Gen 3.19: You gotta work hard an sweat Fo get nuff food outa da groun, An afta, you goin go back to da dirt
Gen 13.6: dey get so plenny animals, if dey wen stick togedda, no mo nuff land fo dem an dea animals.
Gen 18.6: Get da spesho wheat flour, one big pan full, an make nuff bread fo dese guys!”
Gen 24.19: like, I can pull up watta fo yoa camels too, till dey get nuff fo drink.
Gen 32.10: Now, I get plenny nuff peopo fo fill up two camp.
Gen 34.24: So all da guys from da town dat stay old nuff fo dea army lissen to Hamor an his boy Shekem.
Gen 45.11: I goin make shua all you guys get nuff food ova dea wen you come, cuz goin be five mo year dat no
Gen 45.28: Israel talk (dass Jacob, you know): “Nuff awready!
Exo 5.12: da wheat stalk dat nobody cut yet, so dey can get togedda nuff wheat stalk fo make da brick.
Exo 5.17: Jalike you no get nuff work fo do!”
Exo 9.28: Aks Yahweh, cuz nuff awready da thunda from God, an da ice rain.
Exo 12.4: If da house no mo nuff peopo fo eat all one bebe sheep, let um share wit da
Exo 14.11: Neva have nuff graveyard Egypt side, fo bury us guys back dea, o wat?
Exo 16.4: Dey gotta ony pick up nuff fo dat day.
Exo 18.18: You not strong nuff fo do um yoaself alone!
Exo 36.5: dey all wen leave da tings dey making fo go tell Moses, “Nuff awready!
Exo 36.6: Nuff awready!”
Lev 2.2: Da pries guy goin take some a da bestes kine flour nuff fo fill up his hand, wit da oil, an all da incense, an
Lev 12.8: If she no mo nuff money fo buy one bebe sheep, she can bring two doves o two
Lev 25.21: fo you guys da year numba six, so da land goin grow plenny nuff food fo three years.
Lev 25.28: But if da guy dat own da land befo time no mo nuff fo buy um back, den da guy dat wen buy da land can keep um
Lev 26.26: You guys goin eat, but you no goin get nuff.
Deu 2.5: You guys no goin even get nuff land dea fo put yoa feets on top um.
Deu 3.26: Yahweh tell, ‘Az nuff awready!’
Deu 19.15: “If ony get one guy dat see someting happen, dass not nuff fo tell dat somebody wen do someting bad o do someting
Deu 32.8: one place fo ery peopo, An fo da Israel peopo, he give nuff land fo how plenny peopo dem.
1Ki 7.12: block, den one course cedar wood beam, till stay high nuff.
1Ki 7.36: guys, an lions, an palm trees, ery place dat stay big nuff fo put one picha.
1Ki 8.51: Da time dey feel Jalike dey stay inside one hot place, Nuff hot fo melt da iron ova dea.
1Ki 12.18: But King Rehoboam, he strong nuff fo jump real quick inside his war wagon an run away from
1Ki 18.32: He dig one big ditch aroun da altar, nuff fo plant two box seed.’-”)
1Ki 20.10: No goin get nuff dirt ova dea fo all my army guys pick up even one hand
1Ki 20.27: Da Israel guys, dey come togedda too, an get ready nuff food fo da fight.
2Ki 5.17: let me, yoa worka guy, take back some dirt from hea, nuff dirt dat need two mules fo carry um.”
2Ki 18.23: I bet you, you no can find nuff guys fo ride 2,000 horse.
2Ki 19.3: Az jalike one bebe goin born, but da mudda not strong nuff fo born um.
Ezr 7.22: Give him up to 7,500 pound silva, nuff wheat dat need 100 donkeys fo carry, nuff wine dat need
Ezr 7.22: pound silva, nuff wheat dat need 100 donkeys fo carry, nuff wine dat need 100 donkeys fo carry, same ting fo da olive
Neh 5.8: Nuff awready, fo us guys do dat.
Neh 5.8: Nuff awready!
