talk good bout da King Inside
Dan 5.29: An he let erybody know, dat Daniel now da numba three main guy ova da land wea Belshazzar stay
Dan 9.15: You wen do dat fo let erybody know from dat time till now, wat kine God you.
Dan 10.11: Tink plenny bout wat I goin tell you now!
Dan 10.11: Stand up, cuz God wen send me by you now!
Dan 10.12: I come hea now, cuz a wat you wen say.
Dan 10.14: Now, I stay come hea fo help you undastan wat goin happen to
Dan 10.14: you undastan wat goin happen to yoa peopo long time from now.
Dan 10.17: Boss, I yoa worka guy, but I no can even talk to you now!
Dan 10.19: Come strong now, come strong!
Dan 10.19: I tell, “Boss, talk to me now, cuz you make me come strong.”
Dan 11.2: “Wat I goin tell you now, stay true too: Goin get three mo kings come king inside
Amo 3.15: All ova da place, no goin get da houses dat get now.
Amo 5.5: was da first place yoa peopo wen come inside dis land, But now, Gilgal garans goin be da place wea dey goin drag you outa
Amo 5.14: Right now you guys ony tell dat he stick wit you guys, But he not.
Amo 5.26: ‘King’, Da one dey call Sikut -- but dass wat you doing now!
Amo 5.26: statue wit you, da star god -- But dass wat you guys doing now.
Amo 5.27: Dass why now, I goin throw you guys outa dis land An make you guys go
Amo 6.7: “Fo shua, pretty soon now, Da Assyria army guys goin come drag you guys outa hea.
Amo 7.3: He say, ‘Da ting you see now, no goin happen.’
Amo 7.4: Now, dat fire stay ready fo burn up all da fields too!
Amo 7.16: Now, you gotta lissen to wat Yahweh say.’
Amo 8.11: I wen tell befo, Cuz dey goin come hungry fo hear all dat now!
Amo 9.11: dis: “Dis peopo dat had King David fo dea king befo time, Now dey all mess up, jalike one shack ready fo fall down.
Jon 1.2: Go Nineveh town now, da main town Assyria side.
Jon 3.2: Tell da peopo ova dea all da tings I stay telling you now.
Jon 3.4: He talk so erybody can hear: “Ony get forty days mo from now, God goin wipe out Nineveh town!
Jon 3.7: king an da ali`i guys, we all say dis: Nobody eat notting now -- da peopo an all da animals, da cows, da sheeps,
Jon 4.3: Kill me now, cuz mo betta I mahke den stay alive!
Jon 4.11: “So now, tink bout me.
Mal 1.9: But now, beg me fo make good to you guys, an maybe I give you guys
Mal 2.1: So now, you pries guys, dis wat you gotta do.
Mal 3.14: Us guys do all da religious kine stuff fo God awready, an now, us stay make real sad face in front Yahweh, Da God Ova
Mal 3.15: So den, from now, us guys goin tink, ‘Da peopo dat ack like dey mo betta
Mat 1.18: Now befo Mary born Jesus, da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen
Mat 1.23: (“Emmanuel” stay mean, “God stay hea now wit us guys.
Mat 3.2: guys gotta like pau all da kine bad stuff you stay doing now, an no do um no moa.
Mat 3.2: Cuz God in da sky stay King hea now.
Mat 3.9: I telling you guys now, God can take dese rocks ova hea an make kids fo Abraham
Mat 3.15: Dis okay fo now, fo show we like do everyting da right way.”
Mat 4.16: ova dea dat stay inside da dark, Dey see one big light now.
Mat 4.17: doing, an no do um no moa, cuz God in da sky stay King hea now.”
Mat 6.10: We like you come King fo everybody now.
Mat 7.12: peopo do to you guys bumbye, make lidat to dem, same ting, now.
Mat 8.4: No foget make da kine sacrifice, now, jalike Moses wen tell in God's Rules.
Mat 8.4: Den everybody goin know dat you stay good now, an you can go pray wit da odda peopo.
Mat 8.13: Jalike how you stay trus me, dass how goin be fo you now.”
Mat 9.2: I tell you now, da shame from all dat, pau awready!
Mat 9.6: But now, I goin show proof you guys -- I goin make dis sick guy
Mat 10.7: teach lidis, ‘God, da King from da sky, he stay King hea now.
Mat 10.35: I come an I hea now, an jalike da Bible wen say from befo time, ‘Dat goin make
Mat 11.5: Had guys dat no can see, now dey can see.”
Mat 11.5: Had guys dat no can walk, now dey can walk.
Mat 11.5: Had lepa guys, now dey no mo sick.
Mat 11.5: Had guys dat no can hear, now dey can hear.
Mat 11.5: Had guys dat was mahke, now dey stay walking aroun.
Mat 11.5: Da peopo dat no mo notting, now dey hear all da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I teaching
Mat 11.11: But den now, even da mostes small kine guy dat get God fo his King, he
Mat 11.12: da first time John Da Baptiza Guy wen start fo teach till now, da King's ohana stay coming mo an mo strong.
Mat 11.22: But I telling you guys now, bumbye goin be mo easy fo da Tyre an Sidon guys wen dey
Mat 11.28: I make you guys rest now.
Mat 12.28: dat show dat God stay King, an he taking ova, ova hea now.
Mat 12.32: Spirit, God no goin let um go an hemo dea shame fo dat, now o foeva.
Mat 12.41: An one guy mo importan den Jonah stay hea now.
Mat 12.42: one guy mo importan den Solomon stay ova hea wit you guys now.
Mat 13.35: dat nobody know From dat time wen God make da world till now.
Mat 14.2: He wen mahke, an now he come back alive.
Mat 15.39: Den he tell um, “Go home, now.
Mat 19.28: on top my awesome throne, you guys who stay my guys right now, goin sit down on top da twelve thrones an be da judges fo
Mat 22.8: odda worka guys, ‘You know, da lu`au fo my boy stay ready now, but da guys I wen tell fo come, dey not good nuff.
Mat 22.25: Now den, had seven bruddas ova hea by us.
Mat 23.36: An I like tell you guys dis too: you guys who stay live now goin suffa, cuz a all dis stuff dat wen happen befo.
Mat 24.21: happen befo, not even from wen God wen make da world till now, an no goin get notting lidat eva goin happen again.
Mat 24.25: Befo all dat happen, I stay telling you guys everyting now awready.
Mat 24.34: you guys dis too: From da peopo dat stay ova hea right now, get guys dat no goin mahke befo all dis stuff goin
Mat 26.45: Da time stay now!
Mat 26.46: We go by dem now.
Mat 26.46: Da guy who wen set me up stay hea now awready.
Mat 26.48: Now, befo time, Judas wen tell um, “Da guy I goin kiss, az da
Mat 26.53: Tink bout dis: right now I can aks my Fadda fo help, an he goin send me mo den
Mat 26.65: He say, “Wat you guys tink now?”
Mat 27.3: Now Judas, da guy dat wen set up Jesus, wen see wat wen
Mat 27.8: why, dat field, dey call um “Da Blood Field” even till now.
Mat 27.15: Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year,
Mat 27.18: Now, Pilate know dat da leada guys wen give Jesus to him cuz
Mat 27.40: If you God's Boy, come down from da cross now!
Mat 27.42: da Israel peopo, kay den, let him come down from da cross now!