Isa 7.13: Not nuff, you guys, dat you make odda peopo tired.”
Isa 7.22: da cow an da goat, dey goin get milk, an da guy goin get nuff soft cheese fo eat.
Isa 19.5: Da Nile Riva watta no goin be nuff Fo cova da Egypt land jalike one sea.”
Isa 30.14: Da small pieces dat stay, No goin be big nuff fo take hot coal from da fire, O even fo get watta from da
Isa 36.8: I give you guys 2,000 horse if you can get nuff guys fo ride on top um!
Isa 37.3: jalike wen one bebe goin born, but da mudda not strong nuff fo born um.
Isa 40.16: All da trees on top da Lebanon mountains Not nuff fo make one fire on top one altar.
Isa 40.16: An all da animals dat live ova dea, Dey not nuff fo make da kine sacrifice Dat you burn up.
Isa 40.20: O if somebody no mo nuff fo pay fo dat kine statue Fo make one gif to his god, He
Isa 42.14: she make plenny noise, An breathe hard, jalike no can get nuff air.
Isa 56.11: Da leada guys, dey jalike greedy dogs Dat no get nuff fo eat!
Dan 4.12: Da leaf look real nice an get plenny fruit, Get food nuff fo erybody an eryting in da world.
Dan 5.27: God weigh you on one weight scale an find out you no weigh nuff.
Dan 8.7: Da sheep, not strong nuff fo do anyting.
Dan 11.14: But dey no goin be strong nuff fo win.
Dan 11.15: Da army fo da Egypt king, south side, no goin get nuff powa fo fight da Syria king.
Dan 11.15: Even dea bestes guys from da Egypt army, no goin be strong nuff fo fight dem.
Amo 4.8: nodda town Fo try get watta fo drink, But dey no can find nuff.
Mat 3.11: I not even spesho nuff fo help him hemo his slippas.
Mat 6.34: Every day get nuff trouble fo dat day.
Mat 8.8: But da captain say, “Eh Boss, you know, I not good nuff fo you fo come inside my house.
Mat 8.28: Dass why nobody strong nuff fo go dat road.
Mat 9.37: Get plenny crop fo bring inside, but no mo nuff worka guys fo do um.
Mat 10.37: his fadda o his mudda mo den he get love fo me, not good nuff fo be my guy.
Mat 10.37: fo his boy o his girl mo den he get love fo me, not good nuff fo be my guy.’
Mat 10.38: matta dey even goin kill um on top one cross, he not good nuff fo be my guy.
Mat 15.33: Wea we goin find nuff food fo feed um?
Mat 16.26: You tink you rich nuff fo buy back yoa life?
Mat 17.20: He say, “Cuz you guys neva trus God nuff, az why.
Mat 17.27: Dat goin be nuff fo me an you.
Mat 22.8: ready now, but da guys I wen tell fo come, dey not good nuff.
Mat 25.9: No mo nuff fo everybody, jus us.’
Mat 26.45: Nuff awready!
Mrk 1.7: I not even importan nuff fo go down an help him hemo his slippa from his foot.
Mrk 5.4: Nobody stay strong nuff fo hold da guy down.
Mrk 6.37: say, “We gotta work eight months fo make da money fo buy nuff bread fo feed all dese peopo!
Mrk 8.4: Wea we goin find nuff food fo feed um?
Mrk 8.37: You tink you rich nuff fo buy back yoa life?
Mrk 14.41: Nuff awready.
Luk 3.16: I not big nuff fo help him hemo his slippas from his feets.
Luk 7.6: fo tell him, “Boss, no bodda yoaself, cuz I not good nuff fo you fo come inside my house.”
Luk 7.7: Dass why I wen tink I not good nuff fo come by you.
Luk 14.19: wen buy ten cows fo plow, an I goin go see if dey strong nuff fo work.
Luk 14.28: first an figga out how much goin cost, fo know if you get nuff money fo finish da tower, yeah?