Mat 27.43: So, let God get him outa dis stuff now, if God like him!
Mat 28.18: go near dem an say, “God wen give me all da power, so now I in charge a everyting all ova da world an inside da sky.
Mrk 1.4: sorry an like pau do all da bad kine stuff you stay doing now, an no do um no moa.’-”
Mrk 1.15: God stay King hea now.
Mrk 1.44: No foget make da kine sacrifice now, jalike Moses wen tell inside God's Rules.
Mrk 1.44: Den everybody goin know dat you stay good now.
Mrk 2.1: Da peopo wen hear dat Jesus stay home now.
Mrk 2.5: I tell you now, da shame from all dat, pau awready!”
Mrk 2.10: But now, I goin show proof you guys -- I goin make dis sick guy
Mrk 2.18: Now, John's guys an da Pharisee's guys was skipping food so
Mrk 3.29: lidat, God no goin let um go an hemo dea shame fo dat, not now o eva!
Mrk 4.22: Kay den, wateva you no undastan now, you goin undastan bumbye.
Mrk 4.25: God goin make you no rememba even da litto bit you know now.
Mrk 5.15: He look diffren now.
Mrk 5.34: Go now, yoa heart goin rest inside.
Mrk 5.43: Now, go make her someting fo eat.
Mrk 6.29: me John Da Baptiza Guy's head on top one big plate right now!”
Mrk 6.29: But now he stay come back alive!”
Mrk 8.9: Den he tell um, “Go home now.
Mrk 8.14: Now, Jesus guys wen foget da bread.
Mrk 8.23: an put his hands on top him, an tell him, “Wat you see now?
Mrk 10.52: You wen trus me, dass why you come good now.”
Mrk 11.21: You wen put kahuna da fig tree, an now, all dry up!
Mrk 12.20: Now den, had seven bruddas ova hea by us guys.
Mrk 13.19: happen befo, not even from wen God wen make da world till now, an no goin get notting lidat eva goin happen again.
Mrk 13.23: Befo all dat happen, I stay telling you guys everyting now awready.
Mrk 13.30: tell you guys dis too: From da peopo dat stay hea right now, get guys dat no goin mahke befo all dis stuff goin
Mrk 14.41: Da time stay now!
Mrk 14.41: I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an now dey goin set me up fo da bad guys.
Mrk 14.42: We go by dem now.
Mrk 14.42: Da guy who wen set me up stay hea now awready.
Mrk 14.44: Now Judas, da guy dat wen set him up, wen tell um befo time,
Mrk 14.63: He say, “Wat you guys tink now?”
Mrk 15.6: Now, Governa Pilate, he let one prisona guy go every year at
Mrk 15.10: Now, Pilate know dat da main pries guys wen give Jesus to him
Mrk 15.30: Come down from da cross, now!
Mrk 15.32: us Israel peopo, kay den, he can come down from da cross now!
Luk 1.7: She an Zekariah stay old now.
Luk 1.20: From now on, you no can talk notting, till yoa boy born, cuz you
Luk 1.48: From now on all da peopo goin say God wen do plenny good stuffs fo
Luk 2.29: So now you can let me mahke.
Luk 2.37: She wen stay marry seven years, an now, she one widow fo eighty-four years.
Luk 3.3: come sorry an pau do all da bad kine stuff you stay doing now, an no do um no moa, an get baptize.
Luk 3.8: I telling you guys now, God can take dese rocks ova hea an make kids fo Abraham
Luk 4.18: He wen send me fo tell da prisona guys Dey can go free now.
Luk 4.18: An tell da peopo dat no can see, Dey goin can see now, An tell da peopo dat da odda guys make any kine to dem,
Luk 4.21: guys jus wen hear from da Bible, stay coming true right now.
Luk 5.14: No foget make da kine sacrifice now, jalike Moses wen tell inside God's Rules.
Luk 5.14: Gotta do all dat, so everybody goin know dat you stay good now.
Luk 5.20: I tell you now, da shame from all dat, pau awready!”
Luk 5.24: But now, I goin show proof you guys -- I goin make dis sick guy
Luk 6.20: da guys he teaching an say, “You guys dat no mo notting now, You can stay good inside Cuz God, he yoa King!
Luk 6.21: “You guys dat stay hungry now, You can stay good inside Cuz you goin come full!
Luk 6.21: “You guys dat cry now, You can stay good inside Cuz you goin laugh!
Luk 6.23: Da peopo dat hate you guys now, long time ago God wen send his talka guys fo teach dea
Luk 6.24: “Auwe you guys dat stay rich now!
Luk 6.25: Auwe you guys dat stay full now!
Luk 6.25: Auwe you guys dat laugh now!
Luk 7.13: wen spock her, an he get pity fo her, an he say, “No cry now.
Luk 7.21: Now, dat time Jesus stay make plenny guys come good from all
Luk 7.22: Had guys dat no can see, now dey can see.
Luk 7.22: Had guys dat no can walk, now dey can walk.
Luk 7.22: Had lepa guys, now dey no mo sick.
Luk 7.22: Had guys dat no can hear, now dey can hear.
Luk 7.22: Had guys dat wen mahke, now dey alive.
Luk 7.22: Da peopo dat no mo notting, now dey hear all da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I teaching
Luk 7.47: Cuz she get plenny love an aloha fo God now, az why.
Luk 8.35: Jesus, dey spock da guy, an he no mo da bad kine spirits now.
Luk 8.35: by Jesus feet wit clotheses on, an he tink good stuff now.
Luk 8.36: guy dat da bad kine spirits wen take ova, dat he stay good now.
Luk 8.38: Da guy dat no mo bad kine spirits now, he wen beg Jesus if he can go wit him, but Jesus tell
Luk 8.48: Now yoa heart can stay rest inside.
Luk 9.19: guys say you one guy dat wen talk fo God long time ago, an now you come back alive.
Luk 9.27: true, wat I telling you guys: Some a da peopo dat stay hea now, dey no goin mahke befo dey see how stay wen God da King.
Luk 9.44: an he wen tell his guys, “No foget wat I goin tell you now!
Luk 10.9: dea come good, an tell um, ‘God stay King hea wit you guys now.
Luk 10.11: But you betta know dis fo shua: God stay King hea now.’
Luk 10.36: Now, wat you tink?
Luk 11.2: We like you come King fo everybody now.”
Luk 11.20: power from God, dat show dat God stay King, an he stay hea now by you guys, an you guys neva know.
Luk 11.31: Get one guy mo importan den Solomon stay hea now.
Luk 11.32: An now get one guy mo importan den Jonah stay hea now.
Luk 11.32: An now get one guy mo importan den Jonah stay hea now.
Luk 12.49: “I wen come fo bring da fire on top da earth, an now I like da fire fo start.
Luk 12.50: But first I gotta suffa plenny, an I get hard time now till dat pau.
Luk 12.52: From now, on goin get five peopo in one ohana dat stay fight each
Luk 12.56: How come you no can figga da tings dat stay happening now?
Luk 13.7: wen tell da worka guy dat take care da field, ‘Three years now I stay come fo look if get fruit on dis fig tree, an no mo
Luk 13.30: Get guys dat peopo tink dey not importan now, an dey goin be da mos importan guys wen God stay King.
Luk 13.30: Get odda guys dat peopo tink dey importan now, but dey no goin be importan wen God stay King.
Luk 14.24: I telling you now, da peopo I wen tell first, not one a dem goin taste my
Luk 15.24: Jalike he wen mahke, but now he come back alive!
Luk 15.24: Cuz he was lost, but now we find um!
Luk 15.27: cow, cuz yoa fadda wen take him in, an everyting okay now!
Luk 15.32: Cuz jalike dis guy, yoa brudda, wen mahke, but now he come back alive!
Luk 15.32: Cuz he was lost, but now we find um!
Luk 16.3: “Da luna tink, ‘Wat I goin do now?
Luk 16.8: No matta da luna wen do stuff dass not right befo, now da boss talk good to him bout dis smart ting he wen do.
Luk 16.25: Now he stay good ova hea, an you stay suffa inside dis fire.’
Luk 17.22: Fo real kine, I like see Jesus come back now!
Luk 18.30: an mudda o kids fo God da King, he goin get plenny mo now in dis time, an bumbye he goin get da real kine life dat
Luk 18.42: You wen trus me, so now, you can see.”
Luk 19.5: Jesus go by dea, he look up an tell Zaccheus, “Come down now, Zaccheus.
Luk 19.42: make you guys stay good wit God an come his friends -- but now you guys no can undastan.
Luk 20.27: Now, da Sadducee guys, dey say nobody can come back alive afta
Luk 20.29: Now, had seven bruddas.
Luk 20.37: Now, long time ago, wen Moses wen spock one bush dat stay
Luk 21.8: Da time stay now!
Luk 21.31: dis stuff happen, den you goin know dat God stay King hea now.
Luk 22.19: From now, tink bout me everytime you eat dis.
Luk 22.36: Jesus say, “But now, whoeva get one money bag o one bag fo clotheses, take um.
Luk 23.5: Now, he stay come all da way ova hea.
Luk 23.17: [Now, every year, da Passova spesho religious time, Pilate
Luk 23.29: Cuz da time goin come wen you goin say, ‘Lucky now, da wahines dat no mo kids, da wahines dat neva born kids,
Luk 23.35: Send fo real kine, how come he no can get himself outa dis now?
Luk 23.44: Now was bout noon time, an come real dark all ova da place,
Luk 24.2: But stay on da side now.
Luk 24.17: He aks um, “Wat you guys stay talking bout now wen you walking?
Jhn 1.38: (Now, ‘Rabbi,’ dat mean ‘Teacha.”
Jhn 1.41: (Now, ‘Messiah,’ dat mean ‘da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen
Jhn 1.42: From now dey goin call you ‘Cefas.
Jhn 1.44: Now, Philip come from Betsaida town, da same place Andrew an
Jhn 2.6: Now, da Jewish peopo get Rules bout how dey gotta wash dea
Jhn 2.8: Den he tell um, “Now, go take some out, an take um to da guy in charge a da
Jhn 2.9: Now, he neva know wea da wine come from.
Jhn 2.10: But you, you wen bring out da bestes kine wine now!
Jhn 2.13: Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova.
Jhn 2.23: Now, wen Jesus stay inside Jerusalem fo da Passova religious
Jhn 3.25: Now, had one Jewish guy wen make argue wit da guys John stay
Jhn 4.18: Da guy you get now, he not even yoa husban.
Jhn 4.19: Da wahine say, “Mista, now I know fo shua you one talka fo God.
Jhn 4.23: Garans da time goin come, an awready stay hea now, wen da peopo dat go down an pray to da Fadda fo real
Jhn 4.36: um trus God, dey can both stay good inside togedda, cuz now da peopo dat trus God cuz a dem, get da real kine life dat
Jhn 4.42: But now we trus him cuz we hear him ourself, an we know fo shua
Jhn 4.46: Now, had one leada guy Capernaum town dat work fo da King.
Jhn 5.14: He say, “Eh, you stay good now.
Jhn 5.24: Dey stay live now fo real kine.
Jhn 5.25: Da time goin come, an awready stay hea now, wen da mahke guys goin hear wat I say.
Jhn 6.4: Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova.)
Jhn 6.17: Now, dark time wen come awready, but still yet Jesus neva come
Jhn 6.42: So, how come he say now, ‘I wen come down from da sky’?
Jhn 7.2: Now, almos time fo da spesho religious time, wen da Jewish
Jhn 7.23: Now, if you guys can cut skin on one guy on da Rest Day fo no
Jhn 8.5: Now, Moses wen tell us in da Rules, ‘Whoeva fool aroun behind
Jhn 8.11: Jesus say, “You can go now, cuz I no say you gotta mahke.”
Jhn 8.40: But now you guys stay trying fo kill me, no matta I everytime tell
Jhn 8.42: wen get love an aloha fo me, cuz I wen come from God, an now I stay hea.
Jhn 8.52: Now we stay shua dat you get one bad kine spirit in charge a
Jhn 9.4: We gotta do da kine stuff he tell us fo do now wen still get light.
Jhn 9.5: I stay inside da world now, an I jalike da light fo da peopo all ova da world.
Jhn 9.7: Now, Siloam mean, “Dey Send Water Dea.
Jhn 9.10: So dey aks him, “How come you can see now?
Jhn 9.14: Now, dat was da Rest Day wen Jesus wen make da mud an make da
Jhn 9.19: How come he can see now?
Jhn 9.21: But we donno how come he can see now, o who da guy wen make him see.
Jhn 9.25: But I know one ting: befo I no can see -- now I can see!
Jhn 9.31: An da guy say, “Now, we know dat God no lissen to da bad kine guys.
Jhn 9.32: From da time wen God wen make da world till now, nobody eva wen hear dat somebody wen make one guy see dat
Jhn 10.32: Now, wat good ting you guys throw stones at me fo?
Jhn 11.2: Now, Lazarus wen come sick.
Jhn 11.5: Now Jesus get love an aloha fo da sistas, Marta an Mary, an fo
Jhn 11.15: An now, we going ova dea by him.
Jhn 11.18: Now, Betany stay not too far from Jerusalem, not even two
Jhn 11.22: But I know dat even now, God goin do wateva you aks him fo do.
Jhn 11.55: Now, almos time fo da Jewish Passova religious time.
Jhn 12.17: Now, all da peopo dat wen stay wit Jesus, da time he wen make
Jhn 12.23: Now God goin make me come awesome fo real kine!
Jhn 12.27: Den Jesus tell, “Right now I feel all funny kine inside.
Jhn 12.27: ‘Fadda, no let me mahke right now’?
Jhn 12.31: Now da peopo inside dis world goin stand in front God da
Jhn 12.35: Live da right way now wen get light still yet, cuz no good da dark pio da light
Jhn 12.36: Right now, I stay hea wit you guys.
Jhn 13.3: He know he wen come from God an now he going back to God.
Jhn 13.7: Jesus tell him, “You no undastan how come I doing dis now, but bumbye you goin undastan um.
Jhn 13.19: I stay telling you guys dis now, befo he do um, so wen he do um, you guys goin know fo
Jhn 13.31: Now everybody goin see how awesome I stay.
Jhn 13.33: jalike I wen tell da Jewish leada guys, I telling you guys now, ‘Da place wea I going, you guys no can go dea.