Luk 14.31: goin sit down first an figga if him an his guys strong nuff fo fight da odda king an his guys, yeah?
Luk 14.32: If he not strong nuff, he goin send talka guys fo meet da odda king wen he still
Luk 15.19: I not good nuff fo be yoa boy.
Luk 15.21: I not good nuff fo be yoa boy.
Luk 16.3: My boss goin fire me, an I not strong nuff fo dig da ditch, an I shame fo beg.’
Luk 22.38: He tell um, “Dass nuff.”
Jhn 1.27: I wen start fo teach first befo him, but I not spesho nuff even fo help him hemo his slippa.
Jhn 5.31: “If I da ony guy telling bout myself, dat not proof nuff dat wat I say stay true.
Jhn 6.7: him, “Somebody gotta work mo den two hundred days fo get nuff money fo buy bread fo give all dese peopo even litto bit.”
Jhn 6.12: Wen everybody get nuff fo eat, Jesus tell his guys, “Go get all da lefovas.
Jhn 8.13: So dat not nuff fo make proof dat wat you say stay true.
Jhn 9.21: He old nuff.
Jhn 9.23: Dass why his mudda an fadda guys wen say, “He old nuff.
Jhn 14.8: Philip tell um, “Eh Boss, show us yoa Fadda, an dass nuff fo us guys.
Act 5.41: dey wen stay real good inside cuz God figga dey stay good nuff fo suffa shame cuz dey Jesus guys.
Act 13.25: I no stay good nuff fo even do manini kine stuff fo him like help him take off
Act 13.46: But cuz you guys no trus um, an you no tink you stay good nuff fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, now we
Act 24.25: Den Felix wen come scared, an he say, “Dass nuff fo now!
Rom 2.13: Fo get um right wit God, no nuff fo ony hear God's Rules.
Rom 4.21: wen know fo shua dat wateva God wen promise, he strong nuff fo give um.
Rom 5.15: Dass nuff fo everybody, cuz God everytime like do plenny fo us.
Rom 15.1: strong inside, we gotta kokua da peopo dat no stay strong nuff inside fo handle all da stuff dat happen.
1Co 1.21: Cuz da kine smarts dey get inside dis world, not nuff.
1Co 7.5: if you no come back togedda fast, you no goin be strong nuff fo say “No!
1Co 7.36: an he figga he making her wait long time, if she old nuff fo marry awready, go ahead.
1Co 15.9: Dass why I not good nuff fo peopo call me one messenja guy fo God.
1Co 15.50: Peopo wit blood an bones inside, not nuff fo come God's kids an get him fo dea King!
2Co 2.6: Dass nuff awready, cuz mos a you guys wen tink same kine way an tell
2Co 2.16: Who stay big nuff fo handle all dat?
2Co 6.5: No mo nuff sleep, an no mo nuff food, an we stay hungry.
2Co 6.5: No mo nuff sleep, an no mo nuff food, an we stay hungry.
2Co 9.8: you guys goin need someting, you guys goin get mo den nuff tings fo do every good ting.
2Co 11.21: I stay shame fo say we neva was strong nuff fo make any kine lidat to you guys too, jalike dem.
Php 4.11: I wen learn dat I get nuff stuff awready.
Php 4.13: I strong nuff fo handle any kine, cuz I stay tight wit Christ, an he
Php 4.18: I get nuff, cuz a all da gifs you guys wen give Epafroditus fo give
1Ti 6.8: If we get food an clotheses, az nuff fo us, an we still yet stay good inside.
Heb 6.1: So den, nuff awready fo teach da first kine stuff bout Christ.
Jas 1.21: da tings he say inside you guys awready, an dass strong nuff fo take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay in.
Jas 2.14: say he trus God, but he no do wat God say, you tink dass nuff fo da guy get outa da bad kine stuff he awready stay in?
Jas 2.24: Now you can see dat not nuff fo ony trus God an no do notting.’
3Jn 1.10: An dass not nuff fo him.
Rev 6.6: Da voice say, “No goin get nuff food!