Jhn 13.36: Jesus tell him, “Da place I going, you no can go dea now, but bumbye you going dea.
Jhn 13.37: Peter tell him, “Eh, Boss, how come I no can go wit you now?”
Jhn 14.7: An from now, you guys know him, an see him.
Jhn 14.25: still yet, az why I stay telling you guys all dis stuff now.
Jhn 14.30: Fo now, he in charge a da peopo inside dis world, but he no mo
Jhn 15.22: But now, dey no can go do bad kine stuff an den say, ‘Eh, us guys
Jhn 15.24: But now dey wen see me an my Fadda, an dey hate us both.
Jhn 16.5: “But now I going to da One dat wen send me.
Jhn 16.12: tell you guys, but dass mo den you guys can handle right now.
Jhn 16.22: Same ting wit you guys: Now, you guys stay sad an crying inside, but bumbye I goin see
Jhn 16.24: Befo now, you guys neva aks my Fadda fo do notting cuz you my guys.
Jhn 16.24: Aks now, an you guys goin get um, so you guys can stay good inside
Jhn 16.25: “Till now I wen teach you guys wit stories.
Jhn 16.28: Now I going outa da world, an going back to my Fadda.
Jhn 16.29: Now you talking strait out, an not ony teaching wit stories!”
Jhn 16.30: Now, we know fo shua dat you know everyting.
Jhn 16.31: You guys trus me now?”
Jhn 16.32: Da time goin come, an almos stay hea now, wen all you guys goin bag, an run all ova da place.
Jhn 17.1: Now, show da peopo how awesome I stay cuz I yoa Boy, so den I
Jhn 17.5: Now I going back by you, an I like you make me awesome, same
Jhn 17.7: Now dey know dat everyting you teach me, wen come from you.
Jhn 17.13: Now I goin come by you.
Jhn 18.15: Now, da Head Priest guy know me.
Jhn 18.40: Now, Barabbas, he was one mean crook guy.
Jhn 19.14: Bout noon time, Pilate tell da Jews, “Look now, yoa king!
Jhn 19.26: So Jesus tell his mudda, “Look, Ma, dis yoa boy now.
Jhn 19.27: Make like her yoa mudda now.”
Jhn 19.41: Now da place dey wen kill Jesus, had one garden wit trees, an
Jhn 20.1: But now, da stone stay on da side.
Jhn 20.27: Now, no say you no believe I alive fo real kine.
Jhn 21.7: Now me, I was dea.”
Jhn 21.17: Den Peter wen come all hurt inside, cuz now three times awready Jesus go aks him.
Act 1.3: Now, afta Jesus wen suffa, he let da guys dat he wen pick see
Act 1.6: togedda wit him, an dey aks him, “Boss, you goin come King now fo da Israel peopo, jalike had king befo time?
Act 1.18: (Now, da guys dat like kill Jesus wen give Judas money fo da
Act 2.33: take charge a us guys too, an dass wat you see an hear now.
Act 2.40: you outa da bad kine stuff dat da odda peopo stay doing now.
Act 3.24: fo God afta him, dey all wen tell bout wat stay happen now.’
Act 4.10: An now dis guy can stand hea in front you guys.
Act 4.29: Now, Boss, lissen wat dey say agains us, an give us da kine
Act 5.21: Now, da Head Priest guy an his guys wen tell all da main
Act 6.9: Dem Jewish churches stay fo da peopo dat was slaves, but now dey not slaves no moa.
Act 7.4: mahke, God wen send Abraham to dis place wea you guys stay now.’
Act 7.40: Moses wen bring us outa Egypt, but we donno wea he stay now!
Act 8.28: Now he going home, an he sitting inside his carriage.
Act 9.6: Now stand up an go inside da town, an somebody goin tell you
Act 9.38: Lydda side, dey send two guys by him fo beg um, “Try come now!
Act 10.5: Now send some guys Joppa side fo bring back one guy name
Act 10.30: days ago I stay praying inside my house, same time like now, three clock in da aftanoon.
Act 10.33: Now we all stay hea in front God, an we like hear all da stuff
Act 10.34: He tell um, “Now I know dat stay true dat God tink an do da same ting fo
Act 11.12: God's Spirit wen tell me, ‘No scared fo go wit dem now.
Act 11.19: Now, da bruddas an sistas dat wen go all ova da place afta
Act 12.11: Den Peter wen figga wat wen happen, an he tink, “Now I know I no stay dreaming!
Act 13.11: Now da Boss goin punish you an make you blind fo now, so you
Act 13.11: Now da Boss goin punish you an make you blind fo now, so you no can see da sun.
Act 13.31: Now, dey da guys dat tell all dis stuff to da Jewish peopo.
Act 13.33: wen promise our ancesta guys dat he goin do someting, an now he wen do um fo us, dea kids.
Act 13.41: Cuz I goin do someting now Wen you guys stay alive, Someting you guys no goin
Act 13.46: nuff fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, now we goin go by da peopo dat not Jews.
Act 14.1: Now, in Iconium Paul an Barnabas wen go inside da Jewish
Act 14.26: Cuz now dey wen pau do all da stuff dey wen tink fo do.
Act 15.10: Now, how come you guys try find out if God really mean dat he
Act 16.34: Him an his ohana wen feel real good inside, cuz now dey stay trus God.
Act 16.37: An now dey like send us away so nobody know.
Act 17.6: guys, dey wen make big trouble all ova da whole world, an now dey stay come ova hea.
Act 17.23: Now I goin tell you bout da god dat you go down an pray to,
Act 17.30: wen let da peopo tink dat stuff, cuz dey neva know, but now he stay tell all da peopo all ova da world dat dey gotta
Act 18.6: Now I goin go talk wit da peopo dat not Jews.
Act 19.18: Plenny peopo dat trus da Boss now, wen come fo tell everybody all da bad kine stuff dey wen
Act 20.22: Now, God's Spesho Spirit stay telling me fo go Jerusalem.
Act 20.32: Now, I give you guys ova to God, an I tell you fo lissen to
Act 21.24: Now, someting wen happen dat make dea promise pau.
Act 22.3: I wen go all out fo God jalike all you guys dat stay hea now.
Act 22.13: He stand by my side, an say, ‘Brudda Saul, you can see now!
Act 22.16: An now, wat you waiting fo?
Act 22.18: Go way from Jerusalem right now, cuz dey no goin like da stuff you say bout me!
Act 23.21: Dey stay ready now.
Act 24.4: But now, so dat I no bodda you moa, try lissen to us litto bit.
Act 24.25: Den Felix wen come scared, an he say, “Dass nuff fo now!
Act 25.24: Dey wen yell dat he gotta mahke right now.
Act 26.6: An now I stay standing ova hea in front you cuz I trus an wait fo
Act 26.16: Now stand on yoa feet.’
Act 26.22: But God wen help me everytime till now.
Act 26.29: aks God dat you an all da peopo dat stay listening to me now goin come jalike me -- but not tie up wit chains lidis.”
Act 27.22: Now I beg you guys fo no give up, cuz you all goin come outa
Act 27.24: God doing plenny good kine stuff fo you, an now he goin let all da guys dat sail wit you come outa dis
Act 27.34: Now I beg you guys fo eat someting.
Rom 1.13: I like you guys know dis: Plenny times I tink, “Maybe az now da time fo me fo go by da Rome peopo!
Rom 1.13: Ony now, I can go.”
Rom 2.17: Now you dea, you like peopo fo know you one Jewish guy.
Rom 3.19: Now, we know dat everyting God's Rules say, dass fo da peopo
Rom 3.21: Stay clear now how God wen go make plan so we can get um right wit him.
Rom 3.27: How come you tink you can talk big now?
Rom 5.10: So now we da same side wit God, even mo, Christ goin take us outa
Rom 5.11: wit him, cuz our Boss Jesus Christ wen mahke fo us, so now we can go da same side wit God.
Rom 5.16: God da Judge give um one spesho present -- he tell, “Now, can get um right wit me!
Rom 5.17: Cuz a dat, now everybody gotta mahke.”
Rom 5.17: An now, da one guy Jesus Christ wen do one real good ting, an
Rom 5.17: Now, us guys get um right wit God.
Rom 5.18: one guy dat wen do wat he not suppose to do, an cuz a dat now everybody gotta get punish.
Rom 5.21: But now, cuz a wat our Boss Jesus Christ wen do, God do someting
Rom 6.6: Now dat no good kine guy no mo power.
Rom 6.6: Now we no need do da bad kine stuff.
Rom 6.6: Now we not stuck -- we not slave guys.
Rom 6.10: Now he ony live fo God.
Rom 6.11: Same time, you guys live fo God, cuz now you guys stay tight wit Jesus Christ.
Rom 6.13: Cuz jalike you wen go mahke awready an now you stay alive again.
Rom 6.14: Now, fo get um right wit God, you guys no gotta do wat da
Rom 6.14: Now, da way you guys live, you stay do wat you do cuz God wen
Rom 6.17: But now, you guys lissen from deep inside yoaself, fo do all da
Rom 6.18: Now you guys goin work hard fo do da right kine stuff.
Rom 6.19: But now, you guys gotta make yoaself be da kine peopo dat gotta do
Rom 6.21: Now you guys get plenny shame weneva you guys tink bout um.
Rom 6.22: But now, you guys no gotta do ony bad kine stuff no moa, cuz God
Rom 6.22: Now, you guys da kine peopo dat work fo God!
Rom 7.4: Same ting jalike you guys wen mahke awready, so now da Rules no mo notting fo do wit you guys.
Rom 7.4: Dass why now you guys can come his guys, an stay tight wit dis guy
Rom 7.4: All dis jalike dat wahine can marry one nodda guy now, an no mo problem.
Rom 7.4: So now, wat you do an how you ack, everyting fo God.
Rom 7.6: Now we no need, cuz jalike we wen mahke awready.
Rom 7.6: Az why us guys can work fo God now.
Rom 7.20: Now, wen I do wat I no like, az not me dat make me do um, but
Rom 8.2: Now, if you get God's Spirit, God's Spirit cut you loose from
Rom 8.4: Now, we stay doing da kine stuff God's Spirit like us do, not
Rom 8.18: You know, I figga dat da stuff we stay suffa right now, az notting!
Rom 8.21: Right now, all da tings dat God wen make, dey stay stuck hamajang
Rom 8.22: Us guys know, from befo time till now, all da tings God wen make stay making noise jalike dey
Rom 8.38: wit power dat go agains us, no matta wateva stay happen now o goin happen bumbye, no matta get guys wit power up dea
Rom 9.6: Now, I not saying dat wat God wen say no goin happen.
Rom 9.8: da kids dat wen ony born from our ancesta guy Abraham till now, not all dem God's kids, but ony da kids dat God wen
Rom 9.19: Now, somebody goin aks me dis: “Eh!
Rom 9.26: dat stay alive goin tell um bumbye, ‘You guys, you my kids now!’-”
Rom 9.30: Now, dey get um right wit him, cuz dey stay trus um.
Rom 10.4: Now, whoeva go trus Christ, dey da ones dat goin get um right
Rom 10.5: Now Moses, he wen go write inside da Bible how fo get um right
Rom 11.8: see notting, Dea ears no can hear notting, Right up till now.
Rom 11.11: do da way dey not suppose to an no trus God, dat wen mean, now all da odda peopo dat not Jews can get outa da bad kine
Rom 11.13: Now fo you guys dat not Jews, I like say dis one ting: God wen
Rom 11.15: back his own peopo, goin be jalike dey was mahke befo, but now dey wen come alive fo real kine!
Rom 11.25: Israel peopo, dey wen come hard head an neva like trus God now, but den, dey no goin stay lidat foeva.
Rom 11.30: But now, you guys get chance, cuz da Jewish peopo da ones dat no
Rom 11.31: Right now, da Jewish peopo no like do wat God tell um fo do.
Rom 11.32: Right now, God make everybody same same, so dey no can do wat he
Rom 13.1: Da guys dat stay get power right now, dey da ones dat stay in charge cuz God wen make um lidat.
Rom 13.11: kine stuff, an da time dat goin happen, dat time mo close now den befo, wen we wen go trus Jesus Christ.
Rom 13.11: Jalike us guys was sleeping, but now, time fo us wake up awready!
Rom 13.12: Now, jalike we goin put on da kine stuff da army guys use fo
Rom 15.18: Da diffren peopos lissen to Christ now, cuz a da tings I wen tell an do.
Rom 15.23: But now, I pau do my work dis side, an long time now, I wen like
Rom 15.23: But now, I pau do my work dis side, an long time now, I wen like plenny fo go see you guys.
Rom 16.26: But now, da tings dat da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen
Rom 16.26: Da God dat no goin mahke eva, he wen make um so dat now, all da diffren peopos can know da tings dat was secret
1Co 3.22: Everyting dat stay happening right now, an everyting dat goin happen lata -- everyting stay fo
1Co 4.11: Even now we stay hungry, but we still no mo food, an no mo notting
1Co 5.11: But now, I mean you guys betta not hang aroun one guy dat say he
1Co 6.5: An now, I like say someting dat goin make you guys shame: No even
1Co 6.15: So now, wat?
1Co 7.1: Now I like talk bout da stuff you guys wen aks me inside yoa
1Co 7.22: No matta da guy one slave still yet, now he work fo da Boss Up Dea.
1Co 7.22: da guy no was one slave wen da Boss wen tell him fo come, now he one slave fo Christ.
1Co 7.29: Cuz da way da world stay now, goin all pau.
1Co 7.31: Cuz da way da world stay now, goin all pau.
1Co 8.1: Now, I like talk bout da meat dat peopo give fo make sacrifice
1Co 9.2: send me, ony gotta check out wat wen happen to you guys now, how you guys stay tight wit da Boss!
1Co 10.12: You tink you stay strong now.
1Co 10.21: Come on now!
1Co 11.17: Wat I goin say now, I no can say notting good bout you guys.
1Co 12.29: Now, wat you guys tink?
1Co 12.31: Now, you guys go all out so you guys can handle da mos
1Co 13.11: Now, I big, dass why I no do da tings da same way da small
1Co 13.12: Right now, us guys can see stuff, but ony jalike wit one junk
1Co 13.12: Right now, I ony know litto bit.
1Co 13.13: So now, get three tings dat stay: we can trus God, an we can know
1Co 14.30: dea, an God show dat guy someting dat was secret befo, an now da guy like tell wat God show um, den da guy dat stay
1Co 15.10: He wen make me how I stay now.
1Co 15.49: Us guys, right now we look jalike da Adam guy dat God wen make from da dust.
1Co 15.53: Dis body dat can mahke now, gotta come diffren kine, so no can mahke eva again!
1Co 15.54: Dat time, wen da body dat can come rotten now, goin come diffren kine, an no goin come rotten eva again!
1Co 15.54: Da body dat can mahke now, goin come diffren kine, an no goin mahke eva again!
1Co 15.56: How come he can zap us guys now an we mahke?
1Co 15.57: But now, everyting stay diffren!
1Co 16.1: Now we like talk bout da money dat you guys like give fo help
1Co 16.1: church peopo all ova Galatia, wat fo do wit da money, an now you guys, gotta do da same ting.
1Co 16.7: Right now, I figga no good ony pass by you guys, cuz den I ony goin
1Co 16.12: But right now, he no like go.
1Co 16.21: Now dis me, Paul, an I writing dis part wit my own hand:
2Co 1.14: Right now, you guys ony undastan litto bit bout us guys.
2Co 2.7: So now, let um go an no stay mad at um.
2Co 3.10: everybody wen tink stay awesome, jalike dey not awesome now, cuz get someting dat stay even mo awesome.
2Co 3.14: Even right now wen dey read inside da Bible bout da Deal from befo time
2Co 3.15: Even now still yet, weneva da Jewish peopo read wat Moses wen
2Co 3.18: An our faces no stay cover up, an now we can stay tinking plenny bout how awesome da Boss stay.
2Co 4.10: matta we get bus up, dat show dat Jesus still stay alive now.
2Co 4.17: We get plenny big time trouble now, but you know wat?
2Co 5.1: Eh, we know dat our body, da one we stay inside now on top da earth, jalike one tent dat ony goin stay up
2Co 5.4: Now we stay ova hea inside dis world, an we bum out, cuz we
2Co 5.16: So, from now on, we no tink bout nobody da same way odda peopo tink.
2Co 5.16: Now, we no tink bout Christ dat way no moa.
2Co 6.2: Now da right time fo God get you outa da bad kine stuff you
2Co 6.13: Now I goin talk to you guys jalike you my kids.
2Co 7.7: So now I feel even mo good inside.
2Co 7.9: But now I feel good inside, not cuz you wen feel sorry, but cuz da
2Co 7.11: Cuz you guys wen do everyting da right way, an now no mo nobody can blame you guys fo notting.
2Co 7.14: I wen tell Titus good tings bout you guys, an now you guys neva make me shame.
2Co 8.11: tink stay good fo you guys fo do: Give da rest a da money now.
2Co 8.14: Right now you guys get plenny money, an you guys can kokua da odda
2Co 8.22: An now he going all out even moa, cuz he know you guys goin do da
2Co 10.2: I telling you guys fo try lissen to wat I saying now, so den wen I come ova dea, I no need talk strong to dem
2Co 10.15: You guys stay trus God mo an mo now, an we stay waiting an trus dat we goin help you guys mo
2Co 11.3: Now you guys like stick wit Christ fo real kine an stay clean
2Co 11.4: so how come you guys wen take in one diffren kine spirit now?
2Co 11.4: so how come you guys wen go trus one diffren kine teaching now?
2Co 11.17: Wat I telling you guys now, I sound jalike one lolo head talking, but da Boss Up Dea
2Co 13.2: guys da numba two time, I awready wen tell you guys, an now I telling you one mo time: Wen I come ova dea I not goin
2Co 13.4: But God wen give Christ da power fo live now, an he wen give us da power fo live too wit Christ an work
2Co 13.7: Now I stay aks our Fadda dat you guys no goin do notting
Gal 1.23: Dey ony wen hear, “Da guy dat wen make us suffa befo, now he telling everybody fo trus da Good Stuff From God, da
Gal 2.4: make like dey God's peopo so dey can find out how we ack now dat Jesus Christ wen let us go cuz we stay tight wit him,
Gal 2.20: Now dass not me dat stay live no moa, but Christ stay live
Gal 2.20: da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva inside my body now, cuz I stay trus God's Boy.
Gal 3.1: But now you guys no lissen to da true stuff.
Gal 3.3: But now in da end you guys goin try fo do everyting wit yoa own
Gal 3.13: Dass why now, we no goin get kahuna on top us.
Gal 3.25: But now we can trus Christ, so no need one babysitter.
Gal 3.27: wen get baptize fo stay tight wit Christ an be his guys, now you goin come like him.
Gal 3.28: Now, no matta Jew o not Jew, slave o not slave, guy o wahine,
Gal 4.6: God wen put his own Boy's Spirit inside our hearts, so now we can tell God, “Papa, you my Fadda!
Gal 4.7: Now you guys God's kids!”
Gal 4.9: But now, you guys know God.
Gal 4.18: Now, good if dey go all out everytime, if dey do good kine
Gal 4.20: I like come ova dea wit you guys now, an talk diffren kine.
Gal 4.20: But right now I not shua bout you guys.
Gal 4.24: Now, Hagar, she jalike one picha fo show da deal God wen make
Gal 5.3: Now I goin tell everybody one mo time: Whoeva cut skin so dey
Gal 5.8: Dat kine stuff you guys lissen to now, dat no come from da Boss, who wen tell you guys fo come
Gal 6.17: So now, no let nobody make trouble fo me, cuz I get scars on top
Eph 1.9: Befo time he neva tell nobody notting, but now he wen tell us guys.
Eph 1.21: Christ, he stay da mos importan leada now, an he goin be da mos importan leada inside da time dat
head: Now Jalike You Guys Wen Come Back Alive
Eph 2.10: God da One wen make us guys how we stay now.
Eph 2.10: He wen make us stay tight wit Jesus Christ, so now us guys can do good kine stuff.
Eph 2.13: But now, you guys stay tight wit wit Jesus Christ.
Eph 2.15: Now, he make da Jewish peopo an da odda peopo come tight wit
Eph 2.17: He say, “Now you guys can make good wit each odda!
Eph 2.19: guys dat not born Jewish, you guys wen stay outside, but now no stay lidat.
Eph 2.19: Now you guys stay spesho fo God too, an you guys inside God's
Eph 3.5: But now, God's Good an Spesho Spirit wen show da secret plan to
Eph 3.9: everyting, he neva let nobody know da secret plan till now.
Eph 3.10: But now, God like use his church peopo fo show all da kine leada
Eph 3.21: awesome God stay, dass all da church peopo dat stay alive now, an all da church peopo dat goin come afta.
Eph 4.4: God wen tell you guys fo come be his guys, an now ony get one ting you stay waiting fo.
Eph 4.28: Now dey gotta work hard fo do good kine stuff wit dea hands.
Eph 5.8: But now, you guys stay tight wit da Boss, jalike you guys get da
Eph 5.8: Now, go live how suppose to, jalike da guys dat get da light
Eph 5.32: Was one secret befo time, but now us guys undastan wat mean da stuff bout Christ an his
Eph 6.12: Us guys get war now, you know!
Php 1.10: Den nobody can poin finga dem, from now till wen Christ come back!
Php 1.14: Now dey get da guts fo tell peopo wat God say, an no need be
Php 1.17: Now, da odda buggas!
Php 2.12: An now, wen I no stay wit you guys, you guys stay doing um even
Php 3.4: Now me, if I like, I can tink I okay cuz a who me, an wat I
Php 3.7: No matta I wen figga all dat stuff do me plenny good, now, I figga all dat stuff ony junk!
Php 3.7: Cuz I stay tight wit Christ now, dass why.
Php 3.8: Mo den dat, jalike I wen say, now I figga everyting ony junk.
Php 3.8: Cuz now, I know my Boss Jesus Christ fo real kine, an dass mo
Php 3.18: Jalike I wen tell you guys ova an ova awready, an even now I stay crying wen I telling you guys dis: Get plenny guys
Php 3.21: diffren, no matta our bodies stay kinda junk kine right now.
Php 4.5: Ony litto bit time now, an da Boss goin come back.
Php 4.10: But now, you guys wen start again fo tink how you guys can kokua
Col 1.22: But now Christ stay make everyting go back da same side wit God,
Col 1.24: Christ wen suffa plenny, an right now I stay suffa plenny too.
Col 1.26: But now he let da peopo dat stay spesho fo him see um an undastan
Col 2.8: Dey get all dis kine teaching ony from peopo, from now an from befo time, an from da spirits dat stay in charge a
Col 3.1: Now, Christ stay sitting up dea in da mos importan place by
Col 3.3: No make big deal bout da tings down hea inside da world, Now God take care you guys, cuz jalike you guys wen mahke wit
Col 3.3: you guys, cuz jalike you guys wen mahke wit Christ, but now you guys stay tight wit him an you get da real kine life.
Col 3.8: Now, you guys throw way all dat kine stuff.
Col 3.10: Now you guys stay do da new kine way.
Col 3.10: God da One wen make you guys da first time, an now he everytime stay make you guys know him mo betta, an come
Col 4.17: “All da work da Boss wen tell you fo do, you betta do um now.
1Th 2.4: Cuz he da One stay checking us guys out right now inside our heart.
1Th 2.16: An now God, he no take dem fo wat dey stay do!
1Th 3.6: But now, Timoty jus wen come back hea from you guys, an he tell us
1Th 3.8: Cuz you guys stay solid wit da Boss, now us guys feel good inside, jalike we stay live to da max fo
1Th 3.9: Da way you guys stay live now, we stay feel real good inside to da max!
1Th 3.9: Now we stay tell God “Mahalo plenny’ cuz a you guys.
1Th 4.1: Now we aks you guys an beg you guys fo do um mo an mo still
1Th 4.3: Now dis wat God like fo real kine.
1Th 4.18: each odda dis kine good words, jalike I telling you guys now.
1Th 5.1: Now bruddas an sistas, you guys no need me fo write you guys
1Th 5.9: Now God, he neva put us guys hea jus so he can punish us guys
1Th 5.23: Now den, God, he make us guys heart stay rest inside.
1Th 5.23: Den nobody can poin finga you, from now till our Boss Jesus Christ come back.
2Th 1.5: You guys know how come you stay suffa now?
2Th 1.6: Da peopo dat make you guys suffa now, God goin make dem suffa bumbye.
2Th 2.6: Right now, get someting dat stay making dat Real Bad Guy hold back,
2Th 2.7: I mean dis: Right now, da Devil stay making all kine peopo broke da rules, an no
2Th 2.7: somebody dat stay hold back wat da Real Bad Guy like do now.
2Th 3.14: Now, if get one guy dat no like lissen to da stuff we telling
2Th 3.17: I writing dis stuff now wit my own hand.
1Ti 1.3: I telling you now, jalike I wen tell you wen I wen go way from you befo, an
1Ti 1.13_1: Now I stay tight wit Jesus Christ.
1Ti 1.15: Da stuff I telling you now stay true, an you can trus um: God's Spesho Guy Jesus wen
1Ti 3.14: I like come see you now, but I writing dis stuff to you first, cuz if I no can
1Ti 5.4: Now da kids suppose to take care dea mudda guys an granmudda
1Ti 6.21: Dass why now dey no trus um.
2Ti 1.5: one dat wen trus God lidat, an den, yoa mudda Eunice, an now, I shua you stay trus God lidat too.
2Ti 1.6: So now, go all out fo do um!
2Ti 1.10: But now God stay show us guys his plan, An how he like do good
2Ti 2.2: Now, you gotta go find peopo dat you can trus, an den, put dem
2Ti 4.1: An right now I telling you serious kine fo do all dis stuff, jalike me
2Ti 4.8: Now, ony get one ting I stay waiting fo get -- dass da spesho
Tit 3.7: Now we wen come his kids, an he our Fadda.
Tit 3.7: Now we wait an stay shua God goin give us da real kine life
Phm 1.10: I like tell you dis bout him: now, he jalike my boy, an I jalike his fadda, fo real kine,
Phm 1.11: But now, he stay help me, an he goin help you.
Phm 1.16: Now, he not jus one slave, but mo betta den one slave!
Phm 1.16: You know him jalike befo, an now you an him know each odda jalike you bruddas, cuz you an
Heb 1.2: But now, wen everyting stay coming pau, God wen send his Boy fo
Heb 2.8: But right now, wen us guys look aroun, we can see dat us peopo still yet
Heb 2.10: dey do, an fo make um come awesome cuz dey God's kids now.
Heb 2.14: Now, God's kids get skin an blood cuz dey peopo.
Heb 2.15: But now da Devil no can do dat no moa.
Heb 2.18: Dass why, now he can help da peopo, everytime dey get presha fo do bad
Heb 3.13: Cuz now, dass da “Today” God talking bout inside da Bible.
Heb 3.19: Now us guys can figga how come dem guys no can “go inside da
Heb 4.2: Now, we wen hear da Good Stuff From God jalike our ancesta
Heb 4.3: Now us guys dat trus God, jalike we “go inside God's place an
Heb 4.14: Now us guys, we get Jesus.
Heb 5.1: Now, weneva dey pick one guy from da Jewish peopo fo come be
Heb 5.9: Christ wen come perfeck, an now he da One dat take all da peopo dat lissen to him outa da
Heb 6.1: Now we gotta talk bout how fo come solid an grown up inside.
Heb 6.3: So now, we goin leave all da beginnas kine stuff behind, if God
Heb 6.11: Same ting, now we like all you guys fo show dat you guys go all out
Heb 7.3: Now, “Melkizedek,” dat mean, “Da King Who Everytime Do da
Heb 7.5: Now, all da Jewish pries guys, dey come from Levi, Abraham's
Heb 7.6: Now Abraham, he da guy dat God wen make promises to, but still
Heb 7.7: Now, wen get somebody talk lidat, everybody know he gotta be
Heb 7.11: Now, da pries guys, dey all wen come from Levi, an Aaron was
Heb 7.13: Now Jesus, he da guy we talking bout.
Heb 7.15: But da whole ting stay come even mo clear now: Get one nodda kine pries guy wen come.
Heb 7.16: Now da Rules say dat da pries guys gotta come from da Aaron
Heb 7.19: Now, God give us someting mo betta.
Heb 7.19: So den, now we stay shua we goin trus him.
Heb 7.28: Now da Rules say fo make guys come da main pries.
Heb 8.4: But you know, if Jesus was hea inside dis world now, he no can be one pries guy, cuz awready get guys dat give
Heb 8.7: Now, if no mo trouble wit da first deal, den no need make one
Heb 9.5: But we no can talk some mo bout all dat kine stuff right now, you know.
Heb 9.15: So now, da peopo God wen tell fo come be his guys, dey goin get
Heb 9.20: fo make solid da new deal dat God making wit you guys now.
Heb 9.24: He wen go wea God stay fo real kine inside da sky, an now he stay wea God stay, fo help us guys.
Heb 9.26: Now, end a da world time, he wen come ony dat one time, fo
head: Now We Goin Come Tight Wit God
Heb 10.19: So den, my bruddas an sistas, now we stay shua we no need shame fo go any time inside da
Heb 10.20: But now, Jesus wen open up da new way fo us fo go inside wea God
Heb 10.20: inside wea God stay, cuz Jesus wen go bleed an mahke, an now he stay alive.
Heb 11.1: Now, wen we trus God, dat mean we stay shua bout da stuff we
Heb 11.1: God goin do dat stuff bumbye, no matta we no see um right now.
Heb 12.1: An now, jalike dey all stay standing aroun us, watching us run da
Heb 12.26: But now, he wen make promise.
Jas 1.22: An no ony lissen to da tings God say, now.
Jas 2.24: Now you can see dat not nuff fo ony trus God an no do
Jas 5.1: Mo betta you cry plenny now, an feel sad!
1Pe 1.6: Dass why you guys feel plenny good inside, no matta now fo litto wile you guys gotta suffa plenny, cuz you get all
1Pe 1.7: Dass jalike why you guys suffa now, fo wipe out da junks you guys get inside, an fo show
1Pe 1.10: long time ago, dey wen talk bout wat stay happening right now.
1Pe 1.12: An now you guys wen hear bout um, cuz God's Spesho Spirit from da
1Pe 1.14: Now you guys gotta make jalike kids dat lissen to dea mudda an
1Pe 1.21: So now, God da One you guys stay trus, an you stay waiting fo him
1Pe 1.22: You guys wen do wat stay true, so now you stay all out fo God.
1Pe 1.22: Eh, now go get even mo love an aloha fo each odda, cuz yoa heart
1Pe 1.23: Now jalike you guys wen born one mo time, not from da kine
1Pe 2.3: Cuz now you guys find out dat da Boss get plenny good heart.
1Pe 2.10: time you guys wen make jalike you guys not one ohana, but now you guys God's ohana.
1Pe 2.10: Ony now, you guys take um.
1Pe 2.12: dat donno God, so dat, no matta dey poin finga you guys now, dey goin ony see da good kine stuff you guys do.
1Pe 2.24: Now, we no stay live fo do da bad kine stuff.
1Pe 2.25: You guys was jalike da sheeps dat stay lost, but now you guys wen come back to God.
1Pe 4.6: God goin check out da guys dat stay mahke now, jalike all da odda peopo, how dey wen make wen dey was
2Pe 1.10: Now, make shua you guys stay ack lidat.
2Pe 1.13: I figga az right I make lidat now, wen I stay alive.
2Pe 2.18: Get peopo dat wen go da wrong way, but now dey starting fo come back da right way litto bit.
2Pe 3.7: He let um stay right now, but he goin burn um up bumbye, wen da time come.
2Pe 3.8: No foget dis one ting now.
2Pe 3.18: I like everybody say awesome kine tings bout Jesus now, an foeva!
1Jn 1.2: We wen see him, an now we tell you guys fo shua bout da real kine life he give
1Jn 2.18: My good friends, da last time stay now.
1Jn 2.18: Dass how we know da last time stay now.
1Jn 2.28: So now, my good friends, stick wit Jesus, so dat wen he come
1Jn 3.9: do bad kine stuff, cuz jalike God stay live inside dem now.
1Jn 3.19: We tell our own heart dat everyting stay okay now, da way God see us.
1Jn 4.3: wen hear dat one guy dat go agains Christ goin come, an now dat guy stay awready inside da world.
2Jn 1.5: So now, I tell you, sista, all us guys gotta get love an aloha fo
Jud 1.3: But now, I gotta write you guys dis: God wen teach da peopo dat
Jud 1.6: Now dey all tie up wit chains foeva.
Jud 1.17: But now, my friends, rememba da guys da Boss Jesus Christ wen
Jud 1.25: Boss Jesus Christ wen make everyting right Befo time, An now, An foeva.
Rev 1.4: He da One dat stay now, an stay from befo time, an goin stay afta.
Rev 1.8: He da One dat stay now, dat stay befo time, an dat goin stay afta, da One dat get
Rev 1.18: Now I stay alive foeva!
Rev 1.19: write down everyting you see -- da tings dat stay happen now, an da tings dat goin happen bumbye.
Rev 1.20: put da lamps on top, dass one secret dat I goin tell you now.
Rev 2.5: Tink bout how you guys was befo, an now how plenny you guys wen mess up.
Rev 2.24: Now, I like tell dis to all you odda peopo inside Tyatira, you
Rev 3.2: So, wake up an no go back sleep now!
Rev 3.3: Come sorry fo da bad kine stuff you guys stay doing now, an no do um no moa.
Rev 3.18: Now I goin tell you guys wat I like you guys fo do.
Rev 3.21: Jalike me, I wen win, an now I stay sit down by my Fadda wea he stay on top his throne.
Rev 4.8: He da One wen stay from befo time, An stay now, An goin stay afta!
Rev 6.1: He tell, “Start now awready!
Rev 11.15: Dey wen say, “Now da time!
Rev 11.17: You stay now, An wen stay befo time!
Rev 11.17: Now you stay showing all yoa power, An wen start fo take
Rev 12.10: Den I wen hear one loud voice inside da sky dat say, “Now da time!
Rev 14.7: Cuz da time stay now wen he goin come da Judge fo everybody.
Rev 14.13: Den I hear one voice from da sky tell, “Write dis: From now, everybody dat trus da Boss Up Dea, dey goin stay good
Rev 14.15: voice he tell da One dat stay sitting on top da cloud, “Now cut da grapes wit yoa sickle, cuz az da right time now.
Rev 14.15: “Now cut da grapes wit yoa sickle, cuz az da right time now.
Rev 14.18: an wit one loud voice he tell da angel dat get da sickle, “Now cut da grapes from da grape fields all ova da world wit
Rev 14.18: fields all ova da world wit yoa sickle, cuz dey stay ready now.
Rev 16.5: You wen stay befo time, an you stay now.
Rev 16.18: big shaking befo, wen peopo stay on top da earth, till now.
Rev 17.8: dat you wen see, he wen stay befo time, an he no stay now.
Rev 17.8: Cuz he wen stay befo, an he no stay now, but he goin come back.
Rev 17.10: Five kings wen fall down awready, one king stay now, an one king neva come still yet.
Rev 17.11: Da Wild Animal dat wen stay befo, an no stay now, dass da numba eight king.
Rev 18.2: Now inside dea ony get bad kine spirits, An all kine pilau
Rev 19.7: Now we can feel good inside, An dance an sing, An tell how
Rev 19.7: “Cuz now, get da big lu`au Fo God's Baby Sheep Guy!
Rev 21.3: I wen hear one loud voice coming from da throne dat say, “Now God make house wit da peopo.
Rev 22.10: Almos time now.